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  1. MrCrowlyZ28

    Corrupt Save Files - Fix Incoming!

    Wow everybody is begging these people to give you info LMFAO! They don't give a rats ass when it comes to them forking over $20,000 to Sony in order to patch the game and who knows how much Microsoft charges. Hell the PC probably got a patch because it doesn't cost anything. I don't game on PC so I don't know. They are going to take their sweet ass time because for one, THEY DON'T CARE, and two, THEY DON'Y CARE!!! If they did give a shit then this wouldn't have happened on THREE of the racing games they have released. And as far as this Loore guy, WOW what an information highway this guy is. I think I have counted a whopping 2 replies to 8 pages of posts and the replies were very short, as if to say fuck off everyone, we will release the patch when we damn well feel like it. I hate for anyone who actually bought the game and wasted your money but you should have known better by now. I rented the piece of shit developed game so I'm out nothing. I'm sure the site will probably ban me for speaking the truth, but such is life!