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  1. Or simply just a dayOne patch 
  2. IIRC they already said livery updates will be included with the patches.
  3. If only we had some sort of..hmm 'Community Manager' to give us answers. :@
  4. Positives though is looking at a couple of vids (not played it myself yet) Dirt:Rally seems to be a total Sim not arcade. Maybe after the change in management they wanted to get something out fairly fast to prove they are going more Sim again? Hence early access and sudden release.
  5. Thankyou Lee, it's really nice to see this sort of attitude. :)
  6. I'm guessing the removal of career mode (if it has been removed) was due to the Broadcasting feel so that Crofty didn't have to record all the dozens of voices and nicknames available. A real shame anyway, would have been that hard to record them but meh, I'm guessing its that reason anyway.
  7. Sad to see you go @Hatta  . Welcome @justbiglee !
  8. Yes this is 1 think I really want to see more in all racing games, IRL the drivers don't turn up with a list of  spring and damper settings. Would be a fantastic feature to have like you mention MotoGP (not played) or F1 2006 (Driver Evaluation I think it was called). Of course leave the manual fine tuning there for the 'professional/league racers'.
  9. Well iRacing for 1yr for new new members 'only' costs $50 (and yea I know you have to buy cars, tracks etc) but; If you played it a lot and did even just 1 race every week (or more specifically 8 races in 12 weeks) they give you a $10 coupon (up to $40 a year). Membership then becomes $10 after that of course. Then they give you $5 as a anniversary gift so membership becomes just $5 a year for the best racing sim out there ATM. Just depends how much you play it :) but same if with any game, buy F1 2014/15 and play it for 1 hour its a bad deal, play for 1000 and its dirt cheap.
  10. I use wheel (G27) but turn the rotation in the Windows profiler down to 220 degrees, this allows fast/more arcadey handling but still a lot lot more control than the Joypad. EDIT: Yes it does allow the full 900 but it feels really slow (hence above, 200 degrees)
  11. Interested to know this too, after seeing the DLC content list making me really think about it but don't want to buy the Boost if it is included of course.
  12. Any news on the PC 'Boost Pack' yet Codies? As above, I'd pay £3 (even though we shouldn't really have to) if it meant I didn't have to worry about the money/repairs as much.
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