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  1. 9 hours ago, Tigron said:

    But the choice of Formula wheel is so strange for me.

    I plan on playing several racing games (like F1, GT, Assetto etc.) and chose a wheel I felt most comfortable with. 🙂 

    Maybe in the future I’ll get a second wheel rim (Fanatec has the quick-release system like you said) but not right now.


    Good tips in general though 🙂 




  2. @KolysioN

    I would advise you to not release any physics mods to the public, and as mentioned in your previous thread, Codemasters does not support or endorse the AWAT or ACAT mod for DiRT Rally 2.0.


    The End User License Agreement you agreed to when installing the game states:



    • Create, use, offer, advertise, make available and/or distribute any so called “cheats” that influence and/or facilitate gameplay, including exploits of any in-game bugs, and thereby grant you and/or any other user an advantage over other players not using such methods
    • Create, use, offer, advertise, make available and/or distribute any so called “hack” that accesses or modifies the software of RaceNet, EGONet, and/or the Game in a manner not expressly authorised by Codemasters.
    • Create, use, offer, advertise, make available and/or distribute any code or software not expressly authorized by Codemasters, that can be used in connection with RaceNet, EGONet, the Game, and/or any component or feature thereof which changes and/or facilitates the gameplay.


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  3. Day 3 - Time Played: 1.5 Hours


    • Time Gained - 11 seconds
    • Places Gained - 1,085


    This evening went reasonably well. I started off with the Fulvia, this time at Greece. Despite the occasional dip off the side of the narrow road and the car's tendancy to flip once you go on two wheels, I was still near the top of the standings and felt in control most of the time. The thing I struggled with most was getting a slow FWD around tight corners, though that's less to do with wheel performance and just my general lack of experience with FWD rally cars.

    Following the Career Rally I did my first Rallycross Event, also Open difficulty. This was in the Super 1600s at Lydden Hill. Given how slow the AI is here it didn't put up much of a challenge, and I immediately felt comfortable on a relatively wide circuit. I breezed through the Qualifiers, Semis and Finals, with the only notable difficulty again being hairpins in FWD cars. Haven't figured out the technique for that one yet.

    Next up it was time for the Benchmark run and it went really smoothly with no crashes. There were a few moments where the car started to get too agile, but I managed to hold it and beat my previous PB by 11 seconds. One thing I noticed was that when I was on the tarmac sections I couldn't put in as much steering lock as it would immediately kick the car into oversteer. It'll get harder to beat the Benchmark now that I've put in a crash-free run though.

  4. Just now, Myvolks said:

    Tried again. Still not there. Sometimes it says failed to load, sometimes clubs are completely missing as if I don't belong to any. This is three days now. I live on the east coast of USA

    There's intermittent issues with Clubs connecting but your case is a little more unique.

    For now, I recommend contacting custservice@codemasters.com so that it's on record and gets passed on for investigation, be sure to drop your RaceNet ID in there too.

  5. Day 2 - Time Played: 1.5 Hours


    • Time Gained - 1.39
    • Places Gained - 5,016


    I started off by entering My Team Career as previously mentioned, driving the Lancia Fulvia at Open (the lowest) Difficulty. Hardcore Damage is on, all assists are off, bonnet view.

    My first Stage at New England had some offs but thanks to the slow AI I was still comfortably ahead. On the second I got Terminal Damage, which eliminated any chances of a good result. 2 more error-prone but high-ranking places wouldn't make up the difference so I finished 30th.

    Next up was Finland. I got off to an okay start through the first sector of the opening Stage, but a misjudged jump and a meeting with a telephone pole gave me another Terminal, skipping Stage 2 and returning to Service. I repaired the car and set off once more, and the next run had quite a few crashes too. I Terminaled the final Stage not through a crash but suspension failure.


    2 events and a lot of pain, but I was able to take some findings from it. The first was that I felt I wasn't turning enough with where I was placing my arms, so I dropped the rotation to 300 degrees (from 360). Most of my troubles came from going wide and hitting trees despite me putting in what I felt was a lot of steering angle.

    I also felt that I was coming into corners way too fast. That could have been due to a multitude of things, like braking too late, not putting enough pressure on the brake pedal, or putting too much on the pedal and locking the fronts (which results in understeer in a FWD car). Although my wheel vibrates lightly when I reach higher brake pressures I would like some stronger feeling when the wheels lock up, so that I have a sign to back off the brake pedal. That's one thing the Xbox One controller does well on console, those Impulse Triggers start shaking when you're at the limit.


    After soundly getting my Lancia beaten up it was time for the Benchmark run. Although I did have a point where I went off and did a 3 point turn, ultimately this was a much stronger showing than yesterday, as I got through the entire Stage without a puncture or a major off.

    I gained over a minute on my PB and climbed into the Top 30% on the Leaderboard. Day 1 wasn't really a true test of pace thanks to the puncture but Day 2 seems like a proper benchmark now.

