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  1. tbtstt said:
    tbtstt said:
    huh would you look at that

    So wait a minute... that scanning was to put the car in DiRT 4 for the final? We really don't know anything...
    Not sure. @KickUp has previously stated that the process of developing new cars takes considerable time, I can't believe they have scanned and implemented that in an afternoon (unless the scan was purely for the livery) 

    I am really curious as to whether this is a new car, or just a reskinned DiRT 4 Polo. The back end looks like the 2017 PSRXVW Polo, but the bonnet is wrong and I can't make out if you can still see a radiator in the back of the car. 
    Well, the rear-wing is certainly not correct, no hood vents, bumpers wrong, exhaust wrong. If that's a 2018 (or even 17) Polo RX and not just a re-skin, they need an eye check. So yes, they were scanning the livery.
    The rear wing is pretty close to the 2017 PSRX Polo GTI and they have covered over the rear radiator exhausts on the boot (I wonder if they have done the same for the radiator intakes on the side of the car as well?)

    As you say, the bonnet is as per the Marklund car, as is the exhaust, so it looks like it is just a reskin!
    Yep, it’s a reskin of the DiRT4 model for the DiRT4 eSports Final. 

    The scan was because Silverstone is 45minutes from our office so it made sense to do it yesterday than to travel to Germany to get it at VW

  2. tbtstt said:
    What a bizarre article from Skoda. My memory could be hazy, but I seem to recall that there was actually a Skoda in the early preview version of DiRT 3, but it never appeared in the final version of the game due to licensing issues. 

    (I await correction from @KickUp or another member of the CM team now!)
    We had a Skoda built for the original DiRT but it never made the full game

  3. urgaffel said:
    gfRally said:
    Hang on, hang on. I might be going crazy here, so bear with me. What if, and bear with me here, what if we’ve been overlooking something? What if, and please bear with me, what if Christina has been leaving clues in the codemasters fruit reviews?


    But it what does it mean?
    unbearable! unpearable!
    fixed it for you ;)

    Dytut said:
    @urgaffel , we need a Swedish perspective on the snacks. Are they better than kexchoklad?
    I haven't actually had a Tunnocks tea cake :open_mouth:  Kexchoklad IS the best though.
    How have you not had a tunnocks? We have had thousands of them in the office!!!

  4. Areyouben said:
    Based on team size, development on the next game usually starts a few months before the current project. WRC7 came out in September 2017, V-Rally development probably started early 2017. Starting with design work (Pretty much Paul Coleman's job) which is working on a big wish list, modes, functions, features, cars, locations, everything you'd like to have for the next game. Then as artists end their assignments for the current projects they become available for the next project. Same for the sound department. Programmers are a bit different as they tend to stick around a bit longer, so you might split them into multiple crews. Sso have some programmers stick around for the current project to do QA, fix things and develop some patches. And then some others that'll start mocking up some technical things for the next project.

    Same for DiRT4 and DiRTNext, they've probably been working on DiRTNext for about a year or so now, including the very first designing things.
    What is this perfect world you live in?  :D

  5. KickUp said:
    Morning, @KickUp - i'm guessing you've been very busy, not seen you post for a long time...
    Oh yeah. I’ve been here, I’ve just not had anything to say. We’ve definitely been busy. 
    Let's just say that we notice your absence after all the hard work you put in when you're here.
    Yeah. I’m sorry I haven’t been here more. 

  6. KickUp said:
    KevM said:
    KickUp said:
    KevM said:
    Hopefully it’s not hidden in the inside of a corner.  If it is, the understeer means it’ll never be found... :P
    :pensive: Its inside something

    Good to see you back @KickUp

    Time for a bit of Gossip-thread Premature Speculation? 
    Well, I've been busy doing stuff and things. That said I haven't left many clues as to my actions for people to gossip from.
    So your trip to Solberg HQ wasnt gossip worthy?
    Traditionally it has fallen to the gossipers to determine what is and isn’t worthy. 

  7. KevM said:
    KickUp said:
    KevM said:
    Hopefully it’s not hidden in the inside of a corner.  If it is, the understeer means it’ll never be found... :P
    :pensive: Its inside something

    Good to see you back @KickUp

    Time for a bit of Gossip-thread Premature Speculation? 
    Well, I've been busy doing stuff and things. That said I haven't left many clues as to my actions for people to gossip from.

  8. SkyRex said:
    @KickUp By the way, will clubs allow the leader/founder/whatever to use their own saved stages for leagues or will the club-stages be seperated? So is there any reason in curating some stages already or is this all wasted time?

    And have the buisness people made decisions already on the road ahead? (Maybe hints if you can't speak clearly?) Will D4 recieve some further support after clubs (VR-Update, Argentina-DLC, Rally-PhysicsV2, etc.) or has the revenue not been up to expectation, so we're looking more at like a new game in 2-4 years instead of big D4 building?
     You'll be able to use your favourites (saved stages) for clubs so curating stages now is not a waste of time.

    As for the road ahead we have a better picture of where we are at but I can't give anything away just yet. Sorry we are being so elusive.

