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  1. 1 hour ago, ricxxV2 said:

    Jimmy feels like he's addicted to DR2.0 because he's got some perspective now after playing WRC10 😝 (no disrespect), but he said WRC10 has the better gravel physics. I'm not entirely sure what to make of this comment tbf. I haven't played it and it certainly can be fun, but I dare to say I highly doubt it. 

    I do think his recent experience with WRC 10 has made him want to try out DR2 again, especially in VR. 

    I think he was overall pleased with the WRC physics, but the rest of the game let him down, especially the visuals.


    1 hour ago, ricxxV2 said:

    Edit: Btw, in that video PJ was in the chat and at around 1:03:35 he says he's working on F1 things and other stuff we don't know about 🧐

    I don't think it's much of a secret that games take a long time to develop so stuff is always in the pipeline years before you all see it 😉 

    It's not like an F1 game is suddenly developed the day before it's released 😄 


    Oh, and I'm always working on stuff you don't know about, that's the nature of the business 🙂 

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  2. The main issue for me is the flow of the broadcast. The dust is a pain but should be better at other circuits since they were practically in a desert for this one.

    If you look at a WRX broadcast now (on Finals Day) it's:

    • 5 minute intro
    • 15 minutes RX Semi 1 (prep, grid lineup, post-race etc.)
    • 15 minutes RX Semi 2
    • 10 minutes support series race (either ERX final or RX2e final)
    • 15 minutes RX final + Podium

    4 good races in a 1 hour broadcast.


    NRX had enormous gaps between its races, and then blew 20 minutes on some stretch cars doing donuts in a car park (which was fun to look at but not really contributing to the show a whole lot).

    There's also the frequent ad breaks but that's because this was on American television so to be expected.


    It felt like the NRX show took twice as long to do half as much, and such a long time commitment isn't something I as a fan would be interested in.

    Heck I don't even watch F1 for over 2 hours.

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  3. Back to DiRT, Jimmy's been streaming it a bit recently, going through the McRae challenges.


    This run of his looked rather good [55:48]:


    Under 7 minutes around South Morningside in a SUBARU Legacy is pretty decent.

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  4. I don't care who started the conversation at this point or wants to continue it, it ends here.

    If you guys want to resume debating the physics of explosives, do it somewhere else.




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  5. SUBARU are the equivalent of the Hansens in that they're not 100% factory but they may as well be.

    I'd say the WRX would do well in World RX and they certainly have the drivers, but being based in the US they'll never regularly fly over to Europe.


    On a related note, I watched the Nitro RX stream last night, and I have even more appreciation for WRX's tight 1 hour broadcast now.

    NRX was a 4 hour show, and while some of the races were great there was so much dead air and it dragged the whole viewing experience down.


    I think for the next one I'll just wait for the final race to be uploaded and watch that instead.

  6. @JZStudios I get that you want to "win" the argument and eloquently explain your reasonings but every time you go back and forth I am reminded of this:


    xkcd: Duty Calls

    Don't be that guy, please (same to anyone else reading this, you too @F2CMaDMaXX).


    Just let them be wrong and shake your head in peace or something, engaging for too long derails every conversation here past the point of interest.

    I get that there's not a lot of DiRT to talk about but don't fill this place with mud please.

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  7. sigh


    From a general consumer perspective, the main concerns with EVs are:

    • Price
    • Range
    • Repairability
    • Infrastructure


    From a motorsport fan perspective, the main concerns are:

    • Noise
    • Reliability
    • Complexity


    From a motorsport competitor perspective, the main concerns are:

    • Price
    • Complexity
    • Freedom of development (if you're a manufacturer)


    All solvable of course and while EVs are increasingly relevant in the world, they're not quite there yet.

    Extreme E isn't a great example of them in a motorsport sense, and Formula E has its own problems, but I think World RX will do a decent job with them next year, in making them exciting to watch while not having any battery concerns with their 3 minute races.

    For what it's worth, the RX1e cars will be twice as powerful as the RX2e cars that are supporting World RX this year, so should be at least as quick as the current ICE competitors.

    Nitro RX will eventually have both compete against each other in real races, while ICEs get phased out.

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  8. 1 hour ago, Meza994 said:

    Lastly your claim that you only need to stomp on the brake and thats it for the whole race is just wrong, PJTierney (from Codemasters) said himself that you get the maximum out of it by driving normally, like without assist - which Jarno also mostly did and still only improved in the last sector which is the sector he didnt improve on in his "base lap" so there was the most potential.. Sorry but you got no facts that this is actually OP

    Yup. Turning on an assist doesn't mean you can just ignore technique and still be as quick.


    If I turn on Traction Control and go 100% full-throttle through every corner, I'm still going to be slower than driving "properly" for example.

    Same with ABS.


    It's not a binary choice, there's still a lot of skill and nuance to being faster, whether you run assists or not 🙂 

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  9. I think he's saying that if it was a series running V12s he'd like it more 😉 


    I think the idea of Extreme E is a sound one, but the execution isn't there yet. The tracks feel like they're a bit too long and the vast majority of the weekend's action is essentially a Time Trial (but not in the rally sense).

    Formula E was pretty poor in its first season too, but after a few years it was more fun to watch.

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  10. Hmm.

    It's one possible theory, I could pass word on.

    I would suspect if that was the case that the game would be knocked out everywhere those banners are being presented to people (every Steam player in the UK for example) and there'd be a much bigger volume of feedback on it.


    Although your game code hasn't changed, it could be PC-related too, whether you have any new drivers, a file got corrupted etc. Try Verifying the Steam files, fully closing/restarting Steam and playing again. Might help, might not, worth a go.

  11. One tip I could possibly give is to look at your flachback/replay of an incident, from the chase view.

    You might see for example that you turned in way too late, braked too early or hit a nasty kerb.

    Seeing and understanding why you're struggling is the first thing you can do to get better, as you build a database in your head of things to avoid, and eventually don't have to think about it.


    Also, you don't need to master everything at once. Try to build up skills one at a time.

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  12. 1 hour ago, CFCJDSW6 said:

    Since moving onto a wheel i've really not improved, at all.

    This is going to be a bit basic, but have you dialled it in correctly?


    When I first tried F1 with a wheel I struggled a fair bit, and it turns out I was using too much Force-Feedback, and was too aggressive on the pedals.

    Once I got the wheel to talk to me a bit better it all began to work out.

  13. 14 minutes ago, JorritVD said:

    well, i also ready that FIA (or its nominee) can use its competitiors cars in its games. 

    That's pretty standard. If you have (or might have in the future*) an official game you need to have permission to use the official cars. 

    For DiRT Rally 2.0 that was all dealt with through the individual manufacturers I believe, which is why there's no Skoda or Hyundai rallycross cars in the game.



    * Standard disclaimer: I'm not "dropping hints" or anything, I legit don't know what WRX is planning.

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