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  1. @VGSpeedPro‌ once you sell a car you loose everything on it, meaning if you buy the same car, you get a level 1 car even if it's a 2nd hand with lots of mileage.
  2. POI = A POIL means naked in French because we drive naked, without any assists
  3. @batman1297‌ Honestly I have no clue as my friends and I only play in custom lobbies with "collisions OFF" in order to avoid all the "criminals" :)
  4. 1. copy save on PS plus or USB 2. delete save on PS3 3. reinstall save from PS Plus or USB 4. start the game 5. Pray
  5. better not take it as on PC that pack corrupts the saves again!!!
  6. Well I'm looking forward to Project Cars and that is why I'll not buy F1 2014. @BoomBasterd‌ Do you think I'm off topic? :)
  7. @TURBODEVIN19‌ it's not the fact we had to wait this long, it's the fact there was such an error! it's inherant in all their games. That is purely a fail. even the gameplay is ok and that it is fun the fact that when you buy a codemaster game you never know anymore what you get: a game or a bunch of bugs, well I've had it. I will now continue to grind untill I have that last trophy for level 250 and then CM will be history for me!
  8. @NWRCharger‌ My opinion is that you can only support people that disserve to be supported, but in this case CM who is in hands of that Indian Reliance Entertainment company since 2010, should have enough funds in order to edit decent games, which they didn't. I don't know in which they put their know-how, but it's definately not in quality. And honestly I'm really sad and disappointed, because they should be the leading company in racing games but they are not anymore, they screwed it up since several years. Sadly.
  9. every $ is a $ too much for a Codemaster Disc Locked Content, especially after waiting nearly 2 months for that patch. I'm so pissed I've bought that season pass in the beginning! How could I've been so stupid? (And probably still am)
  10. The only way to avoid all the misery is to play collisions OFF. That way you avoid any intentional or unintentional collisions even between friends. Especially when you play all assists off like we do. Otherwise you'll always have Rosberg/Hamilton issues...."You push, no you close the door, etc.... When you race collisions off it's the best one who wins!
  11. At least we're lucky the PSN has been down for only a couple of hours :)
  12. There has been a DDOS attack on the PSN by #lizardsquad
  13. @BUCKTREADWELL‌  1. sell all the cars which values have multiplied by 4 or more 2. back up your save on 2 USB stick and alternate: f.e. today back up on stick A, tomorrow on Stick B, day after tomorrow on stick A etc.. Doing so if your save got corrupted you only loose 1 day of gaming 3.Avoid doing Racenet challenges as my last corruption was after I return to Racenet challenges after avoiding it for 2 weeks Yes that's how we have to play with codemaster games! Great stuff isn't!
  14. @scottishwildcat‌ yeah and they use their so-called reputation to sell crap nowadays!
  15. @MLT24‌ Keep on dreaming to get a patch. We'll never get one! It's an obvious fraud. Don't tell me they need 2 months to fix this issue. That game is just broken from start! And we're the pigeons! Grid Autosport will remain in my gaming history as the last game I ever bought from Bugmaster!
  16. In 2021 Codemaster will already be 6 years bankrupt after the Grid Autosport game save bug, if they aren't no way I will buy grid 6. At my place we don't buy "garbage", we get rid of it!
  17. the next step will be that Codemasters will charge us € 9 if we want to have the patch for the save game error!
  18. the only idiots here are those who still support game studios that are not even capable to make games without bugs, more important that are not even capable to solve those major issues on consoles. Whith your statement I understand now that Codemaster disserves their fans. there are on same level as their games..... beneath everything.....
  19. yeah you'r right what is 2 months? I'm sure we'll get that patch when we'll be all playing on PS6! Tehy can't even patch a game based on physics of 5 years old. 25 Years experience they mention on their website! What a joke!
  20. @berre‌  Yes but according to you F1 2014 is a rehash of 2013 so I actually have played it then. The point I was making was that you said "Project Cars rules", without playing it, for all you know it could be complete garbage. If you had played the beta and had experience then maybe that comment would have had some weight to it. 2. Is a moot point because you can decide to start with whatever Team you want now. 3. You haven't played project cars so you again don't know if that game is filled to the brim with bugs. 4. A company wants to make money? Unheard of, there maybe reasons for
  21. @MarkDavis94‌ 1. No I haven't played Project Cars yet but that isn't the point as you haven't played F1 2014 eather 2. No they don't have the official F1 teams but it doesn't interest me to be in a Marussia being rich dad son Chilton... 3. instead of yearly modding their F1, Codemaster should first have a decent test of their games before releasing, as there are more bugs in their games than in a garden. 4. the fact they release Grid Autosport and F1 2014 on old gen is for me the proof they copy/paste their games only to make fast money 5.Project Cars is made buy gamers for gamers, they are
  22. Even Dice updated more efficiently for BF4 on the PS4.
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