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    Club livery that is set will not load for other drivers in club

    It may be because you aren't doing it correctly. Try this. Simply go into My Vehicles on the multiplayer section and then select a vehicle which will take you to the Vehicle Options Menu, select Vehicle Livery and click on an empty slot if you have one, if you don't you will have to edit an existing one. Now it gets a bit tricky and confusing. Ok, click on an empty slot and enter whatever text you wish, this will then take you to the Customisation menu, come back out of that and click on Vehicle Livery again and now you can click X on the Xbox 360 controller to edit the livery you just created, now you should see SET RACENET CLUB LIVERY and you're done :) Now simply select another vehicle and do the same, it's not a drawn out process now, as all you simply have to do is go into Vehicle Livery for each car you have, and you will see Racenet Club Livery. Simply click and you're done.  PS: You need to be registered with your particular club on Racenet for the game to recognise your club livery.