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  1. mattpetty

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    On the latest Dirt Show, Paul Coleman said they're aware of the grip complaints and are looking into it; for the last two patches, Christina McGrath has invited feedback; and other Codies have been active in the forums responding to players since launch. Oh yeah, forget what I said about it then  :), very good. And RallyDriven, well, "opinion" but it doesn't take more than a bit of common sense to know Group B cars do not have a glued rear to the ground (and well, although this can be adjustable by setup, it isn't the right way to drive in this game as you lose as much time as if you were driving like this in a circuit racer). Besides, here I'm just reflecting the opinion of the community overall in physics (the people on Steam...). I think the physics in Dirt 4 has many good things Rally did not have, like the cars actually have mass and you can't go crashing the car into snow banks to gain time. And promising the world and not delivering it is also a great way of selling a game, right... the Steam charts speak by themselves.
  2. mattpetty

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    The game is very good, as fun as Dirt Rally, although not as much of as simulator. Codemasters' error was presenting it like a "Dirt Rally 2", as "infinite (with a subjective meaning of "infinitely different" and keeping Dirt Rally's remarkable stage quality) number of rally routes". Had they said "this is a return to the CMR roots" people would be in love with the game at this moment. They hyped the game to levels they couldn't return, even though they returned a lot.  If they were like "we're starting the Your Stage tool, not 100% yet" nobody would be complaining about the mostly bland stages but rather praising what -- rightfully is -- one of the biggest inovations, if not the biggest, in the recent history of racing games, and that finally gives rally games a meaning related to the real world other than a very hard exercise of memorization. This could be easily solved if Code gave us a word, a smoke signal or whatever, but they seem to basically have vanished like they did when F1 2014 was released. We all know the result for F1 2015...  Anyway, I liked it and I will keep playing it, a lot. But the whole situation still leaves a bitter taste, mainly when I think "the dark times" (like with F1 2014) may be coming back.