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  1. F1ยฎ 2020 has arrived and it's time to drive the most advanced racing cars in the world. For those who are new to the series or simply want some advice on how to go get started, we're here to help. ๐Ÿ‘ Official Driving Guides Official Track Guides Community Guides (Share yours!) One of the great things about racing games is that a vast community of skilled and helpful players contribute to the collective experience by sharing their own tips, tricks, settings and videos. If you find any useful guides online, be sure to share them in this thread. If you venture into the DiRT Rally 2.0 forum you'll see an excellent example of this in action, with new guides posted often. ๐Ÿ™‚ That being said, if you just want to go searching for yourself, "F1 2020 Tips" or "F1 2020 Guide" are good search strings to try out on YouTube.
  2. PJTierney

    Which wheel (or controller) mapping ?

    I go into a fair amount of detail on my settings in these videos: Controller Wheel Since I mainly play on wheel here's a few things I do: You're quite limited on Xbox in terms of what buttons you have available, but since I use a 6 paddle setup I can tweak things there. Top Left: Overtake Top Right: DRS Middle: Gears Bottom: Clutches B: Look Back A: MFD Menu: Radio
  3. PJTierney

    AI Difficulty Calculator

    Oh this is a nice little add-on to what I put in the Beginner's Guide, I'll have to give it a go ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. PJTierney

    Learning Curve

    For somebody starting out I'd say the Default Preset is fine. It's more important to get the driving habits down right before fiddling with setups. The Increased Top Speed preset is great though, in my last My Team race I was as second faster round Silverstone with it.
  5. PJTierney

    DIRT 2.0

    Thank you for the feedback, please try to be more constructive next time.
  6. PJTierney

    F1 2020 do you use an fps cap or not?

    I ain't paying for one at 43" yet, and I mainly play on Xbox ๐Ÿ˜‰ My main PC monitor is 27inch/144hz/1440p, but that's on the desk. As soon as Samsung or somebody makes a decent 144hz 43" 4K monitor that doesn't cost a fortune, I'll consider it ๐Ÿ˜„
  7. PJTierney

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT 5

    Read the Announcement Join the Discord
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    F1 2020 do you use an fps cap or not?

    I capture with NVIDIA GeForce when recording content for official videos. On my PC (i7/8700k, 1080ti) I can't quite get a locked 4k60 at Ultra so I go for a 1440p60 instead. That leaves plenty of overhead for the capture software and anything else I need to run, but also the screen on my rig only goes up to 60fps anyways so no need for the extra frames.
  9. PJTierney

    Racing seat

    I don't have the F1 seat but I do have the Sensation Pro. It's more expensive and in a more traditional GT/Rally position. I tried out both back in the olden days when people were allowed to visit the Codemasters office, and found the F1 seating position a little uncomfortable so I went with the Sensation pro for my rig. The main benefit other than it being a permanent solution is that it's well-made, and can handle the high force-feedback a decent wheel produces. It's not like you're on a desk and it's rattling everywhere, very solid ๐Ÿ™‚
  10. PJTierney

    Braking struggle

    If you're overshooting the corners you're either: Not braking early enough. Not braking hard enough. Braking too hard and locking. If you're missing corners while braking and turning you're either: Entering at too high a speed. Applying too much brake and steering at the same time, locking the front tyres. Turning too much, causing the front tyres to scrub and understeer (more common on a wheel). I made a video on this that might help ๐Ÿ™‚ Veloce Esports have one too on a similar topic:
  11. I capture the hotlaps* (and supply to video team), and the build I have access to is generally a little more up-to-date than what you are all playing. *which is why they're a few seconds off esports performance ๐Ÿ˜„
  12. No video but here's a thread ๐Ÿ™‚
  13. PJTierney

    SAAOLR Club Championship

    Can you post screenshots here and the Club URL?
  14. I'm hoping Project CARS 3 runs well on Xbox ๐Ÿค” The game looks like a lot of fun, a fresh Forza essentially.
  15. PJTierney

    CM - please add violence

    Given how often I've sworn at myself after making a mistake, I don't think the game needs to add any violence. I can provide that myself in a safe space ๐Ÿ˜„
  16. PJTierney

    Time to Bite the Bullet

    Microsoft mandate how many buttons are allowed to be used on an Xbox, which is why any wheel doesn't have more button functions than a controller. I think on my Formula v2 I have 3 different ways to press the Right Trigger for example (throttle pedal, RT button, middle switch).
  17. PJTierney

    Time to Bite the Bullet

    Details in my signature ๐Ÿ˜‰ (CSL Elite)
  18. PJTierney

    Who can I follow on YouTube?

    Everything on Ultra?
  19. PJTierney

    Differences in car manufacturers in F1 2020 online racing

    Multiplayer Car: Identical for everyone 2020 F1 cars: If the lobby is set to "Equal Cars", they should all handle like the Mercedes. If it's set to match 2020 performance, the Mercedes will be the strongest, followed by the others like in real life.