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  1. First of all, I really like the game so far. Nice surprise to get the game back in a good old CMR games fashion.  Most of my problems/wishes had already been mentioned, so no need to write em all again.  But what else I´m missing so far, is the ability to disable automatic car reset. It´s sooooo anoying, if you almost recovered your car, but just a second too late. Programme resets you, you get an extra penalty and are robbed of the satisfaction, to have driven your car back on the track by your own.  Please please please let us choose, if we want to be reseted automatically.
  2. Sure, but after the "big thing" CM made of the clubs, I thought there would be a special eventsection for clubs, or some kind of challengeboard via RaceNet or something like that. Not "just" drive your clubliveries. But nonetheless, you helped me a lot with this, so thanks again.
  3. And thats all? You can´t create "real" clubevents or something like that? Just drive with your clubcar? Thats a bit poor, but thanks for the answer.
  4. Maybe you can tell me, how I create/find/join clubevents to raise the clublevel? Nobody has an answer in my topic ( http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/2570/how-do-i-find-join-create-clubevents-pc#latest ) and your club seems to do it very well. So any help will be much appreciated.
  5. Is there really NO ONE here, who could explain, how I can join or create a clubevent?
  6. But than I still have to know, how to start an event. I hope someone who knows the answer to that, will see this topic sooner or later. A decent documentation for the game would help a lot, but the readme is absolutley forgettable.
  7. Hello everyone, how do I join clubevents or set up my own ones? Can´t find any filters in the lobby to set something as a clubevent or search for clubevents. I´ve got my own club, but in the statistic it still says 0 races although I´ve made a few races after creating the club.
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