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  1. Just reload the save. They fix themselves after you do. How? Copy  in a USB and paste again the save file in the console and run the game?
  2. I can't use my own cars before and after of this patch on PS3. If I buy a car and this sell price is 0€ I can't use. When I start a race with the car, the game crash.
  3. If the lvl 10 is in online, not popping in challenge, only in multiplayer races.
  4. Race in a track, not in a challenge. In the challenge not pop the trophy. In a spanish trophy guide confirm that not pop in this way.
  5. Hi, I have a big problem: The reason is when I buy a car, if I would sold it I can't, the price is 0€. And other problem come with, the car that I bought can't use to drive because the console crash when I finish the race. I bought 5 cars and only 2 can drive with it, a VW Golf and LOLA. The ADC Prestreza, Peugeot 408 and Honda 5zigen civic doesn't complete the race. The problem is if I bought a car and the sell price is 0€, I couldn't race with. Any solution? PD: Sorry with the language, I'm not english.
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