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  1. I've been on this forum alot this past year and spoken to majority of you guyz, so I feel you all deserve a festive greeting from me. For those of you who celebrate Christmas then, Happy Christmas. :)
  2. Just got a update for grid autosport, is this the patch we were waiting for?  Btw, cant actually download it, update failed, status code, 417F. Great! now its completely unplayable! Impossible to play the game without the update, cant even load up the game now with the update failed msg and backing me out to dashboard. :( @Loore, any suggestion or help please?
  3. Im going to be blunt here, Alot of the games I've seen or played recently have been disappointing, I'm not going to name them, you make up your own opinions on them. I've decided that the game developers are unsure on which platform to release their games on, new gen ,old gen or pc? it could be just old gen and new like what destiny did and leave out pc? It could be new gen and pc only? or old gen and pc? Just pc? Or all? The fact that games are getting released on both Gens is the issue here to my concerns, not enough people are switching over to new Gen quickly enough, that's because games are still being released on old gen. The issue is that most games are max 50% under their potential because of  both old gen and new gen releases, game developers have these big excellent ideas for the new gen but cannot release solely on new gen due to the lower market on new Gen, it dont make business sense to sell to the small market and leave out the big market, does it? So here lies the true issues, they try to release on both Gens, if they concentrated on only old gen then they fit games to the old gens structure and have less issues, this also applies to new gen if they solely concentrate on that. From what i have noticed that big bits of games and getting cut straight out of the game so it can be accommodated to old gen , could be anywhere from 10-50%, leaving a big mess of code to sort out, leaving bugs everywhere for the old gen and leaving half a game of the new gen and when they think about the PC version of the game, well, I guess it gives them many many headaches.... its just not practical in my opinion to be accommodating 1 game for 3 different platforms, old gen, new gen and pc. My verdict, sooner more people move over to new gen the better quality of games will come out for all of us, its not our fault for not moving over, its sony's and microsofts fault for rushing out the new gen consoles in "the great console war", the first to get get their consoles out. Both companies learnt last time what happens when one console comes out much earlier than the other, sony learnt the hard way losing out alot by arriving to the party too late but on this occasion both came too soon this time and ruined the games for new consoles, old consoles and pc. All in all, greed to get the last dying amounts of money from old gen releases is what is killing games at the moment! no old gen = better games for new gen and pc. What's everyone else's opinion on this matter?
  4. Give that Nissan Leaf a tree... Leafs like trees! xD http://youtu.be/5YaS0w4EXTY
  5. I only have one car to pick from in TT, The Audi R8 LMS Ultra. It don't matter what discipline I pick or category this car pops up as the only car available. I pick cat c touring and this car loads up.....Did wonder if I could set a time on the cat c leaderboards in the R8 but it did not work lol....It would of been funny to see the time and car up there. :P Still its strange! Is this happening to anyone else?
  6. I just got a patch, 5mb.... i got time trail installed now on X360 but not sure about corrupt files, my file did not need a fix so i cant comment on that issue or if it was resolved.
  7. I have noticed the impact ratings for a few of my team mates are now in a constant state of being in a certain color, it happened just after the new patch. what's the deal with this? We not complaining just curious to why.
  8. So I have had 2 corrupted saves, both of them have been left waiting for the fix to come out so I have not played the game in about a week an a half. Today I moved one of my saves to my USB drive so I can start a new game have a few races with my team mates .  So yeah, I got disconnected to xbox live and when I Logged in I had 3 saves to chose from, my lvl 92 corrupted save (which I moved to USB and still connected to my xbox) my lvl 74 save (cloud) and my new lvl 1(hard drive). I decided to check them again as I usually do every few days in hope more than anything just to see if they started working again and to my surprise my lvl 92 save on my USB is working again!!!!  I don't understand how or why, don't ask me, I cant answer if I tried.... but I'm certainly not complaining.... @loore any suggestions on how this happened? Has this happened to anyone else??
  9. SASBlink

    Pest control

    You ever had someone join a your 5 event custom session/lobby in the 2nd round and purposely thrashed everyone and created chaos so you are left only one option, to ban him/her from the lobby at the end of the 5 events? Well, you think they are gone and you and your mates can finally have a few good races without hassle, that's until you create another lobby/session a day later and find out that the same person has joined again in the 2nd round and created chaos again, this time just to spite you. -_- Well it sucks, right? we all know someone from a past/current racing game who does this for "funsies" in my case it was grid 2, a player called Shazzan.).  My solution: There should be a option to permanently ban someone from all lobbies/sessions that you make, a black list of sorts so they never bother you again (unless you join someone elses and you unfortunately encounter these people)  :(  I know its not going to happen but i can only wish this existed. lol
  10. SASBlink

    SAS Race Team Recruiting.

