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  1. RKipker

    Repair Cost .... WTH

    Thanks guys.... something must have happen becasue I did have almost 1MM credits... but I do agree that managing the car does keep it more real. DR1 i have all the cars and millions, so no point . Still think they're a little excessive...!
  2. RKipker

    Repair Cost .... WTH

    Yeah maybe it was... I only paid attention to the first few repairs... 44 - 50K then... BAM, I was like what just cost that much. Maybe Codies will find it and send out some credits to everyone.
  3. RKipker

    DR - Amazing / DR 2.0 - Disappointing!

    I thought thia immeditely... as an limited edition owner... after 6-8 hours game play I thought the game reminded much more of Dirt 4 than DR1. I think the overall layouts of most rally courses are very Dirt 4 feel... I wouldn't be surprised if Codies didn't use a modified version of their track editor.... thinking this is good enough. Locations are not as good as DR1 were. The game needs many issues addressed to get the same gameplay feel of DR1. Although I don't think it would take that much but certainly on all fronts of the game from FFB, Visuals, updated tracks and much more. Here's to hoping Codies gets it right in the end... plus releasing all content from DR1, locations anyway.... would be super!
  4. RKipker

    Repair Cost .... WTH

    I just repaired a car an R2 for rallying and the total cost was over 500K.... WTH. I had like 980K and after all repairs I had less than 500K remaining.... after upgrades I was under 100K. This is ridiculous huh? I mean the currency isn't that easy to obtain.... a full rally x event with the 1600's only net's you about 48K... and after repairs you're upside down. Is this a bug... is anyone else seeing these ridiculous high cost for repairs? Please tell me Codies you're planning on adjusting this or uping the rewards for events?
  5. Hahaha... I just restarted the game... after playing 4 hours this morning.... and now the cars show up in my garage...! I guess it was just a delayed installation issue for me.
  6. RKipker

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    My connection is not always 100% great... ATT uverse...please remove this and the gaarage feature as online.
  7. Hey guys, I guess I'm a dummy, I of course have the deluxe version.... and I only have two cars in my garage. No Porsche, not 5 early car pack, no nothing for deluxe version. I'm on the Xbox version. Am I missing something? I went into dealership and thought, they would be listed as free... but no they are not. I hope someone takes a minute to help me.... Noob I am.... and I've played everything... but I just can not find the cars. Surely, I'm not the only one having this issue am I? I removed them / uninstalled them and then reinstalled the DLC with deluxe version and still only 2 cars in garage.