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  1. Heading into the last few rounds. Running 2013 spec cars has been very successful,we've had many winners and the championship ship is still open with over 100pts still available.This has been unlike other seasons,by this time the championship would have been pretty much decided with seeing the same winners week in week out. This time using our current format everyone has a chance,the races have been closer the battles have been intense and it has put some fire back into the game. We will be discussing the 2014 very soon,im not sure about any details just yet however if you are looking for some
  2. After finishing round 11 with 9 rounds remaining we have had 10 different winners so far. We still have some seats available for clean drivers.As stated above we run 2013 spec cars rather than equal so the time difference between drivers can be reduced giving everyone a equal chance of winning. http://i62.tinypic.com/j8zngh.jpg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chJoUWYJ5oM
  3. Not saying you are but you may be braking too late,try backing off earlier than you are.You want to be accelerating out of the corner as early as possible.Also some of them assists might slow you down somewhat but i dont believe it would be that much.Dont know about pc but i guess they could benefit from using mods 
  4. Update:We have just done round 8 of 21 and have a close fight at the top of the table,3 points splitting the top 4 with others close behind. Still have a couple of seats available,if your interested in this league system and want to find out more feel free to come check us out. http://i.imgur.com/lfPii3D.png Next race Brands Hatch 
  5. Hi Rickardo360 sorry i dont use skype however on our web page we do have a chatbox or we have our facebook page which we communicate on. We still have a few spaces left so if you are keen to get involve please put your name down in this thread http://www.kffonline.co.uk/showthread.php?1085-Season-3-Rules-amp-Regulations Next race is Canada which will be 9pm uk time next Monday We would need to get some time with you before heading into a race to get an idea of how you race and your pace,we will be on Weds evening for a few practice sessions and again later on in the week,these are quite i
  6. [Update]We still have a couple of places available,we have just completed round 6 of 21 so still plenty of races to take part in.We have had 8 different winners so far,its looking to be a close and exciting seasonCurrent standings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4y2hO9pszI
  7. Highlights of our current season  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4y2hO9pszI
  8. Hey mate you have done all you needed to do,enough of us are aware you want to participate for Monday night we just need some track time with you before hand really.I know your busy with work etc but if we could get some time in on sunday night that will give us a little idea of you and more importantly your pace so they can get you in the right car.Practice nights have been a bit funny because of the world cup but keep an eye on the chatbox but for definite some will be on Sunday night for regular practice Rooms are private and usually set up by Creamofsunyungi or Knoxycube so would be g
  9. KFFONLINE Welcome to kffonline leagueIf you are tired of finishing mid pack,last or just never get that chance of a podium then look no further come along and join in some close exciting racing. We are running this season with 2013 spec cars which is proving to give us closer racing and everybody a chance of winning. Cars will be allocated to each driver per track this means even if its a bogey track you still have the opportunity to have a car to compensate bringing you back in the game. We are running 2 races on a Monday night 9pm gmt1st race will be a sprint race 25% with 1 shot Quali2nd ra
  10. Kffonline runs a league on Monday night on the PS3 at 9pm gmt,We wouldn't be able to get you into tonights race but your welcome to come along on practice nights to see how you get on.We like to have close racing,we currently running using 2013 spec cars which has brought our guys closer together on track giving everyone an opportunity to get up on the podium.   http://www.kffonline.co.uk/forum.php
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HRAurKPcFI
  12. Just over 2 weeks left until we kick off Season 3We have now only got 2 seats available and a couple of spaces for reserves to join click the link on the 1st postmany thanks  A couple of recordings from test nights using unequal 2013 spec cars   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyMMQ6k20FA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gjv6yqCl4o
  13. We have done some testing using 2013 spec cars and it looks to be quite exciting.Its giving those further down the grid opportunities to be fighting for more points.This makes it more interesting for all as its not enjoyable being at the back end race after race and i'd imagine its quite similar for the super fast spending lap after lap in the lead on their own. We will be running a few practice nights before the season feel free to pop along  Spaces Available Click here  PSN MONKEY_BOY_UK
  14. KFF Season 3  Platform PS3Race Night - Mondays 9pm GMT  Race Settings 100% Race Distance 15 Minute Qualifying Parc Ferme OnCars will be set to 2013 Performance Dynamic Weather 'Reduced' Rules Safety Car ENABLEDAssistsBrake Assist BANNEDAnti-Lock Brakes BANNEDTraction Control BANNEDRacing Line PERMITTEDGearbox MANUAL or AUTOMATICPit Assist BANNEDCar Allocation Cars will be allocated based on pre-season testing Cars are NOT set for the season and will be fairly re-assigned depending on results Performance will be assessed every 3 races with regards to
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