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  1. Shivadilan

    Corrupt Save File / Console Patches

    Just reload the save. They fix themselves after you do. How? Copy  in a USB and paste again the save file in the console and run the game?
  2. Shivadilan

    Corrupt Save File / Console Patches

    I can't use my own cars before and after of this patch on PS3. If I buy a car and this sell price is 0€ I can't use. When I start a race with the car, the game crash.
  3. Shivadilan

    Online Trophy (PS3) Tuned In will not Pop

    If the lvl 10 is in online, not popping in challenge, only in multiplayer races.
  4. Shivadilan

    Glitched Trophies (PS3)

    Race in a track, not in a challenge. In the challenge not pop the trophy. In a spanish trophy guide confirm that not pop in this way.
  5. Shivadilan

    Problem to buy/race cars

    I'm in PS3 too.
  6. Shivadilan

    Problem to buy/race cars

    Hi, I have a big problem: The reason is when I buy a car, if I would sold it I can't, the price is 0€. And other problem come with, the car that I bought can't use to drive because the console crash when I finish the race. I bought 5 cars and only 2 can drive with it, a VW Golf and LOLA. The ADC Prestreza, Peugeot 408 and Honda 5zigen civic doesn't complete the race. The problem is if I bought a car and the sell price is 0€, I couldn't race with. Any solution? PD: Sorry with the language, I'm not english.