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  1. AyrotonS296

    F1 2019 Legends Edition in Australia?

    I pre-ordered the game when it was announced, that was weeks before the different editions were announced. As for price, as has been with every other F1, the game price will not change between editions. Anniversary Edition is $100, and Legends Edition will be $100 as well. Has been like this for every F1 Game by Codemasters. As for why I Pre-ordered it, F1 is my life, I live and breath formula 1.
  2. AyrotonS296

    F1 2019 Legends Edition in Australia?

    Im from QLD and I noticed the same thing. I had already pre-ordered F1 2019, so I went and asked my local EB Games and was told that they may be waiting to see how many pre-orders they get first before making the Legends edition available. I personally think its very stupid on behalf of EB Games and JB HI FI to not make it available for Pre-order, cause as a maniac F1 fan, having a game cover with Senna and Prost on the cover will always outweigh a Ricciardo/Hamilton Cover.