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  1. Bottas needs to be toned down too. Clearly the #2 driver at Mercedes on talent.
  2. Ryne

    Driver Performance Update

    Something used to be accessible in previous games where you can edit each driver's stats like chance of mistakes, rain profenciency, etc. Wonder what happened to that.
  3. Ryne

    Front Wing Breaking Up. Is This a Glitch?

    Generally the AI does not suffer from this. I ended up turning down a tad the damage for the player and turning up AI damage because they are bricks.
  4. Just wondering if there is a chance at a driver performance update. Before we could have done this on PC, but I don't think we have the tools now. I generally see the drivers are out of order on the grid more often than not. Gasly beats Verstappen frequently, Hamilton losing out to Bottas a lot of the time, etc The cars can also use a performance update, they could probably go a second quicker or so on average.
  5. Ryne

    Can we choose our teammate?

    Canadian too, and wanted the same thing. I was disappointed for sure.
  6. Happy that qualifying issue was fixed, thanks Codies!
  7. Ryne

    Bring back limited flashbacks?

    Nah. Don't have the patience or time to restart a whole race if my cat or something decides to jump on my hands.
  8. What I'm disappointed in is all that story stuff disappears after you leave F2. Haven't had any team mate is faster than you stuff, just the regular old career mode.
  9. Ryne

    Team performance order after patch

    Forgot about them, you are right.
  10. Ryne

    Team performance order after patch

    Yep, as the season has went on we now know it should be McLaren - Renault - Racing Point - Haas
  11. Ryne

    best ERS & fuel technique??

    Agreed, that is the best way.
  12. I ended up using the helmet from that jerk in F2 in my career, it's the best looking default one IMO. Took some modding to use it though.
  13. Ryne

    F1 France is a joke again [R2]

    Looks like at the end of the video the lap still counted.
  14. Only took 10 years of F1 gameplay with a controller to do so. I don't know how you guys play like this, it's really annoying with a controller. I don't feel like I have the same finger control in order to keep acceleration constant. Not as fun so far either 😞 I need some tips. I thought turning TC off would help tire wear, and it didn't. Ran the tire program and got purple like I usually do but the tire wear is still worse. Any tips? I also need to get faster, any tips for that as well?
  15. This was an issue before, surprised it made it though.