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  1. Yeah the only thing I feel is missing is the road feel, especially on tarmac. The roads feel extremely smooth. I'm sure the dev team have loads of feedback (ha) to work on for the future, it was discussed a lot 🙂
  2. When I had the FFB explained to me, it made sense. It simulates the forces through the steering column, and not what's happening through the rear tyres. It's more true-to-life, but you don't have the "seat of pants" feel in a game so that would have to be baked in afterwards. Self-aligning torque feels great though, you can still throw the car about once you get used to it.
  3. Here is the Port Imperial layout. It's a shame it never worked out, looks like it could have been a fun track.
  4. Also there's a good chance Turkey gets cancelled again in real life.
  5. If there's a personal matter, deal with it in private please.
  6. It's clear to me that JK is the fastest driver of the lot, but every race weekend he's had an issue with the car so far. He's 28 points off so needs some clean sweeps to catch up.
  7. It's just emphasis (unless I italicise a brand name, as that's just a habit from working on press releases for a decade).
  8. The agreement with Motorsport Games ended at the end of Season 2. They've got a lot going on right now, and obviously on the Codies side we've had all the EA things to think about, so presumably not much time/resource available to do a proper "season 3". That and dev work on the game is done. If there was a Season 3 there'd be no free car for example as all the cars we had planned to put in the game are in there already.
  9. It's okay to have multiple good rally game series. Right now there's 3: DiRT, WRC and art of rally. Something for everyone 🙂
  10. I didn't even notice that, good spot 🙂 I play on Xbox Series X in Performance Mode, for reference, and this was recorded about a week ago.
  11. Related, this was shared by the F1 game twitter yesterday, a fairly deep dive into how Zandvoort was made. (it's a mix of English and Dutch but all the Codemasters segments are in English)
  12. Nothing sneaky, it's simply a personal reference thing. I turn everything up to maximum on controller, but some people might want only the on-track stuff maxed out so that they can feel the controller go loose when they drive off the road. Some might like the opposite.
  13. Jon's fully aware of his integration into WRC 10. The JWRC team was entered under his name, so he was their contact for the livery etc. Not sure on the AI driver though 😄
  14. The Season bundles have changed over time, I know that much. A while after Year One Pass / GOTY came out, Seasons 1 and 2 were discontinued (as a standalone purchase), and Year One Pass was reduced to the previous Seasons 3 and 4 price. I don't think the individual stuff has dropped permanently, only in sales. https://steamdb.info/app/690790/ https://steamdb.info/app/1142800/ https://steamdb.info/app/1118271/
  15. You're not the first to point this out 🤔
  16. For what it's worth, talking about WRC 10 in this thread is fine. Ideally comparing it to DiRT Rally 2.0, as that is something that would certainly be useful information to various people.
  17. I know where the [Delete Post] button is...
  18. And then it starts raining at Spa and you're at the end of the pitlane going "my time has arrived".
  19. Steering sensitivity is the main setting to get right. It's Norway that gets occasional stutter for me on Series X, everything else is fine. There are some Stages where you can take big cuts but for the most parts you're only clipping the apex a bit which seems fine; I haven't had to do any mad exploits yet to get near the top of the boards.
  20. So I should be seeing you on the boards then 😉
  21. I flagged it with the web team, been seeing more people say the club site is acting slow.
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