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    Season Pass = 8 Content Packs

    I do hope that more car packs will be there, The BAC Mono should be in the open wheel category, and the the zenvo would be nice too in the street category. 
  2. SASBlink

    Pest control

    Codemasters have lost a lot more for far less, I think people would play more if they thought they could perma ban these types of players.
  3. SASBlink

    Corrupt Save Files - Fix Incoming!

    I don't think that people "don't care anymore" its just that they got bored of complaining about it, complaining is not going to make the process any faster. Waiting now, just waiting patiently, i love this game, so i will  be patient too.  
  4. I guess its a difference of driving styles then, as I've drove them all and bought the zonda as a result and currently got a lot of wins on it now so i guess it works for me. But like I was saying, its only my opinion and was was offering a different perspective on the matter, not offering a argument. 
  5. I disagree, in stats yes, in theory yes, but in practice no. In this game the stats mean very little.... Its all about how you drive them, in my own opinion the zonda is much better. simple as that. lol
  6. SASBlink

    Pest control

    I agree there, i been votekicked so many times from jealousy, I guess seeing someone in the playlist with over 500points, who starts at the front, who keeps on winning. I guess it hurts the small amount of pride they have left before they kick me. :P  But hey, i earned them points, i earned to start at the front, and im good enough to win, not my fault :D
  7. SASBlink

    Bugged Cars - Update

    , Kaerar said: Oh i see  but still does not answer the question ( or maybe it does) but im not a expert on these matters lol hence why im asking.
  8. I use only ABS too. I also find that while I mostly play street in the playlists which have the tight corners and little straights so the top speed cars have little advantage, the zonda is the best as time is gained on the corners and the grip and acceleration of the car makes it so much better.  
  9. SASBlink

    Pest control

    Like i said, he is one of many but he makes a perfect example. We xbox players dont have the luxury of the pc benifits, this makes me sad. :(
  10. SASBlink

    SAS Race Team Recruiting.

    We are still recruiting, a lot of the team is not playing until the update. We will be back in full force soon. 
  11. I am following Kazzys route, I'm not going to lvl up again just to enter these competitions. If my original save becomes available after the patch, that's a big if,  then thing could change and i might be interested. 
  12. SASBlink

    Pest control

    Dont try to understand him, he's got nothing but skittles rattling around in his head. But tbh, i was using him as a major example, there are many others like him better or worse. But one  thing i really dont understand is why would they pay 40pounds on a game just to cause trouble, give out abuse and retire nearly every race when they dont win.....  does not sound like fun to me.:/
  13. just give up on the Agera its fun but the zonda is the best car in that tier.  
  14. SASBlink

    Bugged Cars - Update

    This is good to know, thanks loore. which will take longer, putting them all into one patch or have it them in separate patches? As i feel the corruption glitch is more important and getting that one out sooner would go a long way to calming this community down a bit.  :)
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    no i was referring to the actual race boosting. I see it all the time, its makes a mockery of the leaderboards. Highly unfair that good players dont get the recognition that they deserve.
  16. SASBlink

    Upgrades and tuning off.

    I tried this out And i came down to the conclusion that every time you put a upgrade on you have to tweek the tuning a bit to counter it, My mazda rz7 is alot faster with the upgrades on  and the optimised  tuning in place, but if i take all the upgrades off the car the car handles terrible with the optimised tuning setup so its a bit delicate. So yeah, mix and match. Right upgrades with the right tuning.
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    Ahh this is against the rules. I see, nevermind then. 
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  19. SASBlink

    Corruption Tuesday?

    I been leaving my game on, not been corrupted in a while so its working. it might kill my my xbox instead but hey, sacrifices must be made. :D
  20. SASBlink

    Kick Votes

    I think a better solution would be to change it from a "permanent kick vote" to a "race by race kick vote" where the votes reset after each race. At least then the new people to the lobbies cant just vote the ones with votes already on them, they have to race them to find out if they want to kick them or not. much fairer that way.
  21. SASBlink

    Online race by myself?

    Race by yourself in multilayer with just AI?   No, just no. I suggest you try out the career mode or offline mode instead.  This would be bad news, there is already enough boosting loopholes without adding this one.
  22. SASBlink

    Club livery that is set will not load for other drivers in club

    I and my team mates have this issue, We know how to load the livery to the cars, that's not the issue. The problem is that the livery does not load properly. It only shows the base colour, our sponsors and numbers but not full details of the design.  Its not a big issue but would be nice if it was fixed. :)
  23. SASBlink

    Kick Votes

    Kick votes are a pain, i been voted out of matches purely based on consistently winning. A no kick option would be very welcome.
  24. SASBlink

    Corrupt Save Files - Fix Incoming!

    We are in the xbox community, so im hoping its in the next few days. :) 
  25. SASBlink

    Corrupt Save Files - Fix Incoming!

    Alot of our team members have had the save file corrupted, we are just waiting on the patch to start playing again. Any idea on when the fix is out?