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  1. restapuken

    Corrupt Save File / Console Patches

    But Kim,   that's suuuch a negative image...   (recent scienterrific analysis of the optical imprint of the shroud reveal blah and bore and on & on & jeez I'm rolling round the floor laffing my ass off...)
  2. restapuken

    Corrupt Save File / Console Patches

    Gimme a crew of  messy savants,  men & women able to deliver something <special> in the blend of purity and arcade-ism that defines the dynamics of a lotsafun driving experience. I don't care if the thing takes awhile to clean up. I want a touch of flair, a canny bit of talent .... not desktops as tidy as ten-year-old-girls' pencilcases.......... Think of it as the beta-build you get in a world of consoles that sure don' do beta builds. Think of console hardware/architecture as still being in something like a first-world-war fighterplane era. Don't force developers to work within a less risky envelope that robs us of the lotsafun factor.  By my standards Codemasters look like a crew worth watching.  Keep yer eye on the ball I say to all. It's a g..g ...ger  g  ger ger GAME  ....... even real cars that kill people have recalls.......
  3. restapuken

    Corrupt Save File / Console Patches

    Damn' .... what if these guys were BRAIN SURGEONS  huh?      huh? ........Well these days they keep the numbers on all kinds of surgeons.  Hah.... now we can find out the percentages.   You know..... how many this one killed last year,  oh yes,     ...Or how many never walked again after Sir Blastington-Farnarkle FRCS  fracked their hip joint right up .......... SO NOW THE GAME IS  UP FOR USELESS QUACKS! For once in our lives the likes of you and I get to find out the <real dirt> on 'em. They don' like all this?      Well pass me my handkerchief so I can dry my cryin' eyes! Quacks, half of 'em,  ...stand on me... Innit!     yeah ......   what you say?   innit..... what you say?  .....innit? THE ASSHOLES  TAKE THE EASY CASES?   WHAT? And the dead-set real good talented & caring surgeons are left with all the difficult patients that need some kinda magic beyond mortal hands .........   and so the real good guys are the ones that end up looking CRAP on paper. You know,  low low down on the league tables of surgeons. That's where the good guys can end up. Perhaps it's a bit like that with g..g ....ger  g  ger ger GAMES an' stuff....... <be a shame to bad-mouth guys away from the cutting edge> Huh .......... I reckon .............innit.
  4. restapuken

    GRID AUTOSPORT REVIEW // Vote in your score!

    My score of 90 may seem on the high side.... but all I'm really interested in is the handling dynamics across a decent range of tracks.  90 it is.
  5. restapuken

    Corrupt Save Files - Fix Incoming!

    Damn; I just found out today that Yaks grow more than 6ft high at the shoulder - how tall is that? I'd like to get off of my horse and get right on one of them critters! I'd go yak yak yak yak and blah and bore and on and on and on..... yak yak yak even worse than someone on their HIGH HORSE and goin' blah and bore and on and on.......... and on.
  6. restapuken

    Kick Votes

  7. restapuken

    Assists On or Off?

    thanks for that cogent input there, Rapster
  8. restapuken

    Question of the Day Thread

    There must be many racetracks around the world that have a bridge or two across the track for pedestrians to move around the whole of the infield during races. So it was in Oulton Park, Cheshire UK, when I went there to see Mike Hailwood race the top-line 500cc motorcycles of the day. I had the bejaysus scared right out of me when I strolled over such a bridge during the 125cc race. No Idea........... I had no idea the damn things went that farouking fast. That would have been 1969.
  9. restapuken

    Corrupt Save Files - Fix Incoming!

    And Lab Rats are just fine by me.
  10. restapuken

    Corrupt Save Files - Fix Incoming!

    My monopoly money tells me that the console market is the main game. There again, what would I know? Just for the record, some of my best friends are guinea pigs.
  11. restapuken

    So I've just got my save corrupted ..

    I'm afraid I'm another corrupted individual.   Playing on XBOX btw.... On the positive side I wouldn't be here to bitch about the glitch if it were not for the quality of the grid series and this lotsafun autosport version. Its the combination of so-called "physics engine" with level-playing-field online play that does it for me. It's a pity about this but not a deal-breaker. Roll on some kind of fix you guys.  I'll save pissing in your pockets for later.