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  1. I have tried to get onto Racenet most of today but it keeps saying it's down for maintenance. Anyone know when it'll be back up??
  2. Thanks Loore, will keep an eye out for the fix. I had the same problem with the Best of British pack, so this is quite frustrating!
  3. Is anyone else having problems downloading the Road & Track Car Pack? I have cleared the cache and followed the usual advice but with no joy. It just sits on 0% downloaded and after a few seconds a message comes up saying it can't be downloaded. Any ideas as to what's being done about this? Funny how there's never any problem taking my money for DLC, just problems with letting me have what I've paid for! Come on CM, what are you doing about this?
  4. Is it just me, or have plain coloured AI cars started appearing since the latest patch was applied? I've seen plain white Civics & BMW's and plain blue Focus' in Cat C Touring cars......... have we lost some liveries??
  5. The time it has taken to release the patch and get those affected by the corrupt game save back playing has been very poor, although I'd rather the patch was fully tested before release (as it has been) rather than a patch rushed out which potentially make things a whole lot worse! Despite this, I have to say that IMHO Grid Autosport is an awesome game and I for one will continue to play it & enjoy playing it. I will also be buying more CM games in the future.
  6. Why is the Caterham so difficult to handle? It was a great car to have in the garage on Grid 2 but is absolute tripe in Autosport!
  7. Apologies if this has already been answered elsewhere, but is there a schedule of release dates for new DLC?
  8. This seems to have been sorted out now, mine has finally downloaded. Hope everyone else's is sorted!!
  9. I'm having exactly the same problem! I've tried clearing the system cache and restarting, all the usual get-rounds but it still refuses to download. Help please!!
  10. Will there be an option at some point to be able to share cars with other club members? (like you can in Forza clubs) It would add another element to being in a club.
  11. Shame we can get these on the Xbox 360! They look fantastic!
  12. .......... like Forza where you can add your own cars to the club garage and any club member can use them?
  13. Is it possible to share cars with other club members??
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