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  1. so has their been any talk about contacting nascar about making a game?
  2. pls contact nascar and bug them till they let you guys make a nascar game the nascar games etx put out are crap and I know yall codemasters would do good.
  3. Codemasters can we get any word about if their is even a thought about making a nascar game?
  4. nascar 15 codemaster for xb1 ps4 wii u?????
  5. it would be nice if they would say if they are talking about making one or confirm they are making one. how about it a @Britpoint and other codemaster devs.
  6. I sure hope codemasters makes a nascar game this etx ntg14 is bull. 
  7. can anyone from codemasters comment saying anything if they have contact nascar about making a nascar game?
  8. I think codemasters needs to get on making a nascar game as soon as possible.
  9. Im so tired of etx bad online play and single player.
  10. I hope etx does not even make a new NASCAR game and someone new get the license.
  11. etx needs to forget nascar and go on with zerolight. Im tired of finding glitches in nascar games and have wait 5 to 6 months to get the patch out for a game. we  need a new dev that is not etx.
  12. if ntg14 goes next gen it better still be called ntg14 not ntg15 and I think they need to build a new nascar game from ground up. that is if they are not kidding us and have plans for a ntg15.
  13. racergirl or girlracer has done a good job on the etx forums now if they get more devs and there members on there we are good.
  14. I think if a nascar game comes out in 2015 it will be late 2015 and it will not be called nascar 15.
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