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  1. naks

    Announcing F1 2015

    Obviously confidence that game will sell itself bolstered by dirts success without a major marketing campaign. 
  2. naks

    Announcing F1 2015

    Come on codies....now it's your opportunity to show off what you been working on. project cars or and it looks like a victim of its own ambition and hype.....great foundation but still work to be done.....let's see if f1 2015 does better.
  3. naks

    Announcing F1 2015

    Sorry may have misunderstood but F1 is out in June and pcars should be out this week.
  4. naks

    Announcing F1 2015

    Very true, I hadn't realised that. Regardless of the reason though the point still stands that it probably is hurting them For the time being , I think it is hurting them in terms of frustration that is building in the community. But in the long run, I think once project cars is released there is still enough time to get a decent amount of information in a quick focused, marketing campaign.  This game is important for Codies....so I can't imagine Codies haven't thought about all this. A situation were project c.a.r.s is trying to shout over F1 2015 and vice versa doesn't really help either studio. Also chances if you are getting pcars you probably gonna get f1 2015....perhaps not at launch but at some point.
  5. naks

    Announcing F1 2015

    Understand that it is a bit annoying that still no information but appreciate the merit of short  sharp marketing campaign. 4-5 weeks is still enough time  to release  enough information which people can use to make somewhat of an informed decision if the game is the step up they are expecting. Personally prefer the idea of info releases over a shorter time than over several months as doubt we are able to influence direction of game once marketing starts especially one that appears to be heavily regulated by FOM. however @justbiglee in future perhaps once game is announced, it would be good if you also provided a list of key dates relating to information and video releases. Appreciate you have partners who have to approve stuff but think it would go a long way to curb some of the frustration that seems to be building up in the forums and give fans something to look forward and keep constructive discussion on track.  I was expecting to use this time to do some excercise, spend time with family and friends as well as get errands done because I expect once the release window began (starting with Pcars) all that would go out the window. But now the surprise release of dirt has stuffed that all up
  6. naks

    Announcing F1 2015

    Just found the article below.....relates to dirt but gives some context in regards to the direction codemasters is going and their feelings towards traditional marketing.  http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/242369/How_Codemasters_surpriselaunched_Dirt_Rally_onto_Steam_Early_Access.php
  7. naks

    Announcing F1 2015

    I suspect we are likely to hear stuff about the game  after Spanish gp
  8. naks

    DiRTy Gossip

    Well that was somewhat unexpected
  9. naks

    Announcing F1 2015

    Can't help but think project c.a.r.s is the reason why codemasters are holding off. Probably don't want to their marketing hype to get lost and drowned  in the SMS hype, especially seeing as how project c.a.r.s has such a comprehensive open wheel format. Cant help but think we will see a gameplay after Pcars release and coinciding with the next GP.
  10. naks

    Announcing F1 2015

    More previews http://www.teamvvv.com/en/news/comments/F1-2015-Preview and http://www.teamvvv.com/en/news/comments/F1-2015-IS-900p-on-Xbox-One-1080p-on-PS4 . Really good site and they are keen on racing titles so u get some good insight
  11. naks

    F1 2014 Gameplay Videos

    How come the pitstops all seem to be about 3.7sec?
  12. Wow for the first couple of seconds really thought i was looking at f1 2013 and then noted steering wheel and then saw rest of it. I appreciate we are at the end of last gen lifespan but this looks like a real poor effort (sorry codies). I concede haven't seen rest of the game but any hope I harboured for a surprise just died. Surely more could have done to differentiate this title other than just updating cars and roaster. Really annoys me that this despite this disappointment I will prob still get game....just so I can add it to my collection.....otherwise no point in ejecting f1 2013 from console. May have been better just to release some sort of dlc or expansion pack. Even the biggest codies sympathiser will probably be a bit disappointed.  Ahhh well I am sure the FIFA argument will be applied
  13. naks

    Thrustmaster T300RS Support

    Will this update be made available on the ps3. 
  14. For me the strategy makes sense....and glad they were bold enough to go the route the did: 1. With so much competition purpose built for the new consoles a simple port would not have cut it and possibly done more damage than good. I mean even the makers of Driveclub which probably was one of the first studios to get new units..... needed an extra year....and even @ launch we still won't have full game (weather). And until I see more footage on project cars being played on ps4 , I can't help but be skeptical. Forza 5 has been criticised for not being a full game @ launch. Also this is a multi platform game which prob complicates things further.  2. 2014 has seen some an extreme changes to sport. Codies will have only truly appreciated this in March.....thus not giving a lot time to both understand new new dynamics whilst also trying to build a new game. 3 New gen consoles are selling well but the number can't be anywhere near the total amount of old consoles sold over their entire life time. 4. I think this strategy allows Codies to release title earlier in the year and run concurrently with the current season for that year. This is something a lot of people want I think. Its a bit annoying getting the game when the season is almost over. I think other sports franchises releases are better....but they prob don't have to take into consideration numerous factors like f1 does....handling, car strengths etc  I am getting f1 2014 and will be also getting the new f1 game in 2015. At least I have several months to get a gf cause I prob won't have social life once these games come out :)