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  1. I don't know the specifics, but every time you see a real-world logo in a game, that logo and its placement had to be signed off by at least one other party; that could be the brand itself, the track, the team, the driver's agency, F1, whoever. It gets even more complicated when a brand is owned by multiple entities, or when it's an older one that went out of business a long time ago. For example:
  2. If an ad board is blank it's usually for a reason, licensing 🙂
  3. .....anyway... Jon's in Poland this weekend driving a new car 😉
  4. No specific date because things shift around in development so much. You can have estimates of course, but if a date is publicly promised and then a bunch of critical issues (bugs etc.) come in last-minute that can shift the timeline. If possible; it's always better to reveal a date once it's pretty much 100% locked in.
  5. Konami's lighting tech is top-notch; I think it's all that's left of Fox Engine really. The tech director for the game engine left when Kojima did so it never really got developed further.
  6. Trailer's out now, enjoy 🙂
  7. It's pretty, diverse and hasn't been used much in games.
  8. Fun fact: This came about because Esteban Ocon was playing an older F1 game, and couldn't use his own name as his Career Mode character 😄
  9. Interesting stuff; I don't have any further information. I guess we need to wait and see but it sounds like something might be in the works?
  10. That's fair enough, but ultimately this is a Fanatec issue and not a Codemasters one. If you want to see it changed you'll have to take it up with them.
  11. I follow the rules of the game 😉 If an organisation wants to add an additional layer of rules on top of that then so be it 🙂 (I wouldn't take that cut in JRC for example)
  12. Some Fanatec (and Logitech) comments from GTPlanet, which clear up a few things: Unless Fanatec build a brand-new wheel technology that the current Microsoft system doesn't support (like how Logitech introduced TRUEFORCE), I'd say this is a non-starter. It must be said however, Fanatec wheels still play great on Xbox; even though I don't have access to shift lights and rotary switches the force-feedback is good and the Podium paddles really elevate the experience. I'm sure '21 will be just as fun to play on Xbox as '20 was.
  13. I've done Imola and Portimao a few times in Project CARS 3, they'll be good fun in F1 🙂
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