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  1. Don't kid yourselves, they won't be leaving EGO anytime soon.
  2. What bugs me about qualifying is that the AI gets a free lap. I would be the last to the track, finish my lap and no one is starting theirs, then when I go to the results screen a bunch of them got a lap in. Really bugs me.
  3. I get none. I really do. I'm assuming you don't use flashbacks right?
  4. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES I'm going to be so late for work!!
  5. If going by playtime, it was F1 2020 for me. 486 hours. Next was F1 2013 with 419 hours
  6. Thanksgiving in Canada is monday I would be very thankful for Imola
  7. I really want Imola. I loved racing that track back when I was young and playing Grand Prix 2
  8. Why would it be in 2022? F1 won't race there next year because of the FIFA World Cup. It would make sense for it to be in F1 2023, as that's when the contract officially starts for the 10 years. And it seems like it would be a different track especially made for the length of the contract. IMO, I wouldn't expect this track to appear in any F1 games unless CM starts doing DLC. This one seems like a one-off for this year.
  9. Ryne

    1.10 handling?

    Did it fix the AI on highspeed corners?
  10. Ryne

    Opmeer Vid

    Time to turn off medium TC then. Have lots of spinouts though, for years lol I never got the hang of it
  11. No, it's not the same in Manual mode, doesn't deploy the same In manual mode you control how much it deploys. In auto, the CPU does - however I want the CPU to keep the ability to deploy automatically while I get the opportunity to use more when I want.
  12. I tried to follow PJTierney controller guide, but I'm missing the maximum wheel rotation setting in the vibration menu. Anyone know why? I'm using an xbox series controller. edit: nevermind, it's because I'm on PC.
  13. I don't even have the option of maximum wheel rotation, why? Edit: nevermind, it's because I'm on PC
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