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  1. CGS are recruiting on xbox 360 we are looking for clean and committed drivers if you are interested please message me on xbox GT is N1NJA CGS thanks 
  2. Thanks @Lorre fingers crossed :)
  3. @Lorre any news on patch yet? 
  4. @Loore‌ any news on patch update?? 
  5. Hopefully it will come next week 
  6. @CavUK‌ where all disappointed but just be patient bud 
  7. @SASBlink‌ lol that's what I'm trying to find out but no answer as usual there all probably sat in the corner twiddling there thumbs rocking because they don't no how to fix it :) 
  8. @SASBlink‌ does that mean it's out :) 
  9. Looking to combine a team with our team anyone interested 
  10. @Loore‌ any news on patch update pleaae 
  11. I've only had 1 freeze tonight so it's getting better :)
  12. Looking for fast and clean racers and must be committed to the team if you want to join message me on xbox N1NJA CGS.
  13. Any news on patch update. I am sick of the freezing. CM look at what you achieved on Grid 1 and now look at yourselves your going down hill rapidly but hey you don't care as long as you get your money your all fine. 1st time back on in 2 months and BANG freeze time.
  14. look andyparks if you read the previous comments its not going to be out till about 2-3 weeks, codemasters have passed it on to MS & SONY so its up to them whenever they bring it out just give codemasters a break. Yes this should never have happend in the 1st place but be patient and play another game.  
  15. So when does the patch come out for the 360 ??
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