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  1. Ah thanks for clarifying. I wasn’t as knee-deep in ‘19 as I’d just joined Codies, but just pointing out there was seemingly a change from ‘20 to ‘21. 🙂 Fascinating thread though, keep the discussion going.
  2. Interesting discussion here. For what it’s worth, I believe the trees are of a higher detail quality in 2021, though bear in mind I capture screenshots at max quality settings and I don’t know how they LOD down to lower specs or console. I’m not the authority on this, just giving a personal opinion 🙂 Here’s 2 screens, same corner.
  3. Oh yeah, I was assuming 4K. You could probably get 1080p/120 no problem with HDMI 2.0. My sim rig's TV's capped at 60 anyways, so moot point.
  4. You also need a HDMI 2.1 cable but I think PS5 has one out of the box. I'm on Series X which does support the same thing, but my rig has a 60fps display so I'm using Quality mode.
  5. Unless absolutely 100% necessary (IT staff manning servers etc.), we're all still working from home and will be for another while yet.
  6. TrueAchievements only tracks their own users. The exception is that "all of Xbox percentage" on each Achievement.
  7. I'm enough of a veteran to remember when his name was Castello 😉
  8. Not to mention last year's was the earliest Codemasters F1 release on record (except for 2019, thanks for the correction @Ialyrn); normally it's been in August around the end of the Summer break.
  9. It's probably this, in most games that's a pretty oversteery ratio as the rear is far stiffer than the front.
  10. That's one for @gedazz to answer 🙂
  11. Ugh, it only breaks on his clubs 😄 I'll ping the guy.
  12. Here you go: You can't predict me if I can't predict me; I'm on to you 😉
  13. I think for now this is the way to go. I'll know in a few months if the CSL DD behaves in the same way.
  14. The solution I've found is to set SEN to AUTO on the wheel. That's 1080 rotation on the CSL Elite, but when you turn the wheel 360 degrees in real life it'll turn 360 in-game too. Depending on your force-feedback settings you should still feel the wheel tighten up at the limit. On PC/PlayStation I believe you can set SEN to 360 and it all works fine, but bear in mind Fanatec hardware works differently on Xbox so not all settings/features carry over. FYI I'm on a Series X, haven't tested F1 2021 on an Xbox One as I no longer own one. I can't really use F1 2020 or Di
  15. So Höljes happened. World RX Twitter only posted standings but the races themselves were on RedBull.tv. Production quality of the broadcast at least was good, and with Martin Haven at Le Mans they got somebody more suited to rallycross to commentate (still no Coley though).
  16. Not my call to make or speculate on. As a player: gimme all the tracks! 😄 As somebody that works where I do: Hoo boy that's a lot of work for the dev team.
  17. Yup, where feasible/possible the game is intended to replicate the real-world championship season and Hockenheim isn't on this year's calendar.
  18. Forza style but with no sharing. Sharing is a whole can of worms in terms of moderation and first-party compliance, which is why only first-parties do it on console.
  19. For what it's worth, this thread is not a debate about whether a wheel or controller is the "correct" way to play. They're both officially supported, therefore they're equally as valid and you can be just as fast on both if you put in the time and effort to learn the game's handling characteristics inside out. Let's get back on-topic and talk kerbs 😉
  20. There's rumours of a Gran Turismo version for PlayStation.
  21. Not sure if I've shared this one here yet, but here you go:
  22. I don't have precise info on that right now, but when more info does become available it'll be shared in all the usual places 🙂
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