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  1. I'm gonna miss this year's V8 Supercars. Extremely pumped to have SVG where he belongs 2nd in the championship and to nab and race win  :) Never seen a V8 race red flagged due to rain before either. Goodbye channel 7.
  2. It's all really very sad, even though I'm a Holden dude, and I've grown up with the whole Holden vs. Ford thingy and watching them race V8s. With the rule changes being revealed on Wednesday including changing engine rules and category name, it's all looking pretty scary. Just as long as there's dominant V8s. No matter though... I don't even know if I'm gonna get Foxtel anyways.
  3. This is the worst I've felt in a Very Long time :( (I'm one massively passionate SVG fan if you haven't noticed hehe)
  4. @Matthew77258‌  Mate, I'm pissed. I was nervous as heck the last quarter or so of the race and when he stalled and couldn't start I just screamed and left. Came back to see the finish, but honestly I feel like I'm gonna cry. It was unbelievable that SVG was P1 and FAST then this happened. I just can't believe the shocking luck.  Just... why? Fuck. I will never get over it tbh, I hope he clean sweeps the Gold Coast and Pye doesn't take him out again. I can't put my emotion into words. 100% he would've won. What a weird race though, like seriously.
  5. Yes go the Giz!! Epic to get pole, now just gotta win tomorrow. If they get the pits/strategy/tyre life good and a bit of luck then they're in with a proper chance :smiley:
  6. It is quite peculiar. They do a single sweep after finishing races and changing out of cockpit view sometimes.
  7. It's awesome, but it's not global and it would be nice if there was one car without upgrades and maybe tuning. And if corner cutting etc was very strict.
  8. Laguna, De La Sarthe, Nurburgring both F1 and Nordschleife and V8 Supercar tracks.
  9. @MiatakiasGR‌ Unfortunately Surfers isn't gonna be in the DLC. I would've loved it, and it would've been a nice surprise but hey what can you do at least we still get Silverstone :)
  10. I'm not sure if this is related, but something like this happens all the time at Istanbul. I lag super bad from the start, go to the back and it ends up saying I finished higher than what I finished. It happened at Spa today too, there were two sets of AI (for example two Nate McKane's) with a gap between these sets.
  11. It's happened once to me at Bathurst, quite annoying because I had to press the quite button as there wasn't a countdown timer thingy at the end. That would've been even more annoying if it was the last race of a custom cup online. Thankfully I've never seen it happen again.
  12. I was properly hoping for Surfers Paradise, but oh well Silverstone is still awesome! :)
  13. I have seen this too (online) and thought more people had joined the room. I've also noticed aftermarket wheels on some AI cars which I hadn't noticed before.
  14. I've gotta get as good a start as him! Haha. Fitting music too lol. I wonder what set-up his ute's running.
  15. Yup second lap about halfway up mountain straight it freezes.
  16. Logitech Driving Force GT. I'll have to get a new wheel for the PS4 right?
  17. Yeah an option to turn ghost off would be welcome as it can be a bit of a distraction. Time Trial is awesome :)
  18. The game is awesome fun. People wouldn't care about the patch if they didn't enjoy the game :)
  19. I cannot express my happiness that would occur if custom liveries could be used in single player.
  20. Add me my PSN - Rob-MUFC-1987 and I'll race with you when available Cool. I probably won't be on until Wednesday though. My PSN's Hold124-hereno btw :)
  21. I do find that the career mode is lacking in comparison to Race Driver: Gird; I would love to have the ability to make your own teams and buy your own cars and pick from sponsors (I guess this is all available in online). It's still fun though, with decent variety, choice and personalisation. As a game, not comparing it to anything, I find it an enjoyable game with awesome features :)
  22. I should probably brake yeah haha, I can't in every situation tho and I don't know if they're gonna take me out when I go to overtake. I've also realised when flashback's on I can use that too. Next time, I shall be more prepared :)
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