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  1. sigh From a general consumer perspective, the main concerns with EVs are: Price Range Repairability Infrastructure From a motorsport fan perspective, the main concerns are: Noise Reliability Complexity From a motorsport competitor perspective, the main concerns are: Price Complexity Freedom of development (if you're a manufacturer) All solvable of course and while EVs are increasingly relevant in the world, they're not quite there yet. Extreme E isn't a great example of the
  2. SUBARUs only come in one colour 😉
  3. scrambles to change topic Uhh... if anyone's at Castle Combe this weekend half the game's cars will be there in real life: https://castlecombecircuit.co.uk/news/rallyday-is-back-and-saturday's-looking-better-than-ever
  4. Yup. Turning on an assist doesn't mean you can just ignore technique and still be as quick. If I turn on Traction Control and go 100% full-throttle through every corner, I'm still going to be slower than driving "properly" for example. Same with ABS. It's not a binary choice, there's still a lot of skill and nuance to being faster, whether you run assists or not 🙂
  5. I think he's saying that if it was a series running V12s he'd like it more 😉 I think the idea of Extreme E is a sound one, but the execution isn't there yet. The tracks feel like they're a bit too long and the vast majority of the weekend's action is essentially a Time Trial (but not in the rally sense). Formula E was pretty poor in its first season too, but after a few years it was more fun to watch.
  6. Hmm. It's one possible theory, I could pass word on. I would suspect if that was the case that the game would be knocked out everywhere those banners are being presented to people (every Steam player in the UK for example) and there'd be a much bigger volume of feedback on it. Although your game code hasn't changed, it could be PC-related too, whether you have any new drivers, a file got corrupted etc. Try Verifying the Steam files, fully closing/restarting Steam and playing again. Might help, might not, worth a go.
  7. One tip I could possibly give is to look at your flachback/replay of an incident, from the chase view. You might see for example that you turned in way too late, braked too early or hit a nasty kerb. Seeing and understanding why you're struggling is the first thing you can do to get better, as you build a database in your head of things to avoid, and eventually don't have to think about it. Also, you don't need to master everything at once. Try to build up skills one at a time.
  8. This is going to be a bit basic, but have you dialled it in correctly? When I first tried F1 with a wheel I struggled a fair bit, and it turns out I was using too much Force-Feedback, and was too aggressive on the pedals. Once I got the wheel to talk to me a bit better it all began to work out.
  9. I'd agree with all that. Production has improved (and it's on Red Bull TV which is nice) but commentary's not sitting right. It's hard to replace Coley/Rooke, they were perfect for this.
  10. That's pretty standard. If you have (or might have in the future*) an official game you need to have permission to use the official cars. For DiRT Rally 2.0 that was all dealt with through the individual manufacturers I believe, which is why there's no Skoda or Hyundai rallycross cars in the game. * Standard disclaimer: I'm not "dropping hints" or anything, I legit don't know what WRX is planning.
  11. It's pretty common in DiRT Rally 2.0 too. Some people swear by using TrackIR + an ultrawide monitor. That thumbnail looks so real too, well done 🙂 Have you looked at the recent real-life helmet cameras and tried tweaking your settings to match?
  12. I believe it's all your saved Personal Best ghosts from playing the game, but the guys I tagged above would know more 🙂
  13. So basically, if you're in the FIA series you can't use your livery or association with WRX in Nitro Rallycross. It's all legalese but that's what it looks like to me; an attempt to stop Nitro Rallycross from pulling talent/attention away from World RX.
  14. He'll need 4 overall wins and probably 2-3 TQs on top of that. If Timmy podiums every event (which he should) then it's going to be really tough to catch him.
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