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  1. AORGrzesiu

    Carrrer mode, god bots

    Tell me where I lost time? AI 110 , full upgrade AND CARRER is impossible. (Top speed ferrari - 364, Mercedes 371). Carrer mode work only in first season... I cant delte 2 images...
  2. AORGrzesiu

    Errorcode 500:H [ZX]

    on Second account all work
  3. AORGrzesiu

    Errorcode 500:H [ZX]

    same steam pc , Poland
  4. AORGrzesiu

    Event score 400k+

    Okey , Thank You . So it's bug
  5. AORGrzesiu

    Event score 400k+

    Is it legit score over 400k?
  6. AORGrzesiu

    Strange sound

    Yeah work
  7. AORGrzesiu

    Strange sound

    I have 60Hz but was set on high. It was problem. I fix it.
  8. AORGrzesiu

    Strange sound

    Ok , it is bug. Friend has same problem.
  9. AORGrzesiu

    Strange sound

    Problem with sound card only in F1 19? Problem is in 95% on start/finish line
  10. AORGrzesiu

    Strange sound

    Strange noise, I do not know what to call it. I have it on all track. It rarely happens on a wet track. Sound "lags" but I have all time 100+fps without drops. Nowy projekt.mp4
  11. How unlock Achievement "First Ten Down" - Complete 10 races online? I played rankeds and unrankeds and all time I have 0/10.
  12. AORGrzesiu

    Singapore bug

    I hit in this
  13. AORGrzesiu

    F1 Fly Singapore

    I hit in this