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  1. On PRL alone, we have over 100 people demanding a patch.....  I can tell you're not a league racer.... and also the fact that 21k people have viewed this thread tells you something. there 9k people in the xbox live leaderboards for f1 2014 and id imagine ps3 is similar and probably a small number on pc along with people who bought the game who dont have internet. so surely based on that the game has no more than 50k sold(definatly less than 100k). the main issues that need fixing which ruin the fun in multiplayer and single player are: 1 - ABS off is to easy hence mari
  2. where was this posted coz its not showing up on hatta profile. if this is genuine then i am disgusted. hope codemasters end up like caterham f1 - finished.
  3.   seriously you have had almost a month to fix the game and considering f1 2014 was released a month later than 2013 that makes it even worse. you haven't even confirmed their will be a patch. and also the fact that cm got the handling so fundamentally wrong this year(too much traction and abs too easy on a pad and wheel to much high speed grip)  it doesn't bode well for f1 2015. i play a 2014 mod on rfactor and it was made by 10 people and its way better and more fun than f1 2014   
  4. pad and whel handling needs to be balanced. pad needs less traction but more grip in high speed corners. and wheel needs to have more traction but less high speed grip.pad steering is to heavy 3rd chicane at monaco is impossible on a pad due the slow steering responsethe rev shift lights need to be fixed when you hit purple lights that should mean the end of the rev limiter not a few seconds before.fuel sim is broken laptimes are only 2sec slower in 100% than quali(not realistic)online sidepod glitch needs fixed it ruins races.no off throtle soundabs needs to be made more difficicult its like
  5.  this is old news. another guy already did a comparison to which then you used his video in yours. just accept that f1 isnt a big enough game to get as many likes as cod or fifa instead of ramming like and subcribe down peoples throats and you might get more views,likes and subs.    make sure you subcribe to my youtube channel and like my videos @.oh.wait.i.dont.have.one ;)    
  6. Williams sounds awesome now :smile: 
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pZa-RQWDrg @schoof just copy and paste the URL of a youtube video directly into the comment (just as text  ) sounds better but what about the Williams have they added that sound when it upshifts(the transmission noise or turbo/hybrid stuff)
  8. im not talking about being able to change them. i mean is the already set gearbox the same.so 8gears at monaco is the same as the 8 gears at monza with the same values e.g 8th gear at 210mph or is it like 2013 where the default ratios were different from track to track
  9. @hatta or anyone who has played the game 1 - gears. we cant change them as the same as real life. but on f1 2014 is the preset gearbox the same for every track?. basicly on 2013 a 1st gear at monaco could be 91mph(all the way to the left)and a 1st gear at monza could be 100mph(all the way to the left(just random numbers for demonstration)) i hope on f1 2014 it is the same for every track(preset by cm) so at all the tracks the potentional top speed and aceleration should be the same. 2 - i watched aor fisi round hockenhiem in time trial with all the cars using the same setup. and
  10. have you even watched f1 this year or a real life onboard from this year. the f1 2014 sounds are completly wrong and it sounds terrible not even close. it sounds more like formula E.
  11. http://youtube.com/watch?v=0LxYQ8kkDbw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9dAXa4eJrM the sound of f1 2014 is awful how can cm be pleased with what the game sounds like. the real life on board sounds awesome. and also whats with the really loud crowd noise and Tyre squeal cant hear the car at all. just to be clear everything else about the game looks really good ,its just the sound it sounds like formula e with some bass added(f1 2014 game)
  12. wow the merc sounds nothing like real life , what a disappointment and also the generic steering wheels and the Williams look terrible. dont know if the driver had tc and abs off but there seems to be way to much grip. on the positive graphics look good as i stated earlier
  13. did this comparison and how can people say this looks the same as 2013. 2014 looks way better and more detailed.
  14. in real life. the teams have to use the same ratios for the whole season(they get 1 joker to change) it will be interesting to see if this applies to f1 2014 multiplayer, but surely cm should let us change ratios as you dont do full seasons in multiplayer
  15. it's a joke but notice how the other day @hatta didnt even make a thread for the sochi hotlap. also the pictures coming from italy of f1 drivers playing the game says it all where we have learned more than cm have given us. and after reading the achivement list for f1 2014 i found out how cm have expanded scenario mode; they have added a very easy difficulty. how can that be a headline feature and also considering there was classic scenario mode last year how can they call it expanded. and having looked at the sales figures on vg charts its funny how f1 2010 and 2011 sold 2million units
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