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  1. satyaban


    Thanks. I bought that card for next to nothing and I now have a GeForce 560.
  2. satyaban


    I removed my old GeForce 220 graphics card and installed an EVGA GeForce 7800 GT 256MB P/N 256-P2-N516-AX PCI-E Video Card  along with a 500 watt PSU.  An unfortunate result is when I attempt to play my F1 games I get an alert telling my there is "no DirectX support". Does anyone have a solution that will not cost me any more money or very little? I also posted this in general discussion, in error I think.
  3. satyaban

    What Wheel Works Best With PC?

    Scrench: I have used Logitech GTs for all my racing and recently broke the mounts on my second one. I take the blame for the brake because I can get too rough. I was doing some research for a new wheel and decided on the GT27 for my PC. I looked at the Thrustmaster reviews and saw some of the same complaints reoccurring so that along with the prices made the decision to by the Logitech easy. Did you search EBay and Amazon for the GT25, they have them although maybe refurbished. Lastly I don't think your turning problem with the Force India is inherent to the car.  I also think that Force India is a step up from Marussia and Caterham machines. Have you tried different advanced wheel settings?
  4. satyaban

    F1 2013 - Random Pause Issue

    I watched for a bit and saw nothing untoward. Are you sure it was at 2.49 min? I did see the loss of connectivity notice with no harm done.