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  1. True, you win, I leave ❤️
  2. Ok, I’ll go back to not posting since I’m obviously not saying the right things. I’ll let the work speak for itself 🙂
  3. Sorry Jz, I’ve been busy with non Dirt things so haven’t had anything to share. Plus (for me) it’s easier to pop in to the discord channel every now and then compared to the forum.
  4. Wait, grid legends is not under development? No one told me that! What am I going to do with all these lasers and things? 😄
  5. Lighting in-engine is always going to be tricky because you're trying to simulate a 3d volume on a 2d plane 🙂 Actual volumetrics are still low res like you say, and it's hard to make them look good. There is some cool stuff in Unreal Engine 4 though but it's still very expensive to run Destiny 2 uses volumetric fog to good effect here and there but as far as I know there's almost no one who uses "true" volumetrics for anything other than skies or small fog patches. The skies in Horizon 3 and 4 use HDR sequences together with Motion Vectors to blend between the frames. They
  6. EmberGen runs in realtime by using your graphics card to the max. The better the card, the more complex things you can do without any slowdown. On my machine with a 970 GTX it runs fine, on my other machine with a 2070 RTX it runs even better 🙂 The in-game integration is indeed sprite based, it can output a bunch of handy source data so it's not just colour but other things as well that we can use to make things pretty. There is an option to export volume data but that is not for realtime use, it's waaay too costly to do it in a game (for now anyway). I've had a hand in many titles 🙂
  7. Warm and fuzzy inside. I've been using it for a while 😉
  8. I've clearly not made that flame big enough...
  9. I worked on the vfx for that game 😄
  10. The four letter ones aren't much better 😞
  11. I’m not the person for that 😛 I just deal with smoke, dust and precipitation
  12. Should do yes. It's better than it was, if it needs more work I can always tweak it again.
  13. It’s even better without compression 👀
  14. Not my call or department so can’t help you with that, sorry.
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