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  1. Personally, I use Mercedes/Bottas and try to barely beat Hamilton. In F2, pick any car, but F2 cars are harder to drive than F1 so you might have a different difficulty.
  2. That's the best way. Also, if you have the Auto ERS assist I would imagine it deploys it in similar ways to the AI (that's my guess anyway).
  3. If you have any questions about how to get better at F1 2021, ask away in this thread. Likewise, if you have any tips to share, feel free to reply to others' comments or share what made you go fast. It doesn't have to be a video either, anything that can help everybody get faster is good to share 🙂
  4. Here is the official Beginner's Guide for F1 2021. In addition, all of these guides for 2020 will work in 2021:
  5. My Hungary shots are starting to go out now, keep an eye on Twitter over the weekend, some of the teams might share them.
  6. Agreed. Whenever you get tips and tricks or settings from another player, bear in mind that what works for them doesn't always work for you. For example, I like to set my force-feedback fairly low, as I'm used to throwing the wheel around when playing DiRT Rally 2.0. Some people might like that, but others may be used to a heavier wheel as they can feel the limit better. We all play these games differently, and by all means you should try out other people's advice, but always tweak it to the way you like to play 🙂
  7. Do yourself a favour and drive a few laps in chase camera if you don't already. The sounds the cars make from that view are mega 😮
  8. Can confirm, GRID and DiRT teams try to source the real cars whenever possible. Example:
  9. At least you're not moany about it. I'm all for more UCG possibilities in the future, though there are obviously design and licensing issues to consider.
  10. PJTierney

    Patch 1.05

    Patch notes here:
  11. I knew what the video was about before I clicked on it 😉
  12. One of the challenges with that is that with RaceNet you can link multiple platforms to a single account. Let's say you make a Codemasters RaceNet Account and call it Colin. You connect your Steam account, which is called Sebastian. You connect your PlayStation account which is called Petter. What name should the boards, website and such use? Bear in mind that in some places, Sony must display your name as Petter, and if somebody is on PlayStation they can't be told that your Steam name is Sebastian. Likewise on the other platforms. Hopef
  13. This is a fake image. We confirmed in interviews in the past that no classic cars would be coming to F1 2021.
  14. I'm sorry but there is nothing on the Codemasters side we can do to amend this right now, as it's a problem with the Microsoft Store itself.
  15. Hello everyone. The above FAQ has been updated as there is now a support site where you can report issues instead of going by email. All other instructions remain the same.
  16. Hey there, Please head to the support site and fill in a form to report it. https://www.codemasters.com/support/
  17. Red Bull TV was a good free solution for UK residents, as it meant the Final was in HD for once. Graphics were good, nice and clean. Broadcast flow was good, there was almost no gap between each race, and they packed the Finals Show all into an hour. Commentators were okay. Haven's more of an endurance guy (the exact opposite of rallycross) but he'll pick it up. The lack of Coley does hurt though. WRX's social output was rather poor, consisting almost entirely of results graphics. No real photos or clips of note were shared, rather disappointing. I'm
  18. Yup, that's a downside of my camera presets. What I do is make the programme graphic about 85% size and move it up, to accommodate for the taller horizon.
  19. The Forza PI system's been exploitable for about a decade; every game seems to have a "trick build" in order to get better performance for the same score. In Forza Motorsport 3 it was All-Wheel-Drive In Forza Motorsport 4 it was stock gearboxes and Rear-Wheel Drive (the most dominant car in Forza history was a RWD-swapped Chevrolet Spark) In Forza Motorsport 6 it was weight and tyre compound In Forza Motorsport 7 it was aero Doesn't matter for the majority of players, but for those that wanted to extract the best performance you had to build a car in a fairly sp
  20. This is one of the secret tricks to being fast on a pad.
  21. Zero influence, just stuff I've learned from working on campaigns over the past 10 years.
  22. It's more about attention. If a hypothetical new rally game was announced at the same show, there's a chance everybody could be like "oh cool, rally game! what's this GRID thing? oh whatever". Regarding rally, I know it's frustrating being a fan and going "well, we're waiting..." (I'm like that with the new Forza Motorsport at the moment). When the rally team has something to share, I'll do what I can to make us go as big as possible so that you're all super hyped. I'm afraid I can't give any dates or clues though, just be aware that I'm as excited to talk about thin
  23. It could also be stricter age regulations, Forza Horizon 4 had to do the same with one of their assets.
  24. The real-life standings can be added to the game without having a full circuit to play on. That way if you wanted to start the season after that race the championship table would be accurate. To the best of my knowledge, Turkey/Istanbul Park is not coming to F1 2021; if you got to that point in the calendar from a previous race it will be skipped.
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