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  1. Now, I dunno when exactly this kicked in or with which update but I do know that ever since Finland rally came out it's been like this. Easiest way to explain it is like this. You watch a replay, if you like to, and you can watch from various angles. Roadside, TV, onboard, helicopter etc. Basically it's the option before the fixed roadside cameras that's bugged out now. The camera is constantly stuck on the in car cockpit view. It's supposed to alternate between various car cams from various angles, both inside and out, even focusing on the driver and co-driver sometimes. Doesn't do that anymore whatsoever. Can we please get a fix for this? Xbox One version here. Playing on the Xbox One X with the 4K Mode set to ON in the in-game settings menu. Doesn't matter which track you're rallying on or which car you're in either. Does it regardless. No camera angles like these anymore at all 😕
  2. SteV

    Share Your Favourite GRID Photos & Videos!

    An actual photo mode would be preferable. Ya know, like in your F1 games...
  3. These two worth a buy? Are they both in the same class in game?
  4. So the Xbox Live store has let me install it for free like it is supposed to, and I now have Latvia installed, however, it doesn't appear in the game. So still no access even though it's installed. Why is this still an issue? 😐
  5. Any kind of set-up please to just make it driveable. Because it's just undriveable like this. Braking, accelerating, turning, doesn't matter, the rear end does nothing but CONSTANTLY overtake the front end. I know it's practically rear engined but this is quite ridiculous. Dirt Rally 2 btw. Playing on the One X with controller.
  6. SteV

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Videos!

    A decent run at a Germany stage. Sloppy in places though so I know I can go faster. YouCut_20190522_144721511.mp4
  7. SteV

    Season 1 Germany

    Still not working here 😕
  8. SteV

    Season 1 Germany

    Sigh. Same problem here, UK Xbox Store.
  9. I don't see his signature. Is this a mobile device thing?
  10. It's down to the hardware. It's blurry because they've had to make sacrifices to get the game to run on the Xbox One because it lacks ooomph. It looks and runs fantastic on the One X because it's Xbox One X Enhanced to make use of the hardware.
  11. I have the Discord app on Android. Absolutely no idea how to use it though 🤣
  12. SteV

    Season 2 DLC Cars

    Well, the WRC 99 version/spec then.
  13. Well, picked the game up last week. All in all with the DLC pass I managed to get it for £48 so that's a reasonable price. I'd still prefer it to not require an internet connection just to play career though. You can't even access your garage if Racenet or XBL is down 😡 Anyway, these issues aside, and the fact there's now snow/ice rallies available, if you can get the game for a decent price with all the DLC then yeah I'd recommend it. Looks lovely on the Xbox One X. In the 4k mode. Runs nicely, except for some odd moments of vsync tearing. Sounds superb all around. Plays very nicely.
  14. SteV

    Season 2 DLC Cars

    Rally cars: Lancia 037 is a must. Mini Countryman WRC would also be nice. Subaru Impreza 22b Talbot Sunbeam Any Toyota Corolla would be nice but unlikely I suppose. Rallycross cars, dunno, whatever. Not a huge fan of only being able to use them on the small RallyCross tracks.