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  1. I agree that the raising the price sucks. I can afford the raise, as a Canadian it isn't that much of a hike for me. It's so unfortunate that companies don't really take the exchange rate into account until it's egregious, so we generally spend more than our US neighbors. I really feel for those who prices went up to like 4x higher, that's ridiculous
  2. Ryne

    F1 2021 TRACKS

    I so want to drive at Imola with an F1 car in a game. Think the last time I did that was with GP2/GP3/GP4 way back.
  3. Ryne


    It's already on Steam
  4. Ryne

    How to drive 'Eau Rouge' (Spa)

    Depending on the setup, you can take it flat like all the time. I don't have any problems with this turn at all. Follow what others say here, take a look at that setup. If you are on PC, check the steam workshop and use what you can there.
  5. Ryne

    R&D upgrades

    Third season, my team is constantly improving, the other teams... not so much
  6. Ryne

    R&D upgrades

    Wait until season 2 / 3 and watch the AI make like no improvements and you are skyrocketing up
  7. Sorry for the double post, but I think he absolutely hailed the halo now, it looks great for me. I fixed the choppyness by enabling vsync. Edit: got the leaderboard going as well, going to keep messing with this thing
  8. Ryne

    Season 2 Podium Pass Details

    Some of the helmets look pretty good IMO.
  9. Yup, it happens during races in the pits if not in fuel saving mode
  10. Ryne

    Season 2 Podium Pass Details

    What happened to all those extra points I was racking up 😞
  11. Ryne

    What camera do you use?

    My new camera view is quite stupid lol, all of my friends hate it I'd like to think I'm piloting a plane with it tho, it looks like a car with wings! Thanks PJTierney
  12. used it for a while too, the refresh rate seems a bit slow too. I have the simhub license too so it's supposed to be 60 fps, but it's really laggy
  13. Ryne

    Bahrain Oval instead of Bahrain Short

    They should get some DLC based on including tracks, that would be great for next year.
  14. Ryne

    What camera do you use?

    Grabbed PJTierney's camera settings and I thought they were not bad. Tweaked them a bit for myself because I wanted to see a bit more reflections because I love them haha. Should have figured it would affect my FPS though
  15. Ryne


    That's great for F3, but we are talking F1 here lol Hope I'm proven wrong tho