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    The problem with running

    Start the game ... I show friends that I play . Then shows that just in the network, run again , it just shows the same but the game is not included !!! Help please !!!
  2. SASBlink

    Aor boosting

    Well, excuse my language but that is completely bullshit. As recent as yesterday I was racing that one lap time attack with you guys. After two races, one in your club went in to game- chat start throwing unprovoked pointless insults at me with a lot of beep words, basically saying I should get my f**king fully upgraded civic out of there. (it was a new one btw). Not to mention that I was taken out at SPA by your members. Now, I have never kicked you or any in your club, in fact I am never the host. I might have been in a lobby where you been kicked, but that's hardly my fault. I have never been abusive to any of you (voice or text) and I certainly never taken any of you out on the track. So could you please tell me, in what possible way have I messed with your club besides from winning the races? If you wanted to kick me out, I wouldn't have any problem with that, is your lobby. But next time you want me to leave during a championship, just send me a simple message and I will be gone in a heartbeat. I respond to respectfulness, not intimidation.     @NWRStorm, they probably did not like the fact that you are a hell of a quick racer, they probs deluded themselves into thinking they the best at this game and dislike the fact that you come in and beat them. :) Btw your time in tuner is hella fast, took me about an hour to get it all down and your still quicker by 2 tenths, I think I can beat that if I get a bit more practice in. :) Dont worry about the exp leaderboards, having the most exp does not make you a quick racer, I find it amusing that I dont see many of these boosting AOR members in the top 10 leaderboards on the racenet challenges. ;)
  3. SASBlink

    The Joke Thread

    My GF was upset I was unsure on what to do, my mate told me to console her. Apparently, hitting her with the xbox was not what he meant.
  4. SASBlink

    Underrated and Overrated drivers?

    Underrated- Kobayashi.... he reminds me of hamilton in a way, someone who knows and isn't afraid  to overtake, would love to see what he can do in a competitive car. Overrated- sutil, should not even be there, better drivers has left the sport but he still has a seat, never out performs his cars, never does anything special, very boring driving style, you would forget he's even there.... the only time he gets mentioned is when when he crashes or get overtaken.
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    how long will it take before the patch comes out

    Are you my therapist? 'Im not paying you for that theropy lesson  lol
  6. SASBlink

    Official Football Thread

    He plays left and right back, dont really matter which, hes crap at both, I say just play him as a winger because he cant defend lol
  7. SASBlink

    Official Football Thread

    On the same day Carrick stays fit for longer than a week? :stuck_out_tongue:  How long will the Utd players stay loyal to Utd if they they don't CL this year? Better question, how long will Utd be financially viable if they don't get CL this year? You got a lot of big players on big wages that are only there because of big promises about CL next year. ;)
  8. SASBlink

    NSR Recruiting again

    With extreme prejudice i guess?
  9. SASBlink

    Official Football Thread

    I feel the need to blame Glen Johnson for something.... I blame him for winning us the match.
  10. SASBlink

    Friends Beaten reward

    You saying she has no friends? poor fluke, dont worry I will be your friend! :'(
  11. I like tuner, pity no one plays it anymore :(
  12. SASBlink

    NSR Recruiting again

    Nitro huh? xD
  13. SASBlink

    SAS Race Team Recruiting.

  14. SASBlink

    how long will it take before the patch comes out

    I envy your optimism lol. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: 
  15. SASBlink

    Sector time turns blue?

    It means you are riding a illegally modified kangaroo and thats blates cheating and silly!  Naughty boy! ;) 
  16. SASBlink

    Sector time turns blue?

    red means worse than your current best Green means better than your best, Blue/purple means best of everyone on track. So if it pops up say 0.200 in purple/blue (some people are colour sensitive and see blue or purple) then you are 0.200 faster than the best time so far in the session.
  17. SASBlink

    how long will it take before the patch comes out

    I certainly dont think complaining will get it done quicker, I do however think that complaining about this constantly will go a long to ensuring the next game they make will not have these issues in it, I betting they dont like to read about us complaining as mush as we dont like to write it. Its quite simple really, if we dont complain then the next racing game might just be as bad because they only got good feedback, I want them to know that this is 100% unacceptable, I have defended CM many times over issues but this issue is just pure incompetence on their part, i mean you can only play this game for limited amount of time before you have to reset it, whether it be game progress, save progress or playing time.... it might as well be a demo version of grid autosport, I dont pay £40 for a demo version of a game sorry... At the moment they are making new games for us, constantly complaining about these issues will ring in their ears for a while and they will ensure the games they are working on now will not have these issues in(hopefully)... they dont want all this negative feedback and i certainly dont want to write it. :) My tomorrow prediction is still true, there's always a tomorrow xD
  18. SASBlink

    First corners tricky!

    Welcome to online racing, It can be the most frustrating thing ever but it can also be awesome when racing with the right people. 
  19. SASBlink

    how long will it take before the patch comes out

    I'm not trying to cause a argument but you play pc, we play consoles, the big issue is that we console users have to wait months for patches unlike you who have to wait a max amount a couple of weeks and in good cases a few days....  I don't really think we deserve a long wait because we show our disappointment, its only natural to be disappointed by this and we have a right to complain or ask questions on the matter.  I say 1 day because im a hopeless optimist!
  20. SASBlink

    Funny vids for our amusement

    Scouser drunk in Las Vagas, Hilarious results! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5u0JfNY_YIk
  21. SASBlink

    GAS Freezing

    Only what I said last week, it's currently going through our internal QA process and is nearing completion. I'm hoping we'll have more of an update today/tomorrow. @loore  "Nearing completion" and "our internal QA process" are the important words here i think. So yeah, by the sounds of it CM have not sent it to microsoft/sony yet. So if I'm right we are still looking at at least another week before it gets approved or rejected again by Micro/sony, right?
  22. SASBlink

    F1 2014 season review

    Best driver(s) of the season:Hamilton-Riccardo- Worst driver(s) of the season: Sutil- Gutierrez  Most disappointing driver(s) of the season: Perez-Raikkonen-  Best team(s) of the season: Mercedes-Williams  Most disappointing team(s) of the season: Lotus-Ferrari  Surprise of the season: Riccardo-kyvat Most improved driver of the season: Masaa Personality of the season: Riccardo  Race of the season: Bahrain Drive of the season:Hungary, Hamilton podium from pitlane. Overtake of the season: Vetel vs Alo Qualifying lap of the season: Riccardo in china, great effort to get 2nd Battle of the season:Bahrain -Alo v Vet, siverstone. Start of the season: Masaa or Ham Controversial moment of the season: Monaco Pit crew of the season: Redbull, to get a 18 sec pitstop in GER is impressive. nearly 1 sec faster than anyone else.
  23. SASBlink

    Formula E Thread

    I would actually watch this if bloody knew when it was darn on..... the advertising of this series is shocking. :(
  24. SASBlink

    Aor boosting

    You can level your car up without using your team livery, I seen loads of people do it, they do it so they could have a good car for raceenet challenges, its the fair way and not considered cheating as you you are not getting points for your team. Using your Racenet team livery while levelling up cars is definitely considered cheating and is highly unfair as the high level cars with team colours gets massive points for each 1 lap race. - It depends on what you are doing really..... Not using team colours and levelling up cars = fair game boosting. Using Team colours and using fully or near full levelled cars = Unfair/cheating boosting. Either way, CM wont do anything about it, people have sent evidence (pics and videos) of people doing it to CM and the teams and players boosting are still there, CM don't care about boosters, with all the issues they have with their games that need sorting out I can see why they dont care about Boosters.