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  1. Yea i don't really have a lot of respect for redwings either but im just telling yall what he said. Anyway its crazy how many people are asking for codemasters to make nascar games. People making videos, sending tweets to them and etc. I mean its crazy how this is happening. I just want some company other than ETX to make nascar games. If codemasters don't wanna do it we still have a lot of options. 2K is another good suggestion if codemasters don't wanna do it.  
  2. Just ask redwings. I mean i don't want it to happen either but thats what he said. I really don't see why they continue to try. I hope its another developing team developing a nascar game right now hopefully. If not we going have to continue to deal ETX poor games.
  3. According to redwings over at the NTG forums he said that ETX are going to continue to make nascar games which isn't good. Just because they are going to continue to make nascar games doesn't mean it can stop another developer from going up against them and make a way better nascar game then ETX can. I still hope we can get a new developer to make nascar games.
  4. I wish a company can just step up and go against ETX.(even though its no competition, we know who will make the better game). A lot of these developers don't understand that they can easily go ahead and make a nascar game. ETX doesn't have the official license so any developer can go ahead and take a stab at it. Someone needs to tell these developers that. Hopefully we can hear some good news soon. Hopefully a company like 2k or codemasters can just announce that they are going to develop nascar games. 
  5. Sigh wow i can't believe what i just read on the ETX forums. So i guess ETX are going to continue to make nascar games (sadly) and they are suppose to release Dlc for nascar 14 which i won't be buying. Also they are releasing another patch. So what was all this talk about ETX no longer making nascar games? Anyway this doesn't stop other gaming developers from making nascar games. Hopefully we still get someone to make nascar games. A company thats GOOD and know what they are doing.
  6. Sumo Digital ‏@SumoDigitalLtd  Jul 21 Nascar would be awesome to work on! We certainly have a few fans at the studio that would love to work on something like that Firebrand Games ‏@firebrandgames  Jul 21 That would be nice, but @Eutechnyx is already licensed to produce the official Nascar games. Sorry! this there response back to me. when I ask firebrand dont know about etx losing the nascar license. but the way sumo responded it sound like they knew about etx giving up.  Sumo digital is probably another good suggestion. Since some of
  7. I agree with a lot of things that you brought up in that video @73duster. The main things that needs to be focus on is AI, career mode, physics, and presentation like what you said. Thats what ETX was lacking in. What ever company decides to make nascar games needs to deliver in those areas mainly. If those areas of the game deliver then thats a good nascar game right there. The game just needs to be playable. Don't have a lot of bugs and glitches because that can ruin the experience. I hope who ever develops nascar games deliver in these areas mainly.
  8. So if codemasters decide not make nascar games then  we pretty much on here for no reason lol.
  9. Well let the long wait begin. Hopefully its worth it. I still hope codemasters can make nascar games, if they don't want to then i hope a company like 2k or EA can make nascar games. But i doubt EA would make nascar games again. 
  10. See that kinda makes me nervous now. If we get a developer that really doesn't has experience at making games that wouldn't be good. I don't want a developer that none of us never heard of before to make nascar games. Unless they some how just surprise us and know what they are doing then i would be fine with that. Im not sure about everyone else though.
  11. L33TPilot said: Well thats good news to hear. This is a step in the right direction hopefully.
  12. How do you know someone else took the nascar licenses?
  13. I agree. Its like what i said before (when i name those ideas about what they can do with just cup series) it can still be enjoyable. Just look at nascar thunder 2004. I wouldn't mind seeing the nationwide series in the game and the trucks as well. As matter a fact its up to them if they wanted to add that. It would be good though. Im pretty sure they can add it as long as it doesn't cause any bugs or glitches. EA did it with with the old gen consoles so im pretty sure it can get done with today technology. I don't know why ETX never added that in the first place but thats a different story. A
  14. I think they can do something great for career Its not like their other games like grid lack in a career mode. I know thats a whole different game but they still did a good job when it came to career. No matter what though they will have a better career mode than ETX nascar games lol.
  15. And where did you hear this from? Is this true? I really hope it is.
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