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  1. Some thoughts: Man Hyundai were a mess. Happy to see Ford with a good car. Loeb's still got it 🙂 Shame we won't see a full-season Loeb/Ogier battle. Breen's done good, Greensmith too. I reckon it's Evans/Breene for the title fight. The hybrid cars seem good, and definitely still sound good.
  2. I'm very busy these days, not much time to check in on the forums 🙂
  3. List here: https://www.wrc.com/en/footer/business/broadcaster/
  4. You can use a wheel on a desk, many people do. Logitech make decent beginner wheels. As for controllers, I prefer the official Xbox versions.
  5. I'm interested in the Toky Hawk's remake, as I really liked the original games and it seems the new one's faithfully recreated the handling/physics.
  6. New thread title 🙂 Also an explainer video for any newbies: +1 on how the Hybrid system works: Keep any discussion of the sport to this thread, so that people who are avoiding spoilers and waiting for highlights can do so elsewhere on the forum 🙂
  7. 40 minute show later today, with gameplay and a closer look at the story 🙂
  8. I'm busy working so I don't even know what went down 🙂 I'll check in with the mods after work and see what the story is. Moderation stuff isn't really a public discussion anyway, not on individual members/incidents.
  9. Paradise felt good to me, as did 3 back in the day. Paradise being open-world is the differentiator really, changes the way you approach races and takedowns.
  10. Hit up Codies support with this thread as evidence, tell them I sent you. Link in my signature.
  11. The above sounds like it works better in a USB 3.0 socket (ie: blue ports). As for the issue in general, I'm not sure on how to resolve it. Only suggestion would be to run the wheel in compatability mode so that the game thinks it's a CSL Elite. You should still get FFB though.
  12. *bumps thread just to mess with you all*
  13. In these scenarios, I think it's best to restart a particular rally from the beginning. That flushes all the AI times and everyone starts from scratch. Many people (who aren't esports pros) have beaten the scenarios at the highest difficulty, so any unusual times are not hard-coded into the challenges.
  14. I'd be the one making it; there's no plans locked in just yet. I want to do another season of course, but it isn't as simple as me just making a club and setting it live. Need to check in with others at Codemasters on what the best approach is. Quick fact for people: 10,431 people competed in at least 1 rally in 2021.
  15. Unless you're announcing a game specifically to bring in staff to make said game (think Starfield, Fable, Cyberpunk 2077 etc.), most traditional vidoegame campaigns in the industry last 3-6 months.
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