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  1. I totally agree with the OP - the feedback in the open wheelers feels better than any F1 game I've played.  I've played F1 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013.  Maybe I just never got it dialed in right on those games and lucked out with GA. Also, cockpit view in the F1 games has this artificial "shake" sensation that really hurts my eyes.  This is gone in GA.  Thank God!  I wish I knew how to remove it in the F1 games.  And the AI in the open wheel events are much more disciplined than the other classes. In my view, an F1 games implemented with GA's feedback and AI would
  2. I'm just as confused as everyone else in this thread.  I'm fighting for spots mid pack like most with the back marker teams.  I enjoy this, but I was hoping I would eventually get offers from better teams so I could actually try and compete with Ravenwest - I'm not good enough to do it with the back marker teams.  But I constantly only seem to get low level offers. Does anyone know how to get offers from the better teams?  I also do the same as most and bounce back and fourth between disciplines.  Could this be part of the problem?
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