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  1. Now, I dunno when exactly this kicked in or with which update but I do know that ever since Finland rally came out it's been like this. Easiest way to explain it is like this. You watch a replay, if you like to, and you can watch from various angles. Roadside, TV, onboard, helicopter etc. Basically it's the option before the fixed roadside cameras that's bugged out now. The camera is constantly stuck on the in car cockpit view. It's supposed to alternate between various car cams from various angles, both inside and out, even focusing on the driver and co-driver sometimes. Doesn't do that anymore whatsoever. Can we please get a fix for this? Xbox One version here. Playing on the Xbox One X with the 4K Mode set to ON in the in-game settings menu. Doesn't matter which track you're rallying on or which car you're in either. Does it regardless. No camera angles like these anymore at all 😕
  2. SteV

    Share Your Favourite GRID Photos & Videos!

    An actual photo mode would be preferable. Ya know, like in your F1 games...
  3. These two worth a buy? Are they both in the same class in game?
  4. SteV

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Videos!

    A decent run at a Germany stage. Sloppy in places though so I know I can go faster. YouCut_20190522_144721511.mp4
  5. It's down to the hardware. It's blurry because they've had to make sacrifices to get the game to run on the Xbox One because it lacks ooomph. It looks and runs fantastic on the One X because it's Xbox One X Enhanced to make use of the hardware.
  6. SteV

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    If/when I do buy it it'll be for Xbox One X. I'm guessing it'll use the same leaderboards as PC as well as Xbox obviously but I really don't know. I don't know if this falls into the Microsoft Play Anywhere category. Probably not 🤔
  7. SteV

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    Dunno. I also dislike the omissions such as snow/ice in the base game so that they can release it later at a price. They did this once before with Monte Carlo in Dirt 3 I think it was. They should have held off the release imo. I'm certainly not going to be paying full price for it new. I'll either wait for a huge price drop or a sale or buy it pre-owned. Then maybe buy the add-ons so that it basically costs the price of it new in total but with all the content 🤷‍♂️
  8. SteV

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    I was going to buy this game this week, however, after what I've read today I will not be bothering. Requiring an always online connection for single player career in a racing game is quite honestly, ridiculous. Thanks, but no thanks. Sale lost. Recommendations lost.
  9. SteV

    Noooooooooo. :(

    Any chance us folk with donkeys years old accounts can some sort of forum bonus??? I dunno, like, This dude is a legend badge or something.  :(
  10. 360 version btw. Although I would prefer a PS4 or Xbox One version but hey ho this will have to do.  But anyway, uploaded a couple of vids yesterday and it said all went well and to manage them directly from my Youtube account. Already had my Youtube account linked up to my Codies/Racenet account and vids from previous games went up no problem. Came to look at the vids earlier in my Youtube account but they're nowhere to be seen. Are vids being uploaded just getting lost somewhere? Anyone else had this issue?
  11. SteV

    Offline vs Online questions?

    They are completely separate yes but to me it seems they put all the meaty and technical stuff and time investing stuff in the online section, again. I mean we can't even use custom liveries in offline single player. Unless I'm missing something here....
  12. SteV

    Online Payouts Need Much Better Balancing

    Ahhh repairs. Another half assed idea that made it's way in to the game without any proper thought tbh.
  13. SteV

    Assists On or Off?

    Well in all honesty the game is more cartoon handling than authentic handling like it says on the box... I just turn off all assists by default like I do in any racing game. I just can't stand them, cartoon handling or not.
  14. SteV

    Assists On or Off?

    All off, completely. Except for rewind because of stupid people online and dirty AI in the game.
  15. SteV

    Camera Angle Feedback

    Normal chase cam blocks too much of the view ahead. Distance is fine it's just a tad too low.