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  1. The Cutout livery from '20 was my favourite, all those little details like "engine goes here" and "this (wheel) is a spinny bit" were fun to see 🙂
  2. Henrik's found his "thing" it seems, more stunt driving at the start of this:
  3. To sign up, head to: https://racenet-beta.codemasters.com/ The RaceNet team is still building the platform and taking in feedback from players, and will gradually roll access out to more people as they make progress 🙂
  4. Oh it's been a while since I did this: DR3 may refer to: Death receptor 3, a protein DR-3, a highway in the Dominican Republic DR3 register, a debug register of x86 processors DR3 (car), an Italian automobile by DR Motor Company DR3, a Danish television channel from DR Dead Rising 3, a video game for the Xbox One console Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School, an anime series in the Danganronpa franchise Daniel Ricciardo, Formula One driver using racing number 3 DR3 (DR for "Dreieckrechner"), a German flight compute
  5. I've seen one of two people have custom pace notes in non-supported languages before, maybe one of the modders here knows more.
  6. I think that was the best run I've had this season, no punctures for a start 😄
  7. Stage 6 (Night) I didn't have any headlights so I crawled through it; I lost 2 minutes there. Stage 12 my tyres were gone so I had 1 or 2 spins as the rears had no grip, but nothing critical. The whole thing's here:
  8. There's a good chance the Rally1 cars will be faster than current WRCs, as the power delivery is more efficient and potent. Either way, I feel WRC are capping speeds at a ceiling regardless; they already considered it after Sweden 2019.
  9. I'm sure his editor has whacked that first thumbnail through Photoshop but damn that's a good pic.
  10. Looks like driver announcements coming this week. First up is Kevin Hansen, and curiously no confirmation on Timmy competing.
  11. I tried it for a week, and for the way I brake it felt a little too stiff and I wasn't as confident as I was previously. It did encourage me to try out other brake settings though, and I found that the Sponge + 5x65 felt best for me right now.
  12. Content creators and media aren't instructed to say anything. We give them codes, they do what they want. https://www.ea.com/game-changers/faq#q12 As for Work in Progress, the game's a month away from release, so lots of polish and bugfixing going on. I remember the performance of F1 2020 improving quite a bit in the final passes, as my 1080ti could eventually run the game at max settings (1440p) with decent framerate, when it couldn't necessarily do that a few months prior. Regarding Preview Build, the one they all have access to is quite literally
  13. Licensing is a very complicated process of trying to get hundreds of brands to agree on things. Also "company X does it, so why can't company Y?" can simply be answered by each brand and developer/publisher having unique relationships and requirements. For a little insight into this, here's a blog post: http://blog.codemasters.com/community/03/celebrating-the-women-behind-our-games-for-iwd2019-meet-mandy/ Side-note, it's not just teams and drivers that require licensor approval, everything that is owned by an external entity requires such things, even individua
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