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    How many people actually play F1 games?

    I don't really play online races but do play time trail. Just shame your limited to how high you can get due to poor setup working. Ie 11-11. Hope new one has more in depth setup. Ideally setup should be different for every race. No more loading same setup for each race as temperature change should make you need to use practice sessions.
  2. Dez0808

    Problems with restarting the game

    Tried verifying files through steam?
  3. Dez0808

    New structure at CM ?

    It has to be limit of resources not 1 person. The full race weekend was made and in place, why remove it? I can only think they make list of resources and features and try fit everything in. Maybe it would be different if the Xbox 360 had a blu ray player. Got a bad feeling for F1 2015. Think there will be features missing that are currently taken for granted
  4. No its down to scenarios available. Its not dynamic at all. If your on PC I have explained in another thread how to change this
  5. Dez0808

    Why does it always rain on me?

    I use wordpad. But can use notepad. Just wordpad seems to format it better. Files will be in the folder you have chosen to install steams to. Or within steam right click the game in library and select properties then show files in folder.  Within the game folder its  F12014/tracks/circuits/ Then in each of the track folders will be a tod.XML file (ignore tod.DAT that file contains the sceneros that it plays through). Edit the tod.XML as above 
  6. Dez0808

    Why does it always rain on me?

    Yep. Gp mode and career mode seem to use same method of selecting weather now. There is another mod that slows ai down in wet weather if want to try that instead
  7. Dez0808

    Why does it always rain on me?

    This isn't true in my experience. If you have 60% chance of rain then exactly (to the minute) at  60% through the race it will rain. Seen it every time. The only thing you can't predict is if it goes from light to heavy rain. Also I find you can easily work out the scenario you are running and know what weather you'll have. It breaks the game for me. Try playing gp mode in f1 2012 if don't believe me. That has true dynamic weather
  8. Dez0808

    Why does it always rain on me?

    It can be done. Go to race department and download the dry career mod. Any version from 2013 onwards will work as code masters haven't touched the weather system.  If you want to do it your self edit the tod.XML file in track folder. You will see a list of scenerios with a number after it. This is the "dynamic weather". All weather in the game is one of these scenerios. Each one with a number is active for that track. I believe that the first scenerio is a dry race. Put 1.0 after this and remove all other numbers. At the bottom you will see a similar figure for each weather type. Put 0.0 for light and heavy rain. Then enjoy no rain. You can copy this file for all tracks 
  9. Dez0808

    All Dry Career Season?

    You can do this if playing on pc
  10. Dez0808

    Why does it always rain on me?

    What platform you playing on?
  11. Dez0808

    Penalty bug, but with explanation?

    Reminds me of rosberg and Hamilton in spa. You could have easily avoided it but chose not too. Maybe to teach the ai a lesson 
  12. Dez0808

    how do I go about of getting a full season in career.

    Start a new career and actually read every option you click. Once you choose an option that career will remain the same 
  13. Dez0808

    F1 2014 joystick domination

    Try overriding pad with steering wheel in options then in advanced settings put all wheel options as far right as you can. Takes bit of getting used to but I am really enjoying it. Gives the car that twitchy feeling that people using a wheel are talking about. Until I did this I was finding the handling very boring with a pad. 
  14. Dez0808

    Will this pc be ok to play f1 2014

    You can buy barebones pc and then add your own components as time and money allow. Overclockers.co.uk do them. Worth taking a look
  15. Dez0808

    F1 2015

    Wouldnt be surprised if its delayed. A lot of games seem to be delayed at the moment. My guess is they are aiming for April but will see it released at Silverstone weekend 
  16. Dez0808

    F1 2015......will it be any better ?

    But with regards to F1 2015 being out for ps3 and Xbox I saw that comment and you missed off the part where he said it would be updated version of the old gen game
  17. Dez0808

    F1 2015

    He has not lied. Saying news after F1 2014 could be now or at the end of time  :#
  18. Dez0808

    Fuel Stategy

    Any idea what methods fastest. I've only just got a copy when found it for price I was happy with. If I leave it on standard fuel I can pretty much do 50% Race with a little fuel saving. But is it quicker to run on high fuel and then save for more laps? 
  19. Dez0808

    Wet Weather transitions are much improved!

    its not in career. Premade scenarios. Ever wondered why every first race in australia in career mode is clear skies and sunny. Dont think even austrailia can boast weather like that. I went there for 4 months and it didnt stop raining!  :)  in gp mode it is random but has tight controls by default. For example on many tracks the min time it can remain in same state is 45 mins, by changing the values in the database you can really mix things up 
  20. Rain can be edited in gp mode in dyanmic environmental settings. For career it might be in the tod.XML file in each track but I don't have this game so not sure if career is using this method like last year. If it does any no rain mod from 2012 onwards should work
  21. Dez0808

    Understeer city on the pad...

    Can you not change settings?
  22. Dez0808

    F1 2015 Game Ideas and Suggestions

    I would like to see in career mode the setup options be taken away from player control. Your a newbie to the sport with no experience so the team should make the decisions with you being able to give small feedback like too much oversteer. Also be forced to their pit stop strategy. Then as you progress and get results more setup options are unlocked as the team begins to trust your input
  23. Pretty much everything you asked for can be done with modding. But balancing the game to the changes is the hard part 
  24. Dez0808

    R & D

    If fp1 and 2 come back I think they need objectives. Maybe fp1 is r&d. Fp2 has race setup objectives and fp3 has qualifying  objectives