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  1. Thanks 🙂 

    I'm configuring it on DiRT Rally 2.0 at the moment, and the way that Xbox recognises the analogue paddles is that...


    • Mode A is 2 clutch pedals (no bite point feature in-game)
    • Mode B is 1 clutch pedal (left) and 1 dead paddle (right)
    • Mode C is 1 brake pedal and 1 throttle pedal
    • Mode D isn't recognised by the console


    I don't have a need for an analogue clutch in DiRT Rally 2.0, so I'm using one of the top paddles for that instead, and have assigned my handbrake to the clutch "pedal".

    That way in Mode A I have a handbrake paddle on either side of the rim.

  2. I use small italics as a form of whispering, when something isn't a part of my main message, sorry if it flared you up 🙂 


    Regarding resets, I understand your frustrations, losing progress in any game is a real pain.

    I don't know how or if it can be resolved with DIRT Rally 2.0 though, it's beyond my level of expertise.

    If I hear anything or have the opportunity to raise it, I'll do so.

  3. 39 minutes ago, Scrogs said:

    on long straights the car wants to wander across the track!

    Sounds like your controller has stick drift.

    If you head to controller settings have a look around for a deadzone setting. If you bump it up from 0 to 10 that should sort you out.

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  4. Caps lock doesn't help get your point across any better by the way.


    7 hours ago, sloppysmusic said:

    Hey PJ did something happen with this?


    Version 1.09:

    On 9/24/2019 at 5:11 PM, PJTierney said:


    • Custom: Added ability to autofill an Event with all available routes for a chosen Location.


  5. 1 hour ago, manuperso said:


    Est ce possible et si oui comment participer aux qualifications des différentes compétitions esports de rallycross invitational sur DIRT RALLY 2.0

    exemple: circuit de HELL le 21 juin 2020, HOLJES le 28 juin 2020 et KILLARNEY le 19 juillet 2020.





    Pour autant que je sache, il n'y a pas de qualifications ouvertes pour celles-ci. 

    La liste actuelle des coureurs de sim a été sélectionnée sur la base de leurs performances précédentes, comme par exemple leurs bons résultats dans la série mondiale DiRT Rally 2.0.

    S'il y a des qualifications ouvertes à l'avenir, nous les annoncerons. 🙂 




    Is it possible and if yes how to participate in the qualifications of the different invitational rallycross competitions on DIRT RALLY 2.0

    example: HELL circuit on June 21, 2020, HOLJES on June 28, 2020 and KILLARNEY on July 19, 2020.




    Hi there.

    As far as I am aware, there are no open qualifications for these. 

    The current list of sim racers were selected based on previous performances, like doing well in the DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series for example.

    If there are open qualifiers in the future, we'll announce them. 🙂 

  6. 3 hours ago, FrenzKTM said:

    I'm two times World RX-Champion, but no trophy. 

    What's wrong?

    Using 2018 or 2019 cars?

    Playing in the World RX game mode?


    Also, description is for 8 Events, not Championships. You need to score the most points over a single race meeting, not just finish 1st in the Final.



  7. Switching would require 2 different versions of the car to be acquired, researched, modeled and approved. It's not feasible really.

    You'll also notice this in other racing games too. Forza Horizon 4 is set in the UK but as most of the source cars came from American owners (Turn 10 modeled many of them in previous titles) they're left-hand drive. 


  8. 2 hours ago, Matt555 said:

    Have the developers at codies seen the amount of erallies ongoing at the minute?

    We've seen so many we hired somebody to keep track of them all 😉 


    2 hours ago, Matt555 said:

    Many UK national rallies are running erallies in place of their actual events The Malcolm Wilson rally being the latest to run an event.

    BRC have been running a series too, we shared their stream last night. Hoping to get the broadcasts up onto the YouTube later today.


    2 hours ago, Matt555 said:

    Would be great if Codies allowed clubs to select any car from any class so each rally could have loads of different classes running in one event.

    This isn't in the works, sorry.

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  9. Car of the Week is, as the name implies, a weekly series where we showcase the many great cars from DiRT Rally 2.0 🙂 

    A new car is chosen every Tuesday, with a short video of it in action. Keep an eye out for each new car, and share your experiences below 🙂 

  10. 3cbe197a-c5ea-4e64-8e29-9be6f5826015.jpg


    Solberg World Cup continues to grow as the battle hots up
    • Solberg World Cup moves into its penultimate round
    • Swede Jonsson’s second series win strengthens his lead at the top of the table
    • Oliver and Petter still at the sharp end of a 16,000-strong field
    • SWC round five Castrol Rally Jämsä is up and running

    New England is famous for its stunning fall colours and America’s north-east didn’t disappoint last week, with the action in the fourth round of the Solberg World Cup in association with DirtFish matching the beautiful backdrop.
    The virtual world offers a variety of benefits and being able to fast-forward the process of trees’ leaves no longer producing chlorophyll and turning from green to red, amber and gold is definitely one of them. But enough of the vegetations. What about the action?
    Oliver Solberg fell in love with New England rallying when he drove there last year and carried his stunning real-time speed into the DiRT Rally 2.0-based competition last week.   
    The 18-year-old led the event early on in his Volkswagen Polo R5, but slipped just outside the top 10, finishing 11th by the time OMP Racing New England Rally closed on Sunday night.
    “Those are some of my favourite roads,” said the Monster Energy-backed teenager. “They flow so nicely and you can really have a lot of fun in them. It was nice to be leading for a while, but I knew some of the other guys would come past – they are so fast! 
    “I’ve got to be honest, I was a little bit disappointed not to make the top 10 on this one. In the practice things went really well and I actually own some of the records for some of these stages, but I had some small issues in the rally. Now I have to focus more to Finland and Castrol Rally Jämsä. If we thought OMP Racing New England Rally was fast then the next round’s going to get even quicker.
    “I want to say congratulations to Robin Jonsson on his second win of the Solberg World Cup. His speed was super-impressive in America. But as well as that, I want to thank everybody who has joined us on this amazing championship – to have so many amazing gamers and enthusiasts with us is really cool.
    “For the title, it’s so exciting to see who’s doing what, the competition is so close at the top of the championship. It’s fantastic! And now just two rounds left.”
    Petter was running well in OMP Racing New England Rally when he was forced into retirement after colliding with a rock and damaging his Monster Energy-backed Volkswagen Polo R5 beyond repair.
    The 2003 World Rally Champion is determined to be back flying high at Castrol Rally Jämsä – with the Kakaristo stage especially interesting for Petter.
    “I like that road,” he smiled. “I remember that one quite well…”
    Petter famously set the record for the Ouninpohja stage in Finland at the 2004 event. If you want to see what it looks like in real-time, take a look here.
    Castrol Rally Jämsä will test a field of 16,000 competitors to the limit of their abilities on some of the fastest stages in the DiRT Rally 2.0 game. With the weather typically changeable, the Finnish roads are going to be just as much of a challenge as ever. 
    The penultimate Solberg World Cup in association with DirtFish runs until Sunday May 31. 





    1. "We need" is generally gamer-speak for "I want", and I read it as such 🙂 
    2. It's not happening for DiRT Rally 2.0.
    3. By posting this thread the suggestion is now there, for future titles.
      If it lines up with other feedback the development team has been getting, and their creative and technical visions for future games, there's a good chance it'll be implemented. 
      That's not something for me to divulge, for obvious reasons 🙂