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  1. TimeOut

    F1 2014 Best W.T.F. moments

    This glitch with the Safety Car ruined my race.
  2. I'm starting this thread so, we can all enjoy watching videos of CM's master piece https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=GBSSl7TZ1dU
  3. TimeOut

    F1 2014 G27 Force Feedback Problem

    I have VSYNC enabled and the FFB bug with the G27 ruined my online race in Austria. Please CM, fix this bug.
  4. I have a request.  Can you please do a 25 or 50% race with changing weather?  I would like to see if Codemaster addressed in F12014 the issues when weather changes from dry to wet and viceversa.
  5. Since, I compete in PRL league,  I would like Codemasters to consider adding to F1 2014 few items to the Multiplayer game that are very important for our leagues. 1)  Allow the Host to re-invite players who have lost connection during Qualy so, those players can race starting from last position. 2) Allow the Host to change the grid at will before the race. 3) A Multiplayer practice session or, adding the option to select tyre and fuel load to the Time Trial. 4) Allow players to load a custom setup for One-Shot-Qualy.
  6. TimeOut

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    I would add to the above list: * Allow users to load a setup for One-Shot Qualifying.* Allow users to select Tyres and Fuel Load for Time Trials. And most importantly...* Make weather transitions more realistic for Online Races.  Currently, there is a big disconnect between what you see (or what your engineer tells you) versus what's the actual track condition. For example; The online race starts dry, rain starts on lap 5, you'll notice that the track looks damp about 1 lap later and that the dry compounds can still handle the track just fine.  But, if the rain gets heavier in the next 2 laps, you can still race fine on dry compounds even though the track looks completely soaked. If you switch to Inter tyres at this moment, they begin to overheat and you drive much slower than the guys who are still on dry compounds.  Same happens when you are on Inters and want to switch to Wet tyres because you see it is raining cats and dogs.