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  1. @V8R3L3NTL3SS1‌   all your doing is being a fan boy who wouldnt know a decent game if it bite him on the sack :p    pgr was made by bizarre sony made gran turismo an turn10 made forza not microsoft gimp ;)     an these shit cunts havnt made a good game since toca 2 :D
  2. !!Forza motorsprort 3 had a working demo with omfg leaderboards hahaha.   That demo if I remember right had 4 or 5 boards no glitches! !!!!!      When forza motorsport release a new game if you look around the top 100s you will see gamertags with little turn10 signs :D   I can bet you money now the guys who made this aint playing it!!!!!     Out ov the 50 people who works at CM bet none ov them has ever thrown down a top 50 on any of the most successful racing games!!!!!!!!    An I guarantee none hav ever ran a WR on any game not even f1 stars!!!!!!!    This is what happens when bad gamers make games!!!!!!!         A beta test haha dont make me laff wouldnt you of thought product research was more important! !!!!     If they looked at any of the best racing games around an came up with this feature less mess :D  :blush:   stand grid autosport next to forza 3 an it gets pants down in the school yard bullied!!!!!     Heres the sadest thing :/     stand this game next to the very 1st simulation based racing game gran turismo ps1 the mother of all racers!!!    An this game is shown up in fact CM are shown up 2 fukk:d          more in depth career system, better tuning features,  more balenced levels of play through out the career an licences! !!!!     An heres the final kicker TELEMETRY! !!!!!!      Gran turismo had it on playstation 1hahahaga   an omfg  f1 94 had it also :p    15 years behind the curve these guys they need to rebuild there full company from top to bottom before attempting anymore bad games!!!!!!  I for one will never invest another dime into CM products!!!!!!!!!!    not worth the risk grid 1 :/ grid 2 :( now grid 3 :'(  yeh its grid 3 giv it a different name to freshen it up they should of freshened up the play system in game feel is horrid!!!!!!!!!!     Pgr4 had a better feel an loads more to offer a single player. ..
  3. kubica4

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    If thats true an its microsoft an sonys fault this games broke  :p  how come I havehad two updates already only had it 2 weeks :?
  4. 8 years behind the curve boys still not got a back bone to your single play features <3
  5. thats why this game is guna fail world of tanks is a grind eerrr sorry I meant grid hahahaha.    Seriously what difference does it make if the loaner car has all or half the upgrades anIisnt   80% condition????    nice lap do you know if we are getting a leaderboard b4 grid 5 :dizzy_face:    just want to smash this game an then 2 weeks later smash it to bits an never play it again phahaha
  6. kubica4

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    @KurtG85‌ the hopper is a term used for the online playlists ;)    the fact that incar view fails doesn't surprise me one bit !!!!       Spent to much time messing about with helicopters an planes to concentrate on the basics!!!!!    Why does a racing game need a helicopter flying over brands hatch???     Why spend so much time doing that when we havnt got a working leaderboard hahahahaha GIMICS R SHIT AN NEVER WORK ;) 
  7. if I could upload an image from my phone or c how to change my font back :/ lolll.    Iv got a picture of me taking a wideish line through turn 2 at brands hatch on the rumble strip I hit a complete brick wall an stop dead!!!!!!         R we getting broken yet cos my car was completly hahaha
  8. Advanced controller settings?????      Omfg this games 8 years behind good racing games :p
  9. fair play to you for having your say! !!!!      An I dont think hes being wrong in asking for a feature which forza motorsport had in its 1st release on xbox :/!!!!!     This games 10 years behind its counterparts hahahaha
  10. kubica4

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    Damage in the hoppers is a joke!!!!!    in an Indy car on a oval track a side by side bump!!!!!!    the steering an suspension was shot :D pmsl
  11. Ground breaking game bug/problem ok here it is :D     limited to 30 cars in your garage there's 32 classes with multiple cars in some :/   so u can neva own the cars u want an fukkin knowing that u hav to level them up to 50 an it takes the biggest grind ever 2 get the parts!!!!     I would say that is a grame breaking problem :D     @loore is to busy on next gen 2 care about even giving us a time frame for the leaderboards :p  soon isnt an answer !!!!!
  12. @Photonik‌  I will leave the correct grammar to you obviously means so much too/2 you <3    my phone has a cracked screen so sorry for throwing a few words 2gther :p  u complete cock asif I care about your problems with my grammar hahahahaa.    I was promised something for my £40 an didnt get it sorry if im not a complete fukkin DROID who takes the shit these companys offer like you :*   
  13. kubica4

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    They really dont care the xbox 360 version ov this game is the worst excuse for a racing game iv ever played!!!!!!!!        Race pro had more going for it that was shit aswelll!!!!    no replay feature 1 fail!!!!!     Damage in the online hopper 2 fails!!!!     No hotlap feature 3 fails!!!!!!     All the loaned cars should hav all upgrades unlocked ffs what difference does it make just makes for better races 4th fail!!!!!!      No time trials no overal time for classes no ANYTHING HAHAHA dead game they should stop making them with shit gamers as part ov the team ;)
  14. Well obviously I can catch them :/ lolll     iv raced in lobbies with 8 pros r kid an out ov them 8 contracted cgs gamers may b 2 or 3 would hit a perfect launch not 8 ;)    an every single race iv done online against some1 using tcs has lost 3 or 4 car lenghts off the line! !!     So why would the medium ai hav there tcs off when they cant drive anyway :D  think the word here is the I stands for intelligence an none was shown making them (y)
  15. An iconic an legendary track doesn't need to be run backwards just to fill the game qauilty rather then quantity ;)