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  1. Maniac3175

    TV graphics - Driver Positions Screen

    It was F1 2017 that had the official FOM 5 minute intro sting which as you said caused loads of issues with live streams being flagged by FOM copyright Sky only has brodcast rights they don't own any actual race footage
  2. Maniac3175


    Because that is how its been in real F1 since last year 3 of the 5 dry compounds between C1 - C5 gets chosen per weekend with soft medium and hard. The naming of Hypersoft Supersoft etc ended after 2018 season
  3. Maniac3175

    No Standard Edition?

    Seventy edition is £45 in Currys I found out after I got my game from Asda again paid £47 only £1 more than I paid for F1 2019 aniversery edition on Release day last year