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  1. Dammit @loore, who am i going to shout at now? 

    Shouting at @justbiglee does not feel the same :(

     When things went wrong and punches starting flying you stood up, took a few on the chin and dodged the rest like boss and taught a few people a lesson afterwards, you did not fall down and you did it with swagger.....your were codemasters  Mohamed Ali xD

    In all seriousness Gl where ever you go, You can take pride knowing how much people here respect you.

  2. Im not looking for a argument here but i stand by what i said 100%, our definition of big companies are rather different but ok fair point, I see where you are coming from, :)

    When i say big i mean well established companies who produce mainstream games, code masters have been churning out mainstream games for years like you said and have the F1 contract as well as being one of the most successful independent companies around so they should not be charging customers for testing  that they should be doing themselves and should be arranging community beta tests like most other companies if they have concerns.

    If they have financial issues then they should of realized and addressed it a long time ago instead of churning out half working games for the last few years....I love codemasters but they have gone downhill alot over the last few years, i have bought many of their games while knowing its far from perfect to fund them for future titles. Not our fault they screwed up their finances..... making poorly designed games does not help that matter either.

    I feel bad for them but its not like the economic climate has robbed them, its bad mistakes made by the company.

    I agree that paying to test does help companies but i will only pay to test small ones that have potential to make incredibility good games, not mainstream ones that are going out of business from their own mistakes and deficiencies.

  3. The vote bar does not have my preferred option.

    Paying for beta/early access for a official game like Dirt is a big moral  no!

    Only small low funded indie games are morally allowed to charge for beta/early access in my opinion as they need the money to finish the games construction.
    A big franchise like dirt should not charge for Early access! If they want testing done then let the players test it for free, making them pay for it is just wrong.... the testers are helping the company make a better game NOT funding their pockets!

    My vote Is:
     No, big companies should not be asking for money for beta/early access!

  4. Di Maria out again. 

    Van Gal says, 
    "It is not a muscle injury, It is more the pelvis does not have the right relationship with the leg."

    You mean the leg and pelvis have broken up and getting a divorce, right?

    Just a quick question as I'm curious, Did the pelvis cheat on the leg or was it the other way round?


  5. Juice29 said:
    I take it no one is interested.
    can't say I've ever heard of it so the game isn't likely to be popular enough
    200,000 users isn't popular?
    Depends on how many still play it.

     I guess the figures are deceiving, I bought many of games only to be very disappointed and not play it again, im not saying this game is in that category but it might go along to explaining why not many have heard of it.

  6. America blame Korea for hacking....
    America asks china to cut off internet to Korea....
    China cut off internet to Korea....
    Korea had a massive Tatum....
    China and America give in and  highly restrict koreas internet until korea proves its a goodboy. 

    Does this remind anyone of their youth as when you upset your parents and they cut off your internet as a punishment?


  7. Who is this guy?

    Do i need to wear my best suit to greet you?
    Do I have bow in your presence?
    Do I have to address you by official titles like Sir or Lord?
    Do you like hats?
    Should I wear a hat in your presence? 
    Are you a crazy person who hates wearing clothes?

    Better question, Do I have to fear you? :/


  8. Beating a championship team.... making progress, next up, beat a premier league team. :stuck_out_tongue: 

    Hope we don't get Chelsea in the semis, that's if we get though.... we not made that much progress :'(

    If anything, its good to see some of that swagger back lol

  9. Yea he did that sas for a while, we left him to it for a couple of weeks of him causing trouble, copying our team colors, sas tag, gamer tags and trying to make everyone hate us.

    After 2 weeks we said enough is enough and made life horrendous for him, at the end he was begging us to stop destroying his car every race saying "i not doing it any more, im not crashing into your members any more, im not using your team colours any more, please stop it, i just want to race, i deleted my alt accounts of your names"....

    He even joined V1 just so he had back up hoping we would not bin him anymore. that did not stop us we only stopped because we got bored, I guess his stupid idea of taking on 50 SAS members back fired, we quite popular contrary to his belief because other teams even came in and binned him for us also when we were not there. :grinning: 

    I think the majority of teams hate him, V1 or maybe CBA is the only team that will take him atm lol.

  10. Im not sure to be honest, I'm welsh and proudly wear the Welsh flag an there no tracks in the game that are from Wales to my knowledge but I still often get the milestones bonus from tracks. I think its just how many times you have completed a race on that track,  I could be wrong tho.

  11. Racenet challenges are quite tough this week but it gets made tougher by the idiots on the open wheel challenge going completely off the course at full speed on the first corner then coming back on and gaining nearly half a second I managed to get current record legit but it still ain't fair on all us legit drivers who actually can set record times without having to cheat seriously people that do that should have their times removed from the leaderboard.
    Not going to happen, loore directly said himself during the intell and eibah challenges that anything goes except for hacking or modifying the game. Wall riding, corner cutting and crashing is all part of legit racing according to them. :(

    I don't see the point of having leaderboards or challenges if they not going to get moderated. 

    Exp leaderboards are useless as people abuse the loophole to gain exp.
    Challenges are useless because its not challenge is you have to resort to abusing loopholes to win.
    Time trail leaderboards are useless too because of loophole abuse to get fast times.

    Moderate it or don't have it is my opinion on this.