  6. Day 1 - Time Played: 1 Hour

    Day 1.PNG


    The first half hour was spent putting in some initial settings (both on the wheel and in the game), mainly to get the brake and throttle sensitivities at a place that sounded right. I don't want to get too bogged down in these yet as I feel I need to know how to drive consistently first before I optimise things further. 

    My steering sensitivity is set to 360. Any higher and I'm locking my arms when I turn the wheel, and since it's a Formula rim I can only grab the wheel at a specific spot. I knew this before I bought the rim and thought long and hard about which rim to buy; this is still my preferred choice. From what I've seen online some notably quick drivers use 360 degrees of rotation and some also use Formula rims, so no excuses here.


    I needed a "control" on which I can measure my progress after each session, so I found a Time Trial Stage I hadn't done before in an R5 car:

    • Australia
    • Rockton Plains / Dry
    • Ford Fiesta R5
    • Stock Tuning Setup

    When I'm done with each session I plan on running this Stage once with no restarts.


    Today's goal was to just get to the end of this "Benchmark Stage". It didn't matter if I got there on 4 wheels or none, just get there and have an initial feeling for the wheel.

    My first attempt didn't go well at all; I t-boned the bridge right after the first turn, spent a minute on the wrong side of a fence and got 2 punctures. I soldiered on but a few turns later another tyre blew on the straight and I had Terminal Damage.


    One thing I noticed right away were that whenever I hit the brake pedal I was slowing down far too much, so I upped the Brake Force setting to 50. I was also not getting as much resistance as I expected when turning, so I changed the Drift Mode setting to -3 (it was -1). I also upped the FFB setting to 100 (it was at 50) but that felt too tough on my arms so I dropped it to 75.


    Finally, I was ready for a second attempt. It went better than the first but not by much, got a rear puncture early on. Regardless, I continued and dealt with horrendous oversteer thanks to the puncture which often resulted in spins. I got to the end eventually; the Leaderboard position's near the bottom of the global standings but I have to start somewhere.


    In the next session I plan to start Rally Career at Open (the lowest) difficulty, in an H1 FWD car. Start slow, build up confidence.


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    • Places Gained - 0
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  7. Hello everyone, time to go on a journey 🙂 


    I've been a pad player in racing games ever since I started playing back in the 1990s, and I've gotten quite decent at it; never quite esports ready but good enough to set the occasionally solid Leaderboard time.

    In 2019 I decided to move away from a long-serving job in trading card games to pursue a career in motorsport. I'll never be a professional racing driver (I'm far too old to start) but I do want to get better at sim racing and, although I'm strong on a pad, take on a tougher challenge...


    Sim Rig.jpg


    ...this is that tougher challenge.


    Outside of a few 10 minute sessions on office rigs I have never used a wheel before.


    In this thread I'll post updates as I play with the rig throughout 2020.

    A busy job plus other personal ambitions means I won't be playing every day, but over time I do plan to improve and get to a point where I am competitive.


    In the interest of setting some goals for the year, here's where I'd like to end up:

    • Win a DiRT Rally 2.0 Career Rally Championship at Masters Difficulty
    • Win a DiRT Rally 2.0 Career Rallycross Championship at Masters Difficulty
    • Set a DiRT Rally 2.0 Time Trial rally time that I cannot beat on a pad.


    Let's see how I get on.




    For those curious, this is the rig. It's pricey but I was fortunate enough to get a few discounts shortly after joining Codemasters.

    • Playseat Sensation Pro Black / Cockpit
    • Fanatec CSL Elite / Wheel Base
    • Fanatec ClubSport Formula V2 / Wheel Rim
    • Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals LC / Pedals
    • Sparco Hypergrip / Gloves
    • Logitech G433 / Headset
    • Samsung UE43RU7100K / Monitor


    I'm playing DiRT Rally 2.0 on Xbox One X though the rig is set up to be compatible on PlayStation 4 and PC as well, and I eventually plan to play various circuit racing games (hence why I opted for the Formula rim). I'm using a 2 pedal setup, having removed the clutch.


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  8. 1 hour ago, UnderclassGDfan said:

    @PJTierney Any chances we get more reliable servers in the future? Those downtimes happen way to often and are by far the most annoying thing in this game.

    (Don't know if the servers are back again, didn't played since the first reports.)

    They're generally quite stable, however some complications after yesterday's big server maintenance (which affected all titles, not just DR2) lead to a little more instability than usual.

    I believe the game's stable again right now, and IT's working on various things to ensure things are more reliable in general 🙂 

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  9. 1 minute ago, toninus said:

    The quicker we know the date, the faster it will stop 🙂
    I'd say end of March too 😉

    There's plopping a date on a forum thread and there's coordinating a big announcement that goes far and wide.

    We may be doing the latter 😉 

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  10. 1 hour ago, VirtuaIceMan said:

    It says SPRING 2020; according to Google:

    Spring 2020 in Northern Hemisphere will begin on

    Friday, 20 March

    Oh not this again.


    When VR was claimed to come in the Summer we got messages every single day for 3 months 🤔

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