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  1. This will add so much more depth to career mode. First Fifa in years im actually excited about. 
  2. Good feature, hope it stays for next years release. No different from fifa career mode where you can start with Real Madrid for example.
  3. As someone who plays alot of career mode f1 2010 was the most immersive and i hope they can carry this over and improve the concept with next years release and the improved hardware.
  4. Will only buy the current gen game, the graphics on old gen consoles look too dated and i don't see many game changing features being added with most of codies attention being on building a new game engine for next years release.
  5. Its an old race track in Germany, It most notably held the 1959 German grand prix. It closed in 1999, today parts of the track make up a section of a german moterway :) 
  6. Its the isle of man tt course and is 37.73 miles long. Nurburgring still counts as the largest race course though as it's fixed.
  7. Its a map/diagram to show the size of various race tracks around the world in relation to each other. (sorry if the image is huge)
  8. But only after the race  ;) , but seriously just anything refreshing Coke, fanta, sprite that sort of stuff.
  9. Thanks, i will take a look. Not many good gp managers around.
  10. I know It might sound far fetched now and its a long season, but when they where pushed the pace in which they pulled away in the laps after the safety car is scary quick. Bare in mind they where fighting each other so they still had pace in hand. I did vote no however but their pace does make me think twice.  
  11. Ps4, haven't played it as much as i would have liked. Still play ps3 a fair bit for f1 2013 though.
  12. Do you think Mercedes can go one better than Mclaren in 88 and win every race. Also if not who do you think will be the first team beat a Mercedes in a race ?
  13. That intro brought back many memories. I spent more hours on f1 2010  than the new ones put together i think. It was just so immersive.
  14. Torro Rosso. highest finish was 6th a canda, finished 9th in drivers chamiponship with around 50 points i think and got a 1st team contract at sauber at the last race.
  15. Love it , sure the sheer volume of noise is gone but it was kind of annoying in a winy sort of way. The V6s have so much more depth and the turbo and ers whine on lifting and downshifting is amazing. Love hearing tyre lock ups aswell as the crowd in oz.
  16. Something i forgot to mention in my earlier post is that the ps4 controller light bar could be used . Example yellow light for yellow flag and so on. Also the race engineer voice could be played through the speaker in the ps4 controller. Obviously this is ps4 specific but it would still be cool. 
  17. Assetto Corsa which is really good sim by the way.
  18. Firstly great to have the forum back up, as for 2014 i would really like to see live the life theme brought back to career mode, it just give more reason to go the full length as apposed to grand prix mode with me as the driver. As others have said more intelligent race engineer with more feedback, in depth weather updates, time splits and fuel management as this is a big part of 2014 in real life, pit boards could also be cool. Before the race have the start grid buzzing with activity and then warm up and paprade lap ,where you park the the car in parc ferme then the podium celebration. Lastl
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