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  1. AORGrzesiu

    21st car on the "grid"

    I mean this @jrod22145
  2. AORGrzesiu

    21st car on the "grid"

    In the worst case (if they are unable to fix it) they should add options on the menu to "active sc".
  3. AORGrzesiu

    21st car on the "grid"

    Everyone want sc which work. Last working sc was in F1 2014??? It's a long time ago. My idea on F1 2020 is add 21st car in the grid. This car will be sc for player. I think it isnt too hard to do and probably faster than fix present sc. ( 5 years waiting and not working, maybe time on new solution and more realistic) . It's "beta" idea but probably one with best idea about sc. Maybe new option : SC: off/auto/manual Please don't writing about people will be trolling in sc car becouse they are trolling in normal cars too.