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  1. I would like to know @Hatta‌  why you guys don't listen to what we guys want. We want podiums, live the life, formation laps, etc. do we get it? No. It isn't really good enough
  2. Macdaddy13

    Bit Dissapointed...

    in all seriousness I am quite dissapointed by F1 2014. I believe that the amount of people buying will be limited and I will go Project CARS. Unless live the life and podiums features, you can forget it codies
  3. Macdaddy13

    Prediction for 15' release

    hello all. I most likely will get both copies but I'd like to know when you think 15' will come out?
  4. Macdaddy13

    Is it just me?

    * if I'm posting in the incorrect forum or something pls tell me. My patience (limited as it is) is really getting tested by this lengthy wait. I wake up every morning and check if there's news. There never is. Patience limetado!
  5. Macdaddy13

    This time last year

    Around this time last year, was Steve Hood, Luke Springs, etc. doing what they do now (delay)) what was revealed? Thanks
  6. Macdaddy13

    Bit Dissapointed...

    I am really looking to F1 2015 on the flip side!
  7. Macdaddy13

    When do you think F1 2014 will be released?

    I'm going news. U.k 31.07.14
  8. Macdaddy13

    Should f1 2014 be on ps3/360?

    Even though I'm on PC and I love this season, if it's on 360/ps3 no buy
  9. I'm looking forward to going so fast on the straights at Monza that it's not funny :)
  10. Macdaddy13

    What Classics Would You Want in the Game?

    Every single 1988-1994 car, every 2004 car, every 1976 car Tracks: pre 2006 Spa, Old Hockenheim, Adelaide, Detroit and every 1988-94 track
  11. Macdaddy13

    F1 2014 - News "Soon"

    "News Soon" I've been hearing that for to long. I reckon after the cup as was previously suggested. Looking forward to it because (oddly) I quite like the engine sounds but a bit more volume needed
  12. Macdaddy13

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    1. Interviews where you can respond like Kimi Räikkönen! 2. Podium with national anthem 3. Formation lap 4. Being able to walk around on the grid. 5. Better handling 6. Realistic engine sounds 7. NEWS ON F1 2014 SOON!