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  1. Just a little thread to see what tracks you would've liked to have seen in GAS and why. First of all I would've liked to have seen Knockhill as it would've been quite nostalgic as it's not been in a game since the TOCA days. Also I've been round it multiple times. Second track would have to be Circuit De La Sarthe (with dynamic time change like in the original Grid) as it's just an amazing track and the expansion of the endurance discipline in GAS would be a fitting place for it The third and final track I would've like to have seen is Rockingham as it's one of my favourite tracks on the BTCC calendar and think it would fit most disciplines I could go on all day but I've narrowed it down to 3, look forward to reading the replies!
  2. xPaulStuart

    Project CARS

    ive not really looked into it but it looks like a really poorly made game with only 6/7 tracks. also it's using a physics system similar to NFS Shift, which is probably the worst physics engine I've ever played with on a racing game. Anyone else have any thoughts?
  3. I was going through and completing the recent RaceNet challenges and saw that the Party challenge was for Alfa 4Cs, I knew that they were part of the Street discipline so I went and bought one but somehow wasn't in the car select screen for the challenge. Is this meant to be like this or is it a bug? If it is meant to be like this, do you think that vehicles you own should be aloud to enter Party events? I think it should, however it does make it fairer as you cannot tune or upgrade the car so it makes it basically the exact same car for everyone, so I'm kind of on the fence on this one
  4. xPaulStuart

    Consoles need a patch, Codies

    Hi all, There are many flaws in this game which need to be fixed, but somehow they seem to be concentrating more on little graphics bugs on PC. There are many things I want, and I'm sure many other people do as paying customers. My list of problems which need resolved are these; Detailed Cockpits. (confirmed, I think) The in game RaceNet Challenge leaderboards. Repair bills and prize money to be more balanced. Pit lanes to be opened for certain events such as endurance and other longer races. Another problem I've encountered is when I join a RaceNet club I will do one race with the tag next to my name and car livery but then after that they both disappear. Feel free to add your own problems
  5. xPaulStuart

    Things Which Annoy You In GAS

    So I've just finished a time trial custom cup winning everyone of the 5 by around 1.5 seconds without fail, but as soon as the cup ended I was greeted with the 'You Have Been Kicked' message, why? Do you not like a challenge or maybe it's just because you're a hard loser, either way, it's annoying. Also, I completed all the current RaceNet Challenges and checked the leaderboards where I appeared to be 21st in every one, is this a glitch or have I somehow (unbelievably) came 21st in every event? -Paul
  6. I've just spent almost 10 minutes adding sponsors to my Golf R, singling out ones which weren't related to street racing and ones which were achievable in street events, so are they a waste of time or do they actually improve you're XP/Money dramatically? -Paul *Not sure how to change this from a question to an actual discussion on mobile
  7. xPaulStuart

    Searching For A Club

  8. I've noticed these a few times, and they always seem to swap about players -Paul
  9. xPaulStuart

    How do you delete threads?

    I recently made a topic which is no longer needed informing that my old RaceNet Club is recruiting but I have since decided to delete the club and I am now searching for one and want to post a thread on just that and get rid of the recruitment thread. Can someone help with this please. :)
  10. xPaulStuart

    Project CARS

    http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_CARS "The game adopts an improved version of the Madness engine, which was the basis for the Need For Speed Shift Titles" Wiki has a a habit of being somewhat unreliable with ergarsd info on things that haven't happened yet which is generally why I ignore it. My advice is read what info people have put on the games forums and watch the youtube vids and make your own mind up. Don't rely on Wiki for answers as I've found in the past it'll often give you the wrong ones. Yeah I've realised that now. Watched about an hours worth of YouTube videos and any game with a Mk 1 Escort in it is worth buying.  Nah ah but seriously, the game looks amazing, tempted to buy a PS4 just for PCars.
  11. xPaulStuart

    Project CARS

    Yeah okay I'm a troll for asking for more information because I was illy advised, fair enough 
  12. xPaulStuart

    Project CARS

    http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_CARS "The game adopts an improved version of the Madness engine, which was the basis for the Need For Speed Shift Titles"
  13. xPaulStuart

    Project CARS

    Is this the beta version or the final release in November ? Project Cars looks good. I guess my main concern at the moment is whether or not it is a sim or has simcade handling options. I am quite serious about racing games - pretty much all I do on the PS3, but I am not sure that I want to move to a wheel. If PCars is unplayable with the controller then it will probably not be for me. I want something with good next gen graphics but Grid Autosport style handling. I absolutely hate NFS Shift's physics engine so if that's the case I'll just wait for GT7 or the follow up to GAS to come out before I move to next gen. Dont get me wrong, PCars looks beautiful but there's a difference if the game plays dreadful.
  14. xPaulStuart

    Project CARS

    Hence why I've posted this thread
  15. xPaulStuart

    What Tracks Would've You Liked To Have Seen In GAS

    Was thinking exactly that, would be great with dynamic time aswell, if Codies could be arsed designing it
  16. xPaulStuart

    PS4 controller on F1 2013

    Or just perhaps use a PS3 controller? As much as I know you want to use the PS4 controller or perhaps it's the only controller you have, don't see Codies bringing out a patch now as they're currently developing F1 2014
  17. xPaulStuart

    Please help me Toca Race Driver 2

    What's the code for exactly?
  18. xPaulStuart

    Colin McRae Rally on Steam

    yeah i agree , the cockpit in remake is too blurry and dark and not detailed like in grid autosport.. also the physicks are better in originla game.. Come on codies we want the new DIRT game (which it must be like old colin mac rae games , focused on pure rally!)  with next-gen graphic's engine ! :s With a mk 1 and mk 2 which was in Dirt 3. Don't want it to be like Dirt Showdown. As a huge rally fan I found Showdown absolutely dreadful, with things such as a demolition derby,   Maybe even have it contain a tribute mode to McRae where you basically follow his path through rallying (eg start in the BRC and work you're way through to WRC.  Just a thought.
  19. xPaulStuart

    Formula 1 TV Coverage Thread

    My only comments on the TV coverage is that the BBC are an absolute joke, with only 9 live races a year. The only why to bypass this is to get a Sky Sports subscription which costs an absolute fortune. Frankly I think with the BBC being one of the biggest, if not THE biggest broadcasting company in the world they should be able to show every race live like a few years ago.  This thing which annoys me most is that I always seem to find out who has got pole/the win before I actually get to watch the race due to Facebook or The news etc.  Really annoys me...
  20. xPaulStuart

    what about a trade system?

    But that's pointless because then they'll spend more than what they spent on buying the car on repairs
  21. The only useful thing which the AI give you is a tow, even though they're going the speed of a f*****g Prius
  22. Log onto the RaceNet website to get your true rankings, the problem should be resolved in an upcoming patch hopefully
  23. xPaulStuart

    Weird AI Bug: Anyone else see this?

    aw right, not too sure then. Perhaps a coding glitch?
  24. xPaulStuart

    GRID AUTOSPORT // What Disapline Are You Best At?

    Even though I love touring (reminds me of the good old TOCA days) Street is my strongest discipline
  25. Each to our own opinion, I personally love it and would happily download if it was made available