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  1. PJTierney

    anyone unlock the audi and upgraded trophy?

    This one was wonky for me on Xbox as well, as one of the cars I bought didn't increase the Achievement percentage. Once I sold the car and re-bought it everything worked.
  2. PJTierney

    anyone unlock the audi and upgraded trophy?

    That's a strange one as it was initially working fine (I was one of the first to unlock it) before "breaking".
  3. PJTierney

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    When I look at the top of the Leaderboards I sometimes think it was a Finnish game too
  4. PJTierney

    anyone unlock the audi and upgraded trophy?

    Nobody has them on Xbox yet.
  5. PJTierney

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

  6. PJTierney

    The Dirt Daily Thread

    @Shmeefly That sideways action
  7. PJTierney

    The Dirt Daily Thread

    For today’s AI Daily be very careful on the brakes. Brake early and not too hard as it’s easy to lock up on the wet surface. Small steering movements to get the car through the turns. If you keep it clean you’ll easily beat the AI, their fastest time is about a minute slower than World Record.
  8. PJTierney

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

  9. PJTierney

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    I'm guessing there's privacy and GDPR-related matters involved too. Either way, good to know. I'm still a little bit off the top of Xbox leaderboard anyway so I've got no chance of beating the Steam crowd One thing that would be neat (if feasible) is an icon showing if a player set a time on controller, wheel or keyboard, or some icons to show if a player is using assists and a setup, like in Forza Motorsport 7: In other news: That shoutout
  10. PJTierney

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Group B + bald tyres = scary.
  11. PJTierney

    BIG Thank You for more community events

    Community Challenges are my favourite part of the game. One shot, against the entire playerbase, with a decent CR haul for a good result. My only criticism really is that H1 FWD shows up a little too often
  12. PJTierney

    What's Wrong With DR 2.0? - CARS

    His is a very minor thing and doesn't impact gameplay at all, but on one of the custom liveries for the Lancia Fulvia (the black and blue design with the Simpson branding on the bonnet) the numberplate on the back and the front don't match.
  13. PJTierney

    Achievement "Fire Up That Car... Again"

    Thanks for the reply. With that info in mind, I don't think a Quattro Daily Stage has shown up yet, only Group B 4WD.
  14. PJTierney

    The Stuff Thread

    Some intense hail here (Windsor Castle) for about 20 minutes but besides that nothing. ——— I made a thing today