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  1. I had an amazing feeling run in the Lancer and I was still about 20 seconds off the top
  2. Dailies are what I mainly do in DiRT Rally 2.0 now, as it like the fact that you only get one attempt and you’re going up against human opponents.
  3. After a very busy week I finally had some time to do a Weekly Challenge, pleased with the result 🙂 One of the VPG drivers was leading the Xbox leaderboard by over a minute but crashed on the final Stage 😮
  4. Quick note/tip: Winning the FIA WRX Championship in Free Play gives you the following: 50,000cr for Championship Podium 50,000cr for winning with Hardcore Damage Ford Fiesta MK7 RX Thats what I got just now for going through it all.
  5. I came prepared In short: Sensitivity 100 Saturation 4 Inner Deadzones as close to minimum as you can (assuming you don’t have stick drift or trigger lock). Outer Deadzones to about 100
  6. I have considered it but I'd probably want to go all the way and get an F1 Playseat while I'm at it since I like the seating position In any case I don't have room in my current flat for that kind of rig, but I'll try and accommodate that space should I be moving in the future DiRT Rally 2.0 feels great on a controller though, right up there with Forza Motorsport 7. I don't feel like I'm missing out, and I can still get near the top of the Xbox leaderboards
  7. Some controller action in the Delta Integrale 🙂
  8. No new Achievements have shown up on Xbox, and a quick look at PS4 Trophy sites shows none either.
  9. Also, that joke became far less relevant after the release of Gran Turismo Sport. Forza Motorsport 7 on the other hand has seen some unusual changes in engine audio quality compared to previous titles. ————— Found this on Reddit https://reddit.com/r/dirtgame/comments/b533ja/hi_i_made_this_delta_s4_pattern_hope_you_like_it/
  10. Let's not forget that DirtFish was a licensed location based off a real-world environment. While it may or may not be a relatively easy job in terms of porting the content, there is also the licensing aspect to consider, a topic that only the people at DirtFish and Codemasters would really know about regarding viability.
  11. Finally topped a post-launch leaderboard
  12. When I look at the top of the Leaderboards I sometimes think it was a Finnish game too
  13. I'm guessing there's privacy and GDPR-related matters involved too. Either way, good to know. I'm still a little bit off the top of Xbox leaderboard anyway so I've got no chance of beating the Steam crowd One thing that would be neat (if feasible) is an icon showing if a player set a time on controller, wheel or keyboard, or some icons to show if a player is using assists and a setup, like in Forza Motorsport 7: In other news: That shoutout
  14. Group B + bald tyres = scary.
  15. Some intense hail here (Windsor Castle) for about 20 minutes but besides that nothing. ——— I made a thing today
  16. I can play Forza titles at 4K max settings on Windows. Looks great but I still prefer playing on Xbox though
  17. If all of these screenshots were originally taken at or zoomed to 4K then that explains it. Xbox One X is the only console specification that can render DiRT Rally 2.0 at native 4K resolution. All other forms of the game on console display at 1080p. On larger screens this may result in a blurry experience. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2019-dirt-rally-2-0-all-versions-tested
  18. Random question: Is your profile pic a silhouette of a Hot Wheels Bone Shaker by any chance?

  19. At least you're consistent...
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