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  1. neonpa

    Game crash

    I still can't get it to work either. Neither Dx11 or DX12. DxDiag.txt
  2. neonpa

    Game crash

    Makes two of us.
  3. neonpa

    Game crash

    Can you get it to work after the new patch?
  4. neonpa

    Car varies every mode and session

    I tried short qualifying and one-shot qualifying. Didn't seem to be a problem here. Unfortunately there is also the other quali-bug, where the teams use vanilla car performance if you get knocked out in Q1 or Q2 .... oh yeah, and also they all have free tire choice. God that is a lot of bugs only for qualifying 🙂
  5. Mine still crashes in DX12. Tried today with the new patch. + complete reinstall of win 10 (fully updated) + Newest Nvidia drivers DDU clean install + Sound card drivers same + Fanatec drivers same (even tried without them as well) + With and without Steam Overlay + With and without sound card enabled. Crashes even quicker in DX11 mode.
  6. neonpa

    Crash F1 2019 DIRECTX 12

    Everything is updated to the max. Funnily enough only works on my old PC, with an older unsupported version af Windows. I'm sure they will solve it best they can. I've run out of fixes to try 🙂
  7. neonpa

    Crash F1 2019 DIRECTX 12

    Unfortunately it isn't for me with this driver. Same crash.
  8. neonpa

    Crash F1 2019 DIRECTX 12

    You have to download the DHC version of the driver probably. You can't update it through Geforce Experience. That said. It doesn't work. This driver, unfortunately, gives me exactly the same crash. ... EVERYTHING suggested on here is tried - All overlays off - Verified files - Tried older Win 10 versions etc. Doesn't work in DX12 or DX11. Giving up soon and just have to use my old PC, with a 1080 resolution and medium details 😞
  9. I have an experience that my career mode car is slower in qualifying than the races. Also I can't match my practice times in Quali or get nowhere near my TT times. Pretty odd. Anybody else tried this?
  10. neonpa

    No DD2 on PC?

    Does anyone know if there will be a preset for the DD2. Can't seem to get it work with F1 2018?