    We are looking for potential racers to join our team. We are looking for team players, being able to get on with and enjoy playing with others is a must. We are a community of players who value clean racing and a having a good time. We Did get into 5th postion and was going strong for 4th on the xbox 360 leaderboards until the corruption crippled our players games and their motivation. :( Update:  Now the patch is out we have climbed up to 3rd position on leaderboards. We only need the following info.Gamer tag. so We can message you in game to come race with us to see if you will fit in with the current team members. The SAS name change is not mandatory for this game, the core players who have the SAS name usually play other games together and have known each other from previous games. Quite a few People we know only from this game have also changed their names of their own accord due to the fact that we are a good community and they want to continue to play with us on other games. Its your own personal choice, if you only want to play this game with us, great. If you  want to play other games with us and change your name, also great.  Note, not everyone will get in the team at once, if you don't get in, no worries, don't take it personal, we will only integrate a few players at a time to preserve the team unity and make sure everyone is enjoying eachothers company and the game as a whole. Try again at a later date if this is indeed the case and we say no to your request for the present moment. :)
  11. SASBlink

    Let's play a game.

    We cant Grid so lets play the word game, instead. you must keep the story going by adding 5 words each, not allowed comment again until someone else has commented and added to the story.  To give you a example on how it works, the first person to comment adds .... "i was walking to the"....the next person to comment adds ....."shop, but a villainous fiend".... the 3rd person to comment adds.... "demanded that I give him".... and the story keeps on going by more people adding 5 words of their choice to it. Get creative and make a funny story. i know you guys can do it. P.s, lets keep it clean and fun.
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  13. SASBlink

    Official Football Thread

    Chelsea out, man city out, Tottenham out, swansea out, southampton out..... Liverpool is up next, why do i feel nervous? 
  14. SASBlink

    Goodbye :)

    Dammit @loore, who am i going to shout at now?  Shouting at @justbiglee does not feel the same :(  When things went wrong and punches starting flying you stood up, took a few on the chin and dodged the rest like boss and taught a few people a lesson afterwards, you did not fall down and you did it with swagger.....your were codemasters  Mohamed Ali xD http://youtu.be/HjDH5BBJogk   In all seriousness Gl where ever you go, You can take pride knowing how much people here respect you.
  15. Im not looking for a argument here but i stand by what i said 100%, our definition of big companies are rather different but ok fair point, I see where you are coming from, :) When i say big i mean well established companies who produce mainstream games, code masters have been churning out mainstream games for years like you said and have the F1 contract as well as being one of the most successful independent companies around so they should not be charging customers for testing  that they should be doing themselves and should be arranging community beta tests like most other companies if they have concerns. If they have financial issues then they should of realized and addressed it a long time ago instead of churning out half working games for the last few years....I love codemasters but they have gone downhill alot over the last few years, i have bought many of their games while knowing its far from perfect to fund them for future titles. Not our fault they screwed up their finances..... making poorly designed games does not help that matter either. I feel bad for them but its not like the economic climate has robbed them, its bad mistakes made by the company. I agree that paying to test does help companies but i will only pay to test small ones that have potential to make incredibility good games, not mainstream ones that are going out of business from their own mistakes and deficiencies.
  16. SASBlink

    The PC Thread

    looking to build a pc? this should help.... happy gaming :grinning:  http://youtu.be/b85h_ujZ_vg
  17. The vote bar does not have my preferred option. Paying for beta/early access for a official game like Dirt is a big moral  no! Only small low funded indie games are morally allowed to charge for beta/early access in my opinion as they need the money to finish the games construction. A big franchise like dirt should not charge for Early access! If they want testing done then let the players test it for free, making them pay for it is just wrong.... the testers are helping the company make a better game NOT funding their pockets! My vote Is:  No, big companies should not be asking for money for beta/early access!
  18. SASBlink

    Official Football Thread

    Di Maria out again.  Van Gal says,  "It is not a muscle injury, It is more the pelvis does not have the right relationship with the leg." You mean the leg and pelvis have broken up and getting a divorce, right? Just a quick question as I'm curious, Did the pelvis cheat on the leg or was it the other way round? :D
  19. tbh I don't want it fixed. I'm used to it not working now. They say they have extreme deadlines and limited time and staff resources so I want them to work non stop to make their next racing game the best one possible. If fixing all the issues on this game take away time from the next one then I prefer this game not to be fixed and the next to be near perfect. :)
  20. SASBlink

    Official Football Thread

    Man utd are rumoured  to be interested in buying bale! This really be in the joke thread!
  21. SASBlink

    BatRacer league?

    can't say I've ever heard of it so the game isn't likely to be popular enough 200,000 users isn't popular? Depends on how many still play it.  I guess the figures are deceiving, I bought many of games only to be very disappointed and not play it again, im not saying this game is in that category but it might go along to explaining why not many have heard of it.
  22. SASBlink

    Can anyone say they've platinumed 12 & 13?

    yup, already done 15, 10/10 would do it again!
  23. SASBlink

    Official Football Thread

    How can you sack Rodgers after he pulled them tactics out of the magic hat!  Rodgers is showing Van Gall how to play three at the back! :D
  24. SASBlink

    Alas I have Returned

    Who is this guy? Do i need to wear my best suit to greet you? Do I have bow in your presence? Do I have to address you by official titles like Sir or Lord? Do you like hats? Should I wear a hat in your presence?  Are you a crazy person who hates wearing clothes? Better question, Do I have to fear you? :/ Regards,  Blink.
  25. SASBlink

    Official Football Thread

    Beating a championship team.... making progress, next up, beat a premier league team. :stuck_out_tongue:  Hope we don't get Chelsea in the semis, that's if we get though.... we not made that much progress :'( If anything, its good to see some of that swagger back lol