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    The Game Thread!

    I was working in a parcel service on the release day of this years Fifa, I had to sort though so many of them... over 300 copies.... I did not ever want to see a copy of Fifa ever again, just talking about Fifa still offends me :(  Tbh I'm just jelly that everyone else had it on release day and i did not but I still had to see them and touch them.... i still need time bury my woes over that tremendous ordeal, Alcohol helps the pain go away..... only then will i play it and  enjoy it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:  Plus on a serious not, I never play clubs any more, that one guy who plays as the keeper always ruins the game by trying the dribble the ball past everyone and tries to score... -_- If only I could find that guy and slap him :grinning: 
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    If you were doing 20+ laps an got trashed on the last corner by a back marker then i would feel your frustration.... but 3 laps? its not worth complaining about. :) As for blaming CM? That argument is completely unwarranted  you cant blame them because someone using the game they made is a utter troll. That's like blaming a supermarket because someone bought a common meat knife from them and went on murderous rampage with it, not their fault that someone is a raging lunatic. :)
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    Anti Aliasing

    Lol RWb, come over to consoles, you wont have that issue ;) you will have many others but not that one :stuck_out_tongue: 
  4. LOL just looking at the list of things to buy from them.... I noticed all the nose cones, front and back wings were sold out, I fully expect a picture to appear online of some guy applying them to his road car :D
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    Champion is champion! The fact is that too often the best man loses, its a part of the game. Sometimes you have to make your own luck by doing the right things, sometimes being lucky is a skill! You cant get it by sitting on your arse and hoping with your fingers crossed, you have to pursue it to get it, force that bit of luck to happen for you. rosberg did well to ensure he was in the right places to get that luck. I remember the massa/hamilton battle here for the championship, hamilton won by the slimmest of margins, last lap, last corner, very lucky... but he got that luck by being so determined to push till the very end, if he did indeed gave up and just hoped for the best then massa would of won the WDC.... So, does that make hamilton a less deserving champion by getting that luck? Nah, not at all, he drive himself to the limit to get that luck and became WDC instead of Massa. Same goes here, it could be settled by the slimmest of margins again, Hamilton may be the better of them both but if rosberg wins it then hamilton fans cant complain, they cant praise one driver by winning by slimmest of margins then condemn another for the same thing. All teams, drivers, media and fans knew the rules for the last race, they cant use it as a excuse or as a scapegoat  and complain if it goes against them, they had months to try to change it, if they really wanted too they could of done it..... Whoever wins is a deserving World Champion.
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    2014 Brazilian Grand Prix

    thats what i was pointing at, most corners have names but these ones dont. :)
  7. SASBlink

    2014 Brazilian Grand Prix

    I like the way the brazilians call their corners,  we call this one "curva 1 and this curva 2",  "oh and we will call this one curva 3" :D
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    The Game Thread!

    Never really heard of pewdiepew apart from people saying he's an arse lol. That guy in the video often sounds like Joe from Family Guy o:) I used to like Pewdiepie, his vids were fun and full of content but nowadays he just posts rubbish and its the same silly jokes all the time :( gone downhill alot. My fav youtuber at the moment is TheRadBrad, does loads of different games, hes not particularly funny but hes very engaging in his style of commentary.  Just watched him play Advanced  warfare and that game looks immense! I can no longer say Call of duty is the same game every year, this one is in a different league to the rest. Amazing!
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    How to accept member requests for own club?

    go to racenet online- click club hq- click rooster  list- click accept request on the person who has applied to club. :)
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    GAS Freezing

    Oh my child of summer.....
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    The Joke Thread

    Did you hear the joke about the guy whose whole left side was cut off? He's all right now.
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    Congrats on yet another full cycle around the sun. :)
  13. SASBlink

    GAS Freezing

    Meh, not even asking anymore.....
  14. SASBlink

    The Joke Thread

    My girlfriend started smoking, I thought it was only right if i slowed down and applied lubricant. :D 
  15. SASBlink

    Official Football Thread

    If anyone knows the answer I bet Pellegrini would give you a million pounds for it. ;)
  16. SASBlink

    Official Football Thread

    this is why im not a football manager :D
  17. SASBlink

    Official Football Thread

    Im a liverpool fan, im a optimistic person but this does not inspire confidence in tonights match...... Mignolet; Manquillo, Skrtel, Toure, Moreno; Lucas, Can, Allen; Lallana, Markovic, Borini..... We better get this out to make it easier on ourselves.... :'(
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    GAS Freezing

    not sure, hoping someone would tell me lol
  19. SASBlink

    GAS Freezing

    please sir, can i have another patch?
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    Funny vids for our amusement

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    Operator, the guy who tries the to take the moral high ground but insults you while he does it..... Hes got this strange "the prince and the pauper" complex going on..... Well done! -_-
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    Codemasters blame xbox live

    Is it working yet?
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    I stop short at abuse, but i do show my disappointment to them quite often and quite loud. ;)
  24. SASBlink

    Most difficult Grid of the series

    I'd say grid, only beacuse that was my learning curve as a gamer coming to racing games... it was incredibly difficult learning how to keep up with the AI nevermind the online players lol #outofmyleague! Grid 2 was ok, it was alot of fun drifting and throwing cars about, i got pretty good at that but i think that was because of my experience on other racers, so not difficult. easiest out of the 3 in my opinion. Grid autosport was quickly my favoute out of the three but it was not too difficult but still had the fun that grid 2 had, again, thanks to my experience i got to grips with it very quickly.
  25. SASBlink

    GAS Freezing

    Seems like codemasters is getting at least some good press, lol http://www.carthrottle.com/why-codemasters-shows-the-world-how-to-run-a-game-development-company-properly/