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  1. I have encountered a problem (or maybe I just noticed it now), anyhow, when the car on screen is stationary everything looks great. But as soon as I go into motion all the white lines on track start to flicker... does anyone know of a setting or something like that?
  2. Ever since I updated to the latest Nvidia-driver I have constant crashing. Haven't had problems for months. But with these new versions of the drivers, it's impossible to roll back it seems... it has to be through Geforce Experience. Anyway, maybe you're experiencing the same problem.
  3. neonpa

    Perez overpowered

    Perez is MEGA OP. Just smashed Hamilton before that Verstappen as teammates, in my career mode. Just in general this year, the AI get harder and harder to beat as the seasons pass, not just your teammate. Pretty odd actually. I'm in Season 4 and have had to drop the AI between 3 & 5 % on every single circuit. Ruining the game really.
  4. neonpa

    Tire overheating

    On 50 - 60 % of the circuits my tires overheat already on the outlap. On the rest, its absolutely fine. It was okay before some patch along the way. Anyone else with this problem?
  5. I haven't been able to play this game on a decent computer, at all. It crashes constantly if I don't use my 5 year old one is everything to medium or low. No fun in that. The combination that wont work is, it seems. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Intel(R) Core(TM) CPU @ 2.90GHz (24 CPUs), ~2.9GHz Maybe nice for you to know. If I shitft out the card or run the same card on a different PC it works a charm. Been asked to verify my steam files, send all the same files/reports so many times, I just sit and wait for patches now... it's a very sad life. Hope you can fix it some day.
  6. neonpa

    Crashing since the beginning

    Thanks a million man. I will give all this a go and let you know how it pans out.
  7. Yeah it took me a few years and a guy on a forum for me to notice aswell 🙂
  8. neonpa

    Crashing since the beginning

    yeah I have deleted it with every new install. Here it is attached. hardware_settings_config.xml
  9. If you run the aclimationsation programme during practice, it gives you the Speed Trap info during the laps. Really helpful for the setup - especially when the cars develop through the seasons. But yeah, really annoying to have to do it like that. Jeff always get my reading wrong anyhow.
  10. neonpa

    Crashing since the beginning

    Got rid of Aura using Geek Uninstaller. Also MSI Afterburner Changed the ram setting to 3000 (it changed the timings automatically). - Turned off Turbo mode in the BIOS. DDU Nvidia with new clean install (running driver 436.48) Cleaned installed the game as well (common + hardware). Still crashes after a minute or two. - Now instead of the EGO dumper crash - thingy, it just shuts it down. Which is new... maybe progress 🙂
  11. neonpa

    Crashing since the beginning

    Yeah I guess they did 🙂 But I must admit I'm totally in love with these F1 Games, that so far it's a bit of a waste. Can only run it on my old old rig. Not really worth it on low settings.
  12. neonpa

    Crashing since the beginning

    Yeah I had it custom built. Not really knowing anything about it I just told them to go nuts.
  13. neonpa

    Crashing since the beginning

    Ok, I'll check how I can change that. In the BIOS I guess? 🙂 Here is the HWiNFO file attached. HW Info.LOG
  14. neonpa

    Crashing since the beginning

    My ram is running at 2133 MHz according to my BIOS
  15. neonpa

    Crashing since the beginning

    You lost me a bit on the RAMS here. I know it's 128 GB and it was expensive 🙂 Do you have an easy guide to check what you mean?