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  1. iAmKing144

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Has anyone heard whether or not the rallycross tracks will now have a practice option? It was annoying in DR that the only way to learn the track was while racing other cars.
  2. iAmKing144

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Hmmm... @KickUp, Would it be possible to create a bespoke 2017 spec WRC car? Essentially just make a car that follows the 2017 tech regs and call it the CM17 WRC or something. This way there would be no licensing issues with the FIA or manufacturers. Just a thought, because damn those 2017 cars look like fun to drive!
  3. iAmKing144

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    What I hope to see:Pit Boards need to be in the game, I am surprised they are not already.Improved damage model. Same one since 2010Bring interviews back! Pre race, podium, post race, idc.Can we have Martin Brundle interview us on the grid?How about a button that brings up a list of questions we can ask our engineer during the race so he gives me needed info for once.No more scripted tyre wear please.Seriously though, press conferences for career mode.Bottas doesnt finish 18th often... change that.New Animations. new atmosphere. The garage has not been changed since 2010.As much as I want manual pits, it wont happen. Codies know that people would abuse it by running over red bulls tyre changer guy.Corner cutting is when all 4 tyres go over the white line... not when I have half a tyre on the kerb.IMPROVED ENGINEER!!! Good gravy, how many more times is he going to tell me "thats Vettel go for the overtake" NO $H!T IM GOING FOR THE OVERTAKE!  Fortunately, this game is being made with the new EGO 2 engine. Codies have already said they are restarting from scratch so we wont see the same audio from last year, and we wont see the same animations. THANK GOD.The game just needs to be more immersive. In career mode, im living an f1 drivers life... make it seem that way. I truly hope this game just blows us away. Go Bottas.