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  1. I bet it purrs through corners.
  2. Here's a pic from 20 years ago, enjoy 🙂
  3. The ratings are here by the way incase anyone is out of the loop: https://www.ea.com/games/f1/f1-2021/news/f1-2021-driver-stats-update Also, a bit on what each stat means:
  4. How is it helping though, are you turning the stick full tilt and the car no longer understeers, or does the vibration go away when you turn too hard? Controllers tend to use a dynamic steering rack that limits your input depending on how fast the car is driving (so you don't steer 90 degrees at max speed).
  5. I leave it on, I like that physical message that I've hit the limit.
  6. PJTierney


    Yup, people fixate on laptime too much because it's an easy metric of which setup is "better", despite ignoring several other factors that make a setup work for a person. I tried a setup yesterday from a well-known YouTube person for Zandvoort. Loaded up a GP and 100% of the time the car would spin out of Turn 14 on Medium tyres. The rear left bottomed out on the banking every time and killed the rear grip.
  7. PJTierney


    Not to drag too far off-topic, but has anyone tried setting different tyre pressures for left/right wheels? Most setups I see keep them identical, though I imagine if you're getting more wear on one side you'd tweak slightly.
  8. Snap some shots of the Jon Armstrong car 🙂
  9. It's not "dead", it's simply not a thing that is hosted on this forum. DIRT 5 has an official Discord server instead https://bit.ly/dirt5discord.
  10. Sweden stats, kudos for @gedazz for putting them on their site: https://dr2.today/challenges/271/entries I had an okay run, somewhere around 150th. Still 45th in the overall championship with 5 rallies to go.
  11. Solid composition. By showing the apex of the turn your eye flows from the Red Bull to the car ahead 🙂
  12. Hmm. The charts are saying the game is fine, might be a website thing (in that the website could be slightly slow in sending club info to the game), I'll go ask.
  13. On that race weekend the FIA put down perpendicular sausage kerbs at the exit of Alboreto-Parabolica to stop people from abusing track limits. The F3 car went over it, caught some air, and the floor acted like a sail which sent it flying like a kite. The kerbs were immediately removed before F1 continued their sessions.
  14. I think the KT WRC games give you WRC+ when you buy the game, so it's not impossible 🙂
  15. It's the S5 but when it comes to licensing and such pretty much everyone calls it the S4. I just call it the WRC97 now when I can 😄
  16. @Alastre Some of those look like CGI cutscenes 🙂 I'm guessing there's a little bit of Photoshop afterwards?
  17. All good points. I wasn't saying you were wrong for the angle you took, you were critical and fair 🙂 I fully expect you to do the same for other titles too, no matter who they're made by.
  18. I watched your preview, you went in hard on some of the things in that game.
  19. Yeah it's only on console, as they interact with control devices different to PC. No matter what game I play my Fanatec wheel has different/missing sliders for example.
  20. Play DiRT Rally 2.0 for long enough and a deer will run across the front of your car. No you can't hit it, you monster.
  21. I dunno, or care really 😄 Anyway, here's a quattro:
  22. @gk9147 That's it! Back to Winnepeg!
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