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  1. Is their a Australian ps4 championship, and if their is, is their still room available to join
  2. http://www.formula1.com/content/fom-website/en.html
  3. I was looking up F1 stuff the other day and when I clicked on the website, it said error 404, so I looked for it on Google, and they have released a new website, and in my opinion, i hate it, its taken everything away from the old website, like the results from 50's, 60's, 70's & 80's. Its to much, they should have kept the old website.  
  4. 2012, Good graphics good AI, online was alight, didn't really care the FP1 and FP2  had been taken out. 2010 on the hardest difficulty won the championship with Toro Roso winning every race but Monaco (came second). 2011, worst AI, mediocre graphics, handling was crap. 2013 and 14 about the same as 2012 but with bad online.
  5. just get a set-up for the rain i can lap consistenly in the rain with legend AI
  6. I was just wondering, i own a driving force gt and was hoping that it was compatible with ps4 so I didn't need to spend another $200 on a steering wheel to play f1 2015.
  7. Just get into second quicker and if holds in second to long go into third, went from 12 to 1 online doing that in italy
  8. I've been playing F1 2014 since it came out in Australia, and I've loved it, but one thing I've found, is that Alonso is always up the front battling with me and the Mercedes (I'm Williams with an ultra fast set-up on legend AI). He won in Italy from pole, pole in Canada, Bahrain, Belgium, China and Abu Dhabi, and finished third in the championship, 100 something point behind me and Rosberg, who one every race but Italy, Hungary and Brazil (Alonso and Hamilton). If Codemaster's could develop a patch that slows Alonso down so he's not constantly finishing on the podium, That would be great.
  9. Had the same problem, was doing a race in Austria, nearly a lap in the lead, and on the last corner last lap, this guy won, and i was like, "wtf, cheat", on-line has gotten crappy but the rest of the game is good and cant complain, really realistic, apart from Alonso, seems to me he's at the front to much, its all right, but when he wins the Bahrain GP where in real life he only scored 2 points, i get a bit annoyed.  :|
  10. Listen here, Ben is a good racer, just cause use are to slow to compete on legend AI, doesn't mean others cant just breeze past them, we put hard work and time into learning set-ups and braking points on tracks to compete with them, I'm currently battling Nico Rosberg For the championship in the Williams, I've just got the pace to pass him down straights and out break him into corners, all on legend AI, so stop winging and learn how to drive like we did. :o
  11. The only reason i choose red bull is because i'm doing an ultimate carrer mode which invloves starting in the 2010 game and when you have done 1 season, go to f1 2011 with the team you signed with in 2010, so in 2013 i was in lotus and finished 3rd in the championship and now going to red bull
  12. Use all complained and the game turned out to be good, LOL. 
  13. I use three because my siblings are always walking in and distracting me when im racing, so i need a few
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