  9. kobeshow said:
    gfRally said:
    JZStudios said:
    tbtstt said:
    Not DiRT related, but it's been announced that Forza Motorsport 7 won't have any Toyota production cars, only racing models. Toyota's licensing is becoming a law unto themselves!
    An exclusive license deal with Polyphony perhaps? Be interesting to see what makes it into GT Sport.
    Somehow I don't believe that, though they are Japanese, so it could be true. Think Forza 6 and H3 had to skip on VW altogether for some reason.
    Real shame, and it's weird that they won't license out the street cars. Even AC has a few. I always liked the MR2, but I don't want to buy an Xbone just for Forza when my wheel won't work with it. Really hope they manage to make the Win10 version actually work.
    I might be late on this, but I just noticed the Hyundai R5 rally car is available for purchase as a DLC now 

    The Team Booster Pack is available as well http://store.steampowered.com/app/437121/Team_Booster_Pack/
    Figures. And it's the worst possible outcome. Selling the pre-order bonus is always bullshit.
    Not sure what you paid for your copy and can't remember what the pre-order price was, but the 2 packs only cost $5 total, not exactly braking the bank, and if  you didn't pay the retail price anyhow, possibly you are still getting the base+DLC for less than the initial pre-order.  Not trying to argue at all, I know DLC is somehow taboo around here, but I don't think its that big of a deal.  
    Maybe he is coming from a different perspective, maybe he is mad because he wanted the pre-order car, so he bought the game in advnace without waiting for reviews, and is now left disappointed. Would CM have told us that the car will be there as DLC after release he may have ended up not buying the game, but if he liked it he might not mind paying a little extra to get the car.
    Preorder just seemed to be a way to secure sales then, if the DLC is available for everyone now, without properly communicating that prior to release.
    I'm sure I can find the direct quote from @kickup somewhere in the gossip, but paraphrasingly he said "because of the suits, preorder was the only way to get the car into the game"

    I think he said It was the only way for getting literally un the game, the only way if getting the Money from the game publisher for licencing it, not that it was our only chance of getting it. I think it is fine, people who don't know about the game before it was released now can get the Hyundai, and give some money to Codies in order to licence more content for us :tongue:
    The Hyundai would never have happened if it wasn't for the pre order incentive as it was not part of our original budget. 

    Some platforms require pre order content to be made available post launch. I can't remember my exact words but I am pretty sure I hinted at the time that it was going to be available at a later date.  

  10. Hi all, just so you know I am about to go on holiday for a week. I'm planning to be away from forums and twitter so that I can unplug for a bit and spend time with my family, so apologies if I'm not responding to stuff. See you all soon.

  11. bogani said:
    bogani said:
    Quite often you get noise from the gearbox and Nicky saying there is a problem. Anyone ever had an actual problem following that, like missing a gear/gear stuck?

    Same thing when Nicky claims misfire. I never feel any power loss and then engine sound itself never sounds like it misfires.

    So, @KickUp, is this just a neat detail without any real consequence?

    Yeah, there is a bunch of stuff like this that is meant to distract you. That said, if you do have a gearbox problem Nicky will say the same stuff and you'll hear some audio that suggests damage.

  12. versedi said:
    @KickUp about the setups few pages back... I was recalling correctly.

    I've got one setup for tarmac, 3 for gravel and I can't save snow setup:



    Back to rap topic (^^), I prefer:


    Have you got the required tuning skill to use them?

  13. JorritVD said:
    @KickUp Got a question: Because there is the license of the World RX.
    A; Is it possible to have other RX Supercars than the ones that are in the World RX? F.e. GRC, European/British championships or older cars etc. cars like the Beetle, Civic, C4, Impreza (sedan and hatchback)? F.e. the C4 and Impreza have been in previous games, and it would be nice to include them again. F.e. the C4 is an older car, so a little bit slower, but also cheaper to buy and therefore a good starter RX Supercar :) (btw, the DS3 is to cheap now, almost halve price than the other RX Supercars)
    B; Same question as A, but than for the skins.
    We'd probably add more World RX cars first rather than any older ones. 

  14. Rygar86 said:
    versedi said:
    Website update!

    EPIC! I was hoping we would see somnthing like this soon, thanks Codies <3 Looking forward to going through and taking on some 'top rated' stages soon :smiley:

    @KickUp is this 'Your Stage' sharing cross Platform? Also, will we be seeing something similar for setup sharing soon and will setup sharing be cross platform too?
    Your Stage sharing is cross platform no decision on setups yet. 

  15. nystedt88 said:

    Xbox One´s leaderboards are hacked/glitched.. lap time´s 00:00:00
    i dont know how to add photos from my pc just url´s
    The Flash must be driving that bish  :p
    We are aware and dealing with the issue. Just so you know they haven't been hacked. These were development team times that made it on the board during the final progression testing of the career. We've been going through them and removing them from the Leaderboards. 

  16. KickUp said:
    versedi said:
    nystedt88 said:

    Xbox One´s leaderboards are hacked/glitched.. lap time´s 00:00:00
    i dont know how to add photos from my pc just url´s
    Already reported few pages back

    /edit for PC....Xbox is something new I guess.

    What Stage, Circuit or Joyride challenge was it please?
    Sorry if this has been asked already, but what is the prefered way of reporting cheated times? I've send @Hatward a PM with screenshots of some leaderboards a couple of days ago but haven't heard back (and haven't had the time to play/check if they have been removed myself)
    He's just taken a day off. He is working through some leaderboards now.

  17. dgeesi0 said:
    @kickup i put in the other thread not sure if you would read that so will add here are you looking into handling issues ? will anything be tweaked ?

    some cars backend wont come round cant be donuted and wont slide.regardless of set up.also on wales can the gravel sound be tweaked so louder when hitting car and when sliding is fixed under neath the car.
    As I explained on Friday's DiRT Show Live. We are aware but if we change anything it is going to take time.