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  1. Here are some of my thoughts on Dmi games, and the upcoming Nascar http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGWypLJZVY0
  2. It's good to know that SOMETHING is in the works. Unfortunately it will be quite a while before we ever get to see it, and that's if it isn't DELAYED, which is rare in today's day and age. The article also mentions that DMI has purchased many of Eutechnyx's crap, so hopefully DMI isn't just a continuation of ETX garbage. On the bright side, in spite of ETX's substandard work, I always felt like Ed Martin had little to do with ETX's releases. He was responsible for the Thunder series at EA which were the best Nascar games ever released. He is president of DMI, and I hope that means he is DIRECT
  3. Eutechnyx has officially shut down their forum. It's only surprising that they waited THIS long, except that they were still hoping to sell their DLC garbage. Sales have probably frozen to a halt, and now we can only wait.
  4. I understand the part about name calling, but how does calling ETX garbage constitute name calling? ETX is NOT a forum member, and it's ridiculous to give someone an infraction for calling a developer garbage. Redwingsrule is a douchebag. Now THAT'S an infraction, but not HERE!
  5. Here is just another lame reaction by a moderator at the ETX You have received an infraction at NASCAR The Game Forums: Dear 73duster, You have received an infraction at NASCAR The Game Forums. Reason: Inappropriate Behaviour ------- Hi, We understand that stating your frustrations is something that is going to happen due to the NASCAR 14 situation, however there is a time where the constant reminders and additional name calling is out of hand. Rude and abusive comments towards any entity really do not belong on the forum. Thanks. I'm in no way disagreeing or agreeing wi
  6. I wouldn't put ANY faith in anything Redwings says. He is basically ETX's PR representative. I told everyone on SEVERAL occasions that ETX was going to leave everyone hanging in terms of fixing the game, and was going to focus on milking people with their garbage DLC. That's EXACTLY what's happened, and Redwings had tried to shut me down on more than one occasion. In fact, SEVERAL members were always getting upset whenever I tried to warn others about what was going to happen. Now everyone is complaining and asking about another patch. Redwings has little to say except vague crap.
  7. The reason I'm mentioning some of the things going on in the other forum is because we can't freely speak our minds about what's going on without having most of our posts DELETED, which is what is happening. Before you start thinking that I was being "unconstructive", I was simply answering someone's post about why ETX was continuing to push forward with DLC, while not addressing the current issues. As for being "stuck" on an awful game, we are STUCK on being ripped off. That's a HUGE difference and when you cannot freely express these opinions on a forum which was SUPPOSEDLY for feedback, it'
  8. Here the latest reply for all the complaints about the DLC that came out today: Redwingsrule - "This is a known issue with the game and Eutechnyx has looked into it, but there's currently no fix for it planned. But stay tuned!". LOL. I have been warning everyone that ETX was only interested in jacking people up for their DLC garbage. Once they feel they have made as much as they could off of it, they will simply move on. "There's currently no fix for it planned..." NO SH*# SHERLOCK! I've been telling everybody this was going to happen.
  9. LOL. You should see people starting to complain about the DLC, and how the game still has problems. Some of these guys are the same ones who keep defending ETX.
  10. I just realized that ETX ending up with Tony Stewart on the cover of Nascar 14' was a sign of things to come.
  11. I'm pretty sure we are all on the same page, especially considering that we are HERE. Lol.
  12. I'm actually NOT advocating that ETX continue making Nascar games, I was just saying that if they DID, the only real way that they could develop a successful Nascar game would be to start from scratch, and hiring the right people who know what they are doing.
  13. I disagree with the notion that they can build off of what they have right now. It's a complete mess, and to try and use the blueprint of Nascar 14' would only lead to MORE failure. I don't know if that's what you meant, but several others on the ETX forums were saying that ETX could simply build off of Nascar 14'. If they are going to seriously move forward with developing Nascar games, they NEED to start from scratch. The stench from ETX's previous work will ruin any chance of success. I don't see people getting excited about Nascar 14' 2.0, ESPECIALLY for next gen consoles. Successful
  14. Yeah, I don't believe ANYTHING that comes from ETX. There is a TON of misinformation being spread on ETX's forums, including whether or not they are going to release another patch. Some people are claiming yes, while a couple of the mods have said that the ONLY planned release is the upcoming DLC. This is why I have been saying that all ETX is concerned with is ripping people off with their DLC garbage. Why anyone would give ETX another dime at this point is BEYOND me.
  15. ^^That is a FAR better alternative to ETX developing the game themselves. Basically, they would be the PUBLISHER. Even if they were simply a publisher, they would still be responsible for deciding when, and in what condition the  game is released in. They haven't shown that they have ANY quality control standards.
  16. I can't believe some of the posts popping up on the ETX forum regarding the NEXT Nascar game, and what ETX should do. LOL. I can't believe people are ACTUALLY calling for the next game to be a continuation of this failure. Seriously? If ETX wants to ever be taken seriously, they need to blow up everything related to Nascar 14' and start from scratch. They should want nothing to do this game. What's the point of "restructuring" the company if they are simply going to build off of a bad product. Successful businesses know when to scrap bad products, they don't continue to waste resources on so
  17. Yeah, I just saw that. My stomach turned reading that ETX is STILL planning on making Nascar games. There is still a small chance someone else will develop a Nascar title, but it's probably less likely as long as ETX is still doing so. We can only hope ETX finally does something more than make bloated claims and false promises. However, I highly doubt it. They say they are "restructuring" the company, but what does that really mean in terms of the future for Nascar games? Perhaps ETX is just B.S.'ing people because they ALSO conveniently announced the upcoming DLC. As I've stated before, they
  18. For a game to come out in late 2015, it would have already been well into development at THIS juncture. Do you REALLY believe that there is any Nascar game well into development? If there were, do you think it would be kept in such SECRECY? I don't think so. Most projects are announced very early in development, and a game based on Nascar needs as much marketing as it can get. I'd like to believe we'll get a new Nascar game by then, but I'm a realist.
  19. I don't think there WILL be a Nascar 15. If there was ANY chance of it, there would have been some kind of announcement by now. It's probably going to be a couple of years before we see another Nascar title.
  20. Thankfully, this is NOT an ETX forum, so we are free to be honest about how we feel about their products without having to worry about hurting ETX's feelings, or the feelings of those who defend them. I don't have any lingering issues with the mods for the most part, and can only really say I had MAJOR issues with one in particular. He went out of his way on several occasions, and even started bickering with me on PM's. Two other mods actually admitted to me in private that they thought he was WAY out of line. Anyway, that's over and done with. I DID receive several warnings about te
  21. If anybody wants a good laugh, go back and start reading some of the latest posts on the ETX forum. There are a bunch of "new" posters who claim the game is really good. I bet they're a bunch of ETX employees, LOL.
  22. ^This a thousand times. This only highlights just how AWFUL ETX is as a developer. Extremely OLD games that are light years ahead of the garbage they have been putting out. I'm glad I can't get any infractions or bans for calling them out here.
  23. thanks for keeping us informed. I don't do Twitter OR Facebook, so I'm always out of the loop until someone on a forum reveals anything.
  24. I hope it's true. Nascar may not be as popular as other sports, but it's not exactly a "small" market either. I have NO doubt SOMEONE will eventually take a stab at it. The question is WHEN